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  • Satou's second suicide attempt during the finale. After stopping Misaki's own suicide he tries to sacrifice himself by killing an imaginary monster using his cellphone (It Makes Sense in Context ... sort of). But if he is going to die attempt to die he is going to do it in style:
  • All throughout the series, Sato's delusions about being haunted by the NHK was accompanied by little blue freaky-looking conspiratorial gremlins. In the final episode, to coincide with Sato vowing to do the best he can, we see him finally kicking the gremlins aside.
  • Megumi freaks out when her hikkikomori brother goes missing. So what happened to him? His hunger (a result of Megumi not being home to cook for him for several days following Mouseroad's collapse) overcame his social anxiety and he went to a soba noodle shop, where he found employment as a delivery man!

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