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Trivia / Cannon Busters

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  • International Coproduction: An American-Japanese work, written by LeSean Thomas, produced by Netflix, and animated by Satelight.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: In the Latin American Spanish dub, Sam and Casey's voice actresses (Monserrat Aguilar and Susana Moreno, respectively) previously worked together as Tohru and Kanna Kamui respectively in the dub of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.
  • Release Date Change: Intended to release on March 1st of 2019, Cannon Busters ended up skipping that date, with Thomas changing his Twitter bio to say that it would have a more general "Spring" release being the only thing stated about the matter. The series would miss out on that date as well. A July 2019 trailer would finally give the show's final release date as August 15.


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