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  • Regardless of what the rabid fangirls say, Candy gets a big one when she stops Susanna from throwing herself off a building.
  • Candy's Sweet Polly Oliver stint is made of awesome. And hilarious. Especially when she briefly flirts with Eliza.
  • Candy gets two moments in the Boarding School arc where she is just done with Eliza being Eliza and retaliates - first when she slaps her in the face for taking her envelope from Pony Home and mocking the people of said place for their poverty, and later when she shoves both her and Louisa aside mid-teasing so that she can chase after a devastated Annie.
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  • Candy and Terry acknowledging in the infamous "stairs scene" that, while they do love and care for each other, their feelings are simply not enough to keep them together, and ultimately deciding to stay apart. Realizing such an Awful Truth and not breaking down over it takes MASSIVE balls or boobs.

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