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Heartwarming / Cage of Eden

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  • Akira shouting out that Rion is his woman to keep her from getting sexually harassed while unconscious.
  • Yarai explains why he is so attached to Kurusu-sensei—his ferocious appearance makes people think he's a delinquent. Unable to change their opinion, he goes along with others' expectations. Only two people in Yarai's life treat him like himself: his mother and his teacher.
  • After rescuing Oomori and Kirino, Yamaguchi scolds Akira for being reckless.
    Yamaguchi: We're something like family, right!? We're supposed to stick together...
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  • Akira asks who is willing to go explore the pyramid - Everyone in the group raises their hands.
  • Akira's group returns to the Tower base... To the delight of the rest of the group waiting for them.
    Yuki and Maya: Welcome back!
    Akira: Yeah! We're back!
  • Everyone's relief at the fake Miina being safe when they cut him out of the stomach of the Cerberus.
  • Nishikiori tells Yarai to kill Akira if he wants to save Kurusu. Yarai reluctantly agrees, but when the time comes, he can't bring himself to.
  • A minor one, but when Oomori tells Kokonoe (the Mad Scientist teacher) that Akira is leading the survivors, she expects him to be surprised that the Class Clown is in charge. Kokonoe just smiles and says he always knew Akira had it in him.
  • This one depends on where you stand in the Yarai x Kurusu versus Yarai x Segawa debate, but Yarai telling Kurusu he doesn't care about scars when she's worried about her new one.
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  • When Akira makes the decision to stay with Rion despite the biohazard (an example in and of itself), Yarai states that he's going on ahead because he has something to protect. It shows an image of Kurusu... And Segawa, Shigeno, and Matsumoto. Regardless of who Yarai might have romantic feelings for, he definitely cares about the others in his group as well. Akira thanks Yarai and leaves things in his hands.

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