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Heartwarming / Cannon Busters

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  • Meta example, Cannon Busters is like a love letter to 90s anime, with some fans noting that it gives them a Trigun vibe.
  • This show gave us a morally reprehensible man (Philly) disillusioned with immortality teaming up with two good, friendly, kind robots (Casey and Sam) and telling himself he’s only using them as a means to an end but finding himself caring about them despite himself (As best seen when he changed his lyrics to his song (Lullaby of the Stars).
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  • Sam speech to Casey after the latter suffers an existential crisis.
    Casey: How did you find me?
    Sam: Well... there's just one Casey in the world. (the two hug with Sam noticing Casey tearing up) What is it?
    Casey: Just a little startup glitch.
    Sam: Why would you shut down?
    Casey: I wanted to be useful again.
    Sam: What are you saying? You're more than useful. You're my precious friend. So precious I can't think of an insult.
  • Lullaby of the Stars has the group sing, with Philly song admitting that he does care for the two robots (Though tries to change to lie about it, causing the web to collapse) with Casey song about being alone till she meets her new friends (Sam and Philly).

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