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Reo and Mabu: The both of us are Sarazanmai

  • The fact that Sara, who is a baby in the story, can stop criminals with mere eye contact.
  • Reo actually retrieves a boy's cap from a river as vast as the Sumida River.
  • In chapter 8, Mabu chases down a bag thief and dramatically pins him to the ground before arresting him.


Episode 1: I want to be connected, but I want to lie.

  • It was probably terrifying for Kazuki, but Tooi wields his ruler so well he cuts off a bit of Kazuki's hair and maybe also contributed to the kappa statue's destruction.
  • The battle between the Kappas and the Cardboard zombie, for a bunch of Sergeant Keroro-esque creatures.
    • The boys also displayed impressive coordination and teamwork.
  • As the boys prepare to extract the shirikodama, the zombie cries out he doesn't want his secret exposed. Kazuki only has this to say:
I don't care! It's your fault for having a secret that could get you in trouble!

Episode 2: I want to be connected, but I want to take it.

  • To protect Nyantaro, Kazuki actually stands in Tooi's way and physically restrains him.
    • Throughout the episode, Kazuki does whatever he can to get in Tooi's way, to keep Nyantaro safe.
  • Even with a gun pointed at him, Kazuki refuses to relinquish his Dish of Hope to Tooi.

Episode 3: I want to connect, but it is not meant to be.

  • Enta fighting the two boys who were making fun of him, even though he was a terrible fighter.
  • Even though he was just imagining it, Kazuki beating up the boys who hurt Enta was impressive.
    • The true hero was Tooi who, according to the light novel, beat up the guys and sent them packing.
  • Enta telling off the Kisu Zombie, who valued "quantity over quality" kisses.
There's no meaning to a kiss if it doesn't matter who it's with! A kiss is an expression of an inextinguishable emotion you feel for only one person!

Episode 4: I want to connect, but you're so far away.

  • Tooi once again demonstrates his control over his ruler by slicing up Kazuki and Keppi's cucumber in a blink of an eye.
  • The animation quality, during the Leak, of Chikai and Tooi's hands when the former gently took the gun away from the latter.
  • Kazuki's unexpected act of selflessness. He gives his Dish to Tooi after learning about his relationship with brother.

Episode 5: I want to be connected, but I can't be forgiven.

  • Tooi's swift taking-out of Sara's manager, with a cucumber.
  • Sara easily escapes every attempt Tooi makes to lock her up, punctuating each success with a smile.
Sara: Escaped, just like that.
  • Enta was locked out of the loop regarding Kazuki's plan, but when he finds out, he aids Kazuki without hesitation.
    • When the manager escapes and tries to expose Kazuki, Enta immediately fights him.
  • Tooi, calling out Kazuki when the latter was upset about being found out.
    Tooi: Why are you acting like you're hurt? You're the one who hurt your brother. You're a victimiser.
    • And Enta, who is always on Kazuki's side, fights Tooi.
    Enta: Lay off of him! You have no right to talk when you've killed a person!

Episode 6: I want to connect, so I'm not giving up

  • Enta and Tooi actually working together in order to help Kazuki save Haruka. Special note goes to Enta outright throwing Kazuki and crew across a several yard gap in the floor and Tooi holding up a closing door singlehandedly (while, mind you, all the boys are still in their kappa forms).
    • Further in, Tooi preventing Kazuki's Heroic Sacrifice to save Haruka by shooting the machinery lowering him from an impressive distance.
  • The trio's rescue of Haruka, full stop. Combining a Theme Music Power-Up, Kazuki and Enta's Chekhov's Skill as soccer players, and some impressive quick thinking by Keppi, they manage to save Haruka without so much as a scratch on him.

Episode 7: I want to connect, but I want to betray.

  • Kazuki, staying positive despite all the sadness happening in the episode.
    • Motivating Tooi and Enta to clean their soccer spot after it got trashed a second time in a row.
    Kazuki: Let's prove that this isn't going to stop us.
    • Quickly coming up with a plan to help Tooi, which is to collect one last Dish to grant a wish for him.

Episode 8: I want to connect, but we will never meet again.

  • Enta, helping Chikai evade the police.
  • Reo easily tripping over the gang boss and calmly shooting him dead.
  • Enta's Heroic Sacrifice.

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