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Characters in the series. Needs Wiki Magic Love.

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Main Characters

    Philly the Kid 
Voiced by:
Adult: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Japanese), Kenn Michael (English), Alberto Bernal (Latin American Spanish)
Child: Barry Mitchell (English)
An immortal outlaw with a bounty on his head.
  • Ambiguously Brown: we get a look at his parents and it’s hard to tell if philly is black or not.
  • Afro Asskicker
  • Anti-Hero: Though (reluctantly) on the side of the heroes, Philly is a foul-mouthed criminal with no shortage of blood on his hands, and who's motivated by revenge.
  • Big Ol' Eyebrows: Has two rather bushy ones on his face, seriously it's like Go Nagai done them.
  • Catchphrase: "I hate my life."
  • Dark and Troubled Past: His family was killed by the robot soldiers of Botica when he was a child.
  • Deal with the Devil: Sold his soul to a sorcerer for his special brand of immortality so he could take revenge for his parents' death.
  • Defrosting Ice King: He eventually starts warming up to Sam and Casey.
  • Foil: Ironically, to Locke of all people. Both have a hatred for the Kingdom of Botica and the targeted the royal family. While Locke obsesses over his revenge, Philly finds that he ultimately didn't care about it.
  • The Hedonist: Spends all his blood money on booze, women, and exotic guns.
  • Manly Tears:
  • Mark of the Supernatural: Gets a numbered tattoos each time he resurrects.
  • The Pig-Pen: Pretty much everybody comments on his horrible body odor, and Bessy's interior is a filthy mess when the robots aren't cleaning it up.
  • Resurrective Immortality: Every time he dies, he heals and is brought back to life. He takes advantage of this by Playing Possum after he resurrects to get the jump on who tried to kill him.
  • Revenge: The reason he got his immortality, though he initially squandered it to live a debauched way. If his knowledge of Gara Keep is any indication, he at least attempted to do so at first.
  • Smoking Is Cool: A wanted outlaw who smokes regularly.
  • They Killed Kenny Again: The show really likes putting Philly the Kid's immortality to the test, having him get maimed, shot, and poisoned in some pretty graphic ways.
  • Trying Not to Cry: When Casey starts crying after Bessie getting heavily damaged and hugs Philly's legs, he tries to not cry over Bessie, but ends up letting his tears run down anyway.
  • Vengeance Feels Empty: Comes to this conclusion during the season 1 finale; Revenge by Proxy isn't as sweet when the proxy is in the exact same situation that led you to want vengeance.
    Philly: Killing you won't give me peace or revenge. You're just some punk kid with dead parents, like me.

Philly's coin operated car.
  • The Alleged Car: Bessie is always breaking down due to how carelessly Philly drives and maintains her.
  • Cool Car: She's a six-wheeled Cadillac larger than a tour bus. There's an open-air section that can comfortably seat a dozen people, an inner living area that's even larger, and she can transform into a robot minotaur.
  • Inventional Wisdom: She has an arcade machine in her dashboard that controls several functions but needs quarters to operate. Starting her costs one quarter, and she needs four to activate Raging Bull Mode. If there is a coin jam, she stops operating properly until it is dislodged. Some how no one questions why she was made to operate like that.
  • Transforming Mecha: Can change from a pink car to a red mechanical minotaur.
  • Video Arcade: Kinda, in the sense that the way to activate Bessie is by inserting coins.

    Samberry (comic)/Sam (anime) 
Voiced by: Hinaki Yano (Japanese), Kamali Minter (English), Monserrat Aguilar (Latin American Spanish)
A robot who wishes to reunite with her best friend the prince of Botica, Toji/Kelby. Her defining trait is her overwhelming desire to make friends with anyone, be they enemies, psychopaths, killer robots, cannibal hillbillies, drunk assassins, giant crabs, or strippers. But behind that happy face, she is the titular Cannon Buster, an overpowered bodyguard who can transform into various killing machines with one purpose: use sufficient force to completely obliterate any moron attempting to murder someone on her Friend List.
  • Adaptation Name Change: From Samberry in the original comic to Sam in the anime, some Fun with Acronyms on her designation, "Special Associate Model".
  • Beware the Nice Ones: She's unfailingly pleasant and kind to everyone she meets, but will immediately break out into one of her Cannon Buster forms whenever she sees or hears her friends in danger, and completely obliterate the threat.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Between her overly trusting nature and her imperfect understanding of humans (she's fascinated when she discovers that humans actually need to eat food to survive) and the sheltered life she led before the start of the story. When Prince Kelby gets kidnapped at the end of Season 1, her only response is to be happy that now she and her friends get to go on another adventure to find him.
  • Conditional Powers: It seems she can only go into Cannon Buster mode when she can visually and/or audibly assess that one of her registered friends is in mortal danger, and whether or not her Cannon Buster mode is needed to save the friend.
  • Dark-Skinned Blonde: She has brown skin and blonde hair.
  • Flaming Hair: Gets this when her Cannon Buster programming activates, usually red in color but turns blue when she becomes a war golem.
  • Jekyll & Hyde: Sweet, eternally optimistic Samberry has no idea that she turns into a deadly Cannon Buster.
  • Living Weapon: One of her forms is a sentient sniper rifle that shoots plasma beams.
  • Magitek: She's actually a Cannon Buster, a type of war golem, powered by magic with a soul.
  • One-Winged Angel: Threaten one of her friends, and she turns into a battle-robot of incredible power that will annihilate you with a Wave-Motion Gun.
  • The Pollyanna: Partially due to living a sheltered life, partially due to the fact that she has no recollection of her brutal carnage whenever she enters Cannon-Buster mode.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: When Sam's eyes turn red, it's the only warning you'll get that you're about to be killed via her Cannon Buster programs.
  • Replacement Goldfish: Going by the flashes of King Bulgher's memories, it is implied that her human appearance is in the likeness of Prince Kelby's mother.
  • Ridiculously Human Robot: One would be forgiven if you couldn't tell she is a robot at first glance.
  • Robot Girl: Though most of the time the robot part is only obvious when her eyes change color. When she sees something interesting, her irises change to two distinct colors in a gear-like pattern. People in-universe have no apparent trouble telling she's a robot, though.
  • Strong as They Need to Be: In Cannon Buster mode, her transformations and powers vary depending on the foe, from slight changes (turning her mouth into an energy cannon to counter an Arm Cannon) to huge ones such as turning into a humongous magitek golem to face a same size transforming mecha.
  • Super Powered Robot Meter Maid: Was supposedly made to be a friendship robot for Prince Toji/Kelby, but is secretly a Cannon Buster AKA a war golem obviously meant to obliterate anyone trying to kill him.
  • Technicolor Eyes: Purple with green gear shapes around her pupils. See above for when they turn red.

    Casey Turnbuckle 
Voiced by: Shiori Izawa (Japanese), Stephanie Sheh (English), Susana Moreno (Latin American Spanish)
An abandoned mechanic robot. Tiny, peppy, and eager to fix anything she can get her plastic hands on. She decided to join Sam on her epic quest of friendship.
  • Cute Machines: Casey and other robots of the same model look almost like small human children, but she stands out with her peppiness.
  • Existential Horror: Suffers a rather brutal one in episode eight, when a robot of her model convinces her that they are little more than appliances to be discarded. She nearly lets herself be crushed in a compactor to be made into spare parts.
  • Wrench Wench: Really loves fixing/upgrading things. This gets her in trouble in episode eight, where she was upgrading Bessie while the car was driving (nearly causing them to collide with a truck).

Voiced by: Yosuke Akimoto (Japanese), Greg Chun (English), Carlos Segundo (Latin American Spanish)
Former Red Ronin operative.



One of the five kingdoms of Gearbolt.
    Prince Toji (comic)/Kelby (anime) 
Voiced by: Junji Majima (Japanese), Zeno Robinson (English)
The prince of Botica.
  • Adaptation Name Change: Is named Toji in the comic but Kelby in the anime.
  • Break the Cutie: The Season One finale is not kind to Kelby. Learning that his father is dead turns Kelby into a screaming wreck, and he snaps at Sam, calling her a child's toy, when Hilda Takes The Bullet for him.
  • Royal Brat: Prince Kelby is a classic case of a prince who's discontent with royal life just because he has no idea what the real world is like. He doesn't even seem to grasp that there is a murderous magician army after him, and in episode 4, he insisted on resting at a castle that has clearly been overtaken before Odin talked him out of it. Luckily, as Odin predicted, he gains character development on his first real adventure.

Voiced by: Takaya Kuroda (Japanese) Darien Sills Evans (English)
Head of the guards.
  • Heroic Build: Seriously, with his character design, he could passed off as Hirohiko Araki early work.
  • Honor Before Reason: Wanted to stay by the king's side to fight against Locke instead of looking for the prince. Luckily, the king was able to convince him to help the prince.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Puts up with the prince's more brattish behavior and helps the prince learn a little self-reliance.

    King Bulgher 
Voiced by: Katsuhisa Houki (Japanese), John Eric Bentley (English)
The king of Botica.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: Suffers a rather brutal one when his illegitimate heir came home (along with his army).
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Is tortured for days on end then violently strangled to death.
  • The Good King: Deconstructed; In order to become a mighty king of a prospering kingdom, Bulgher had to send armies to force neighbouring countries into submission. Botica may love him, but he has many enemies.
  • Hypocrite: He outlawed magic, but still commissioned a Magitek war golem for his son's friend robot.


Bounty hunters

    Black Claw's crew 

Black Claw

Voiced by: Kenji Nomura (Japanese), Kevin Grevioux (English)


Voiced by: Yuki Arai (Japanese), Keith Silverstein (English)


Voiced by: Mami Takao (Japanese), Rolonda Watts (English)


Voiced by: Cristina Vee (English)


Voiced by: Shinnosuke Oogami (Japanese), Alex Mendoza (English)

    Lady Day 
Voiced by: Misa Watanabe (Japanese), Debra Wilson (English)

Voiced by Tomo Muranaka (Japanese), Melissa Hutchison (English)
A bounty hunter that was cursed to never leave his preteens.

Locke Forces

Voiced by: Nobuyuki Hiyama (Japanese), Billy Bob Thompson (English)
The Emperor of Magic and the illegitimate heir to the throne of Botica
  • Bastard Bastard: Fits the mold, given that much of his motivation is driven by the way King Bulgher discarded him and his mother in favor of his legitimate heir, Kelby.
  • Deal with the Devil: Made a deal with some sort of Eldritch Abomination that gave him the power needed for revenge. In exchange, he has to give them his half-brother Kelby.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: Locke admits that it's his memory of his mother that keeps him strong enough to make sure the people who abandoned them suffer.

    Red Horizon Foundation 
A group of female assassins who are loyal to Locke.


Voiced by: Mabuki Andou (Japanese), Mela Lee (English)
The leader of the assassins.
  • Cleavage Window: Her outfit has an opening to show her cleavage.
  • Evil Redhead: She is evil and her hair is styled as a ducktail pompadour.
  • Floating Limbs: She has no arms and controls her mechanical hands remotely.
  • Glory Seeker: Shows traits of this, particularly becoming angry when a group of blitzraiders were coming to aid her, refusing to share the glory with a bunch of machines.
  • Sadist: She takes pleasure in toying with her opponents, even mocking the prince by revealing that his father is dead.


Voiced by: Ayaka Shimizu (Japanese), Marianne Miller (English)

  • Ace Pilot: She was the one piloting their airship, both in flight mode and when it transformed into a robot, easily defeating Bessie in a fight.
  • Amazonian Beauty: The most masculine of the four, built like a brick house with impressive biceps.
  • Meaningful Name: Appropriate for someone named "Bridge," she's a pilot.
  • Rocket-Powered Weapon: Her arms and legs have built-in thrusters to send her enemies flying.


Voiced by: Kauser Mohammed (English)


Voiced by: Angelique Perrin (English)

  • Expy: Looks like Schwarz Bruder and is a Technicolor Ninja like, though not as much as, him but is a female and wears a red mask instead of the German Bundesflagge on her face.
    • Although, her outfit design might be more closely resembling to the appearance of Kenji from Capcom's arcade fighting game Red Earth. Both have masks with two eye holes to see through, large shoulder armor with circular symbols in the center, wearing long scarfs, and both having v-fins on their masks, although, the center piece of Coin's v-fin is diamond shaped, while Kenji's center piece of his v-fin is circular shaped.

Red Ronin

Voiced by: Rina Kitagawa (Japanese), Sumalee Montano (English)
A female member who uses robotic insects.

    Unit 6273/"Victoria" 
Voiced by: Ikumi Hayama (Japanese), Marianne Miller (English)
12welve's robot companion.

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