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Awesome / Busou Shinki

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  • In the climax of the Moon Angel OVA, Kaguya the Arnval MKII not only saves her 'sister' Strarf, but also her young Master and the other adult with him by drawing on her skill and heroic willpower to not only best, but destroy the humanoid weapons platform she was meant to be a CPU core for, running through it several times.
  • Episode 2: Hina demonstrating her swordskill by chopping up all the produce Maochao and Howling throw at her, dicing the food so well that Ann and Lene can immediately start help putting together dinner for their Master.
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  • Episode 12: Hina makes use of Ann's flightpack, combining parts from it with her Armor and using the Attack Drones it comes with to distract her opponent Strarf, allowing her to claim victory over the Shinki battle tournament champion with a single decisive sword strike.

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