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Awesome / Cannon Busters

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  • Whenever Samberry unlocks her Super Mode. Special mention goes to her fight against The Fettered in episode 6.
  • Bessie trashing the robot that was chasing after them in the first episode.
  • 9ine battle against 12elve ( the latter wielding a type of chainsword).
  • The season finales has a War Golem vs a Transforming Mecha Airship.
    • Before that, we see Philly managing to cling onto said Airship despite being fire upon (By Cannon Buster mode!Sam, It's complicated) and the bad guys trying to shake him off, even managing to break into said ship.
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    • Philly punching Dex so hard in the face, everything turns black and white and she's blown offscreen.

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