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  • Candy's "dance" with Archie at the Andree party, where she steps on his foot and he makes a comically exaggerated pained face.
  • A similar moment occurs at a later dinner party at the Regan Manor - as Candy walks to take her seat at the table, Neil sticks out his foot in an attempt to trip her...and she steps on his foot instead, making him make a comically pained face while she just walks on past him.
  • Candy's Sweet Polly Oliver moment where she dresses as a boy, dancing with Annie and Archie, and even briefly ''flirting with'' Eliza before declining a dance with her, much to her confusion.
    • Eliza then follows Candy outside and sees that it was her dressed in a costume, so she vows to catch her and publicly expose her for this (as Candy was meant to be in detention at this time) once she comes back. Nothing goes right for Eliza here - first she misses Candy coming back because Candy's switched from her Romeo costume to a Juliet one, then she tries to show her friends that Candy has left the room she was held up in only to be made to think she's there and still in bed (it turns out to actually be Terry), and then that evening when Candy shows up at the final gathering and Eliza thinks she's finally caught her, she hears that Candy was invited there by the headmistress, making her abruptly back off.

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