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A human girl deliberately sticking her hand inside the mouth of a dragon!

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • This line only shows up in the dub, but it makes the whole movie all the more awesome.
    Chihiro: [in a matter-of-fact tone] I think I can handle it.
    • To explain, in the beginning, Chihiro is whining about her family moving — she has to leave her old neighborhood, school, and all her friends. At the end her dad concedes that moving might be a little intimidating and that it's okay to be a little scared. In between, Chihiro's taken on some of the most frightening creatures in the Spirit World; the normal world no longer seems so daunting.
  • Haku calmly standing his ground when Yubaba flies toward him, raging about her missing baby and breathing fire in his face. The Stoic indeed.
  • Chihiro sticking her entire arm into Haku's toothy maw to give him the medicine, and then holding onto his head for dear life until he swallows it, while his lashing tail trashes the rest of the room.
    • Chihiro's entire reaction — or lack thereof — to Haku in this state is simply amazing. It really speaks to her badassery. She saw her crush and rescuer turn into a roaring, thrashing, bleeding terror of an animal and completely ignored it to do what needed to be done... namely, opening up his horrifyingly deadly-looking jaws, gingerly inserting her whole arm past his giant fangs and into his throat to administer life-saving medicine, and then holding on to his jaws for dear life as he starts convulsing and destroying the room around her, all whilst maintaining a fearless, determined expression on her face. Holy shit.
  • Yubaba's son standing up to his mother for Chihiro's sake.
    "If you make Sen cry, I won't like you anymore!"
  • The movie in general. It's considered one of the greatest animated films ever made and in Japan, it's the highest-grossing film of all-time until 2020 (when Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba movie beat it), even beating out Titanic and Avatar!
  • Haku flying Chihiro back to the bathhouse at the end and his ensuing transformation after she figures out his name.
  • The cleansing of the River Spirit, which joyfully flies around the room and out an open window afterwards.
    • It also shows how, despite her horrible attitude, Yubaba is still a Reasonable Authority Figure; when Chihiro says the stink spirit has a thorn embedded in his side, she immediately calls for the other workers to help the girl get the "thorn" out. And together they remove a HUGE amount of trash!
    • It's also worth noting that once the River Spirit was gone, literally everyone who was in the bath house that night cheered at Chihiro's heroism.
  • Awesome Music: All the background songs by Joe Hisaishi, especially "One Summer Day", "Reprise", "The Dragon Boy", "The Sixth Station", and the credits music, "Itsumo Nando Demo."
  • The fact that Chihiro stood up to a bloated and monstrous No Face who spent most of the movie putting the bathhouse in jeopardy by eating most of the workers. She cures him of his greed, gets out of the way during the resulting rampage, then leads him out of the bathhouse and on to a better life with Zeniba. It truly shows how much she'd grown up in the interim.
  • Yubaba snapping at Haku that Chihiro must take a test to get her parents back. Haku is ready to Rules Lawyer her, but Chihiro confidently says she'll take the test. Yubaba smiles and tells her she has guts.
  • Chihiro just had her parents turned into pigs, ran down a dizzying flight of stairs while screaming due to her fear of heights, and was escorted to the top of the bathhouse realizing just how completely out of her depth and element she is, only to confront Yubaba and having to ask for a job. Which she does. Repeatedly and ever louder as the noise makes Boh throw a tantrum (correctly deciding that Yubaba will agree just to shut her up). Keep in mind Yubaba zipped her lips shut with a spell after asking for the first time, badmouthed her parents, mused about turning Chihiro into either a piglet or a lump of coal, then got literally up in her face and, sharp nails around Chihiro's neck, said she might just have her do the hardest most menial jobs to her dying breath since she is so insistent on working. And it's not like Chihiro is immune to all this either, she's visibly trembling and gulping but she still holds on and doesn't give up Haku, Kamaji, or Lin either when Yubaba asks who it was that helped her get this far so she could "reward" them.
  • If you watch the sub, Haku pretty much traded his life for Chihiro's freedom. If Chihiro hadn't worked out his name, Yubaba would have torn him to pieces. That amount of love is pretty amazing.
  • Normally, you wouldn't bet on a kid like this as a protagonist. She's clumsy as hell, a little slow on the uptake and is not exactly fearless. If you give her half a chance, you'll see she can do anything. A couple of days working on the bathouse and she's practically the one calling the shots! The employees who loathed her at first are completely on her side by the end of the movie, she gains all of her friends through charisma and good will, she saves and frees Haku and faces the unknown for love. When Yubaba dismisses her after acing her final trial, Chihiro politely bows to her former boss while Yubaba huffs. Look at Chihiro's face of determination as she rides the train: this is our esteemed protagonist.