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  • Akira, after narrowly surviving his first encounter with Hades, reaches the plane to find several giant (as in over eight to ten meters giant) sloths trying to rip it apart. Using an improvised torch, Akira manages to blow up the plane’s exposed fuel tank, scaring away the entire pack of giant sloths. Then, as Rion, Shiro, and Oomori attempt to escape from a scalding, heavy door in the plane’s cargo bay, he makes his way to the steaming hot hatch that is their only way out and burns his hands to help them open it. This, more than anything, defines him as a leader to the group.
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  • Akira managing to pull off the whiskers of an underwater sea lion, going Determinator by almost getting himself killed by the poisonous plants just to save his other friends, outmaneuvers a group of adults, and even pulls off The Plan to expose who hit Mina. Possibly best of all, declaring that Rion is his woman in the middle of a fight between wolves and bears.
  • Yarai gets several for actually using keys just to fight off against giant prehistoric monsters. He fought off a large group of monkeys that overwhelmed his own friends. Kicking a guy so hard he sticks to the roof. In chapter 63, he kicks a calicothere right in the face. Did this troper mention that he was carrying a woman on one arm? Many more litter the story. Yet, possibly the most mind-boggling and the reason why he does not travel with Akira’s group is that he's freaking intelligent. And he doesn't stop there! In chapter 64, he rips out the claws of one of the calicotheres, causing all three to run away from him.
    • Everyone fighting their hallucination by the same phrase in the mountain doubles as this and a Heartwarming Moment
  • Sengoku shows off his wit when he beats not one, not two, but THREE kinds of ferocious ancient animals in just one night.
  • Kouhei handles the second monster just by himself.

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