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Heartwarming / A Place Further than the Universe

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  • In Episode 1, Shirase's pleasantly surprised when Kimari meets up with her to check out boats together, thereby proving that she's actually serious about supporting Shirase.
  • Yuzuki's Friendless Background in episode 3 immediately causes Kimari to empathize with her, and they all make a genuine attempt to spend time with her as friends after realizing her busy schedule prevented her from forming meaningful friendships, or attracted people who only wanted to be friends with her due to her fame. She does a Cry Cute moment when all three girls show up in front of her hotel room to hang out, and tells her mother she'll go on the condition that Kimari, Hinata, and Shirase get to go with her.
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  • In Episode 5, Megu-chan tearfully confesses that she started the rumors about Kimari, that she was jealous that Kimari had finally found something in the expedition to Antarctica, and that she was always the dependent one on Kimari in an attempt to break up their friendship. Even after hearing this, Kimari still asks Megu-chan to come with her to Antarctica, and then hugs her from behind and says the following words.
    "Breakup rejected."
  • After Hinata seemingly loses her passport, the group's presented with two choices- take a later flight and risk getting booted from the expedition, or continue as planned, without Hinata. While Hinata pushes Shirase toward the latter choice, not wanting Shirase to be "considerate" of her, Shirase decides to Take a Third Option and puts down her 1 million yen for business class tickets in two days (long enough for Hinata to get a new passport) saying that she doesn't want a "shallow" relationship like that with her friend.
  • All of Gin's flashbacks about Takako in Episode 7. It turns she was just as passionate as Shirase and about three times as goofy.
    • The crowner has to be the moment in high school when Takako asked Gin to go to Antarctica with her. If you look closely, it seems to be the same spot Shirase asked Kimari back in Episode 1.
  • All the little flashbacks in Episode 9 to Gin and little Shirase hanging out together.
    • The girls FINALLY make it to Antarctica, and Shirase makes good on her promise to say "In your face!" to everyone who'd doubted and mocked her. After a little while, Kimari, Hinata and Yuzuki join in, and soon, Gin has the entire crew do so as well. Considering that the rest of the crew has faced similar challenges in getting another civilian expedition to Antarctica going again, you can tell everyone's thinking the same thought now that they're finally there, making it all the more cathartic.
  • Yuzuki realizing what it's like to have real friends celebrating her birthday for the first time in episode 10.
  • Hinata breaking down in a Cry Cute moment when finding out that Shirase, Yuzuki, and Kimari are her True Companions in episode 11 after some of her former trackmates show up suddenly to apologize to her for what caused her to stop going to school. Shirase in particular rants very angrily at them for their behavior and hurting her friend.
  • Kimari, Hinata and Yuzuki frantically searching for any clue in regards to Takako, no matter how many times Shirase tries to tell them it's alright. Really shows how, despite having known each other for less than a year, these girls are true friends and would do almost anything for each other.
    • Similarly, there's Shirase's email to her mother, which is a heartfelt letter about the friends she's made on her journey. Takako never gets to read it, but you can tell it would have been one of the first things Shirase would've wanted to tell her mother if they'd met again, and it goes to show how much Shirase values her companions.
  • Episode 13 is full of these.
    • Gin sends Shirase Takako's final email.
    • The Reveal that Megumi went to the Arctic.
    • The title: "We'll Go On Another Adventure Someday" with the subtitle saying "Best wishes for your life's journey!"


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