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Tear Jerker / Cage of Eden

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This is a manga where people often meet violent deaths at the hands of prehistoric animals. It'd be strange if there weren't any tear jerker moments.

  • For starters, there's the reveal of what happened to Towa-senpai.
  • Kouhei's farewell to Akira. He makes sure that Akira makes it out of the cave, but stays behind. Even after he's saved, he feels he doesn't have the right to see Akira, choosing instead to protect him from the shadows.
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  • Zaji's death.
  • The situation with Kurusu-sensei's injury. Yarai has already lost his birth mother and adoptive mother, and then he faces the possibility of losing the only other person who made an attempt to see past his violent behavior. But there's a bright spot! He meets Nishikiori, who offers to save Kurusu's life. He just has one little favor to ask of him: Kill Akira, who is, as Segawa points out, Yarai's first real friend. Yarai even cries when he makes the attempt!
  • During the last arc, Rion gets infected with a biohazard. Without even thinking about it, Akira makes the decision to stay with her, even hugging her to reenforce his decision. Yarai calmly accepts this, but says that he's going to go on ahead because he has people he wants to protect. Akira thanks him, says he's glad that Yarai is there, and says that he's leaving things in Yarai's hands. We don't see a strong emotional reaction from Yarai, but when you take the above example into consideration, it's clear that he's unhappy with this turn of events.
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  • The chapters surrounding Akira's mother dealing with her son's presumed death.

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