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  • Over the course of about three years, Shirase managed to save up a million yen (roughly $10,000 USD) in order to fund her trip to Antarctica. When you see her laying out all the bills and listing all the jobs she worked to earn them, you really see how hard she worked for the money.
  • Related to the above, when it looks as though Hinata might have to stay behind after apparently losing her passport, Shirase doesn't hesitate to put up the money to buy business class tickets, simply because she doesn't want to leave a friend behind.
  • The fact that the expedition was able to return to Antarctica is an awesome moment in and of itself. Despite struggling with low morale, a lack of support following the death of one of its members, and other problems, the crew held together and eventually succeeded in returning to Antarctica.
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  • In Episode 2, Kimari, Shirase and Hinata manage to outrun or elude Kanae and Yumiko, two Antarctica expedition members who are in excellent physical shape, for a few minutes in a beautifully animated chase sequence.
  • Near the end of Episode 11, Shirase has some choice words for Hinata's old "friends," when they try to make a fairly insincere apology in the hopes that she'll forget their betrayal of her. Shirase tells them that Hinata has already started moving past what happened, but since they hurt Shirase's friend, they get to live with what they've done. And she caps it off with a well placed "Zakennayo!" (or "Piss off" in subtitles.)
  • Meta-wise: The show being named in the New York Times' list of the 10 best foreign TV shows of 2018, which in its own admission is a huge achievement for the anime itself and anime in general!


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