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  • In the first episode, two guys attempt to coerce Yukina, who they think is just another cute girl, into coming with them. When they deliberately flip her skirt, she kicks their asses so badly that Kojou has to step in to prevent them from being seriously injured.
  • In Episode 2, Kojou stops the Rhododactylus when it tries to attack Yukina. By punching it.
  • Kojou unlocks Regulus Aurum for the first time and utterly stomps the villain with it.
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  • Asagi gets an email containing a puzzle from Christoph Gardos's terrorist group. While several other master hackers couldn't even begin to solve it, she does so in a matter of hours. For fun.
  • Later on, she solves the Nalakuvera robots' control system and adds a new command to make them self-destruct. The girl might not be a ridiculously powerful vampire like Kojou or an elite Sword Shaman like Yukina, but she easily pulls her own weight.
  • Sayaka cuts off the first Nalakuvera's legs with her sword, using its default defensive barrier to act as an infinitely sharp blade. Then Kojou uses Regulus Aurum to smash the robot a dozen floors down into the subfloat. And this still isn't enough to kill it.
  • Yukina duels Christoph Gardos and wins by severing his hand. Earlier, she fought him with her bare hands and still managed an overall stalemate before Yaze throws her spear to her. From easily a mile away.
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  • Christoph Gardos pulls a fast one on Dimitrie Vatler with the rest of the Nalakuvera fleet and the command robot.
  • Kojou sucks Sayaka's blood and activates Al-Nasl Minium in order to clear a path out of the subfloat they're trapped in. This ends up tearing an even bigger hole through it, although the thing was probably damaged beyond repair already.
  • La Folia's introduction scene, in which she destroys a dozen robotic soldiers that have surrounded Yukina and Kojou with one shot. Though to be fair, it was a magic bullet.
  • The main characters' first encounter with the fake angels. Kojou blasts one of them with Al-Nasl Minium but she easily shakes it off.
  • The final battle with Possession Mask.
  • In the "Labyrinth of the Blue Witch" arc, Yuuma in Kojou's body hijacks Regulus Aurum to blow apart the prison barrier.
  • Against all expectations, Vatler gets his ass kicked by a possessed Nagisa, who uses one of Avrora Florestina's Familiars.
  • Vatler defeating Gigliora Ghirardi and Broodt Dumblegraff, two Prison Barrier inmates literally too dangerous to be contained in any other prison on the planet, like it was the easiest thing in the world. Becomes even more impressive when you consider that Broodt is a Dragon Slayer and can therefore easily kill his snake/Dragon familiars, but Vatler still overwhelms him.
  • Two words. "Hasta Aurum!"
  • Kojou, Sayaka, Natsuki, Astarte, and later on Yukina and Kojou and Yukina's daughter versus the time-traveling dragon.

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