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Awesome / Wedding Peach

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  • Peach kicking Pluie in the head.
  • In the manga's backstory, Celestia gets one for forgiving Uragano even though he betrays her.
  • The Volume 6 4-koma has one, with Jama-P defeating Pana-Ma with the Sacred Mirror Bridal Flash.
  • In the manga, Peach defeating Rain De Villa and redeeming her with the Wave of Love.
  • Daisy using her martial arts training to sense Nocturne in the darkness and know where to strike.
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  • A volume 6 bonus story has Daisy intimidating a group of mean girls to back off by telling them about her martial arts training, then simply raising a fist and smirking. They run off screaming.
  • Potamos gets a villainous one for nearly killing the Love Angels by attacking their civilian identities. This was after they'd found all of the Sacred Four Somethings.
  • Potamos becomes the 5th Love Angel in their special