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Original Series

  • Yuuno doesn't get many moments of awesome - he spends most of the series depowered by injuries incurred in the first episode - but we get a glimpse of just how broken a character he really is when he, while maintaining a phase shift barrier over roughly a kilometer area, throws up a defensive barrier that stops barrier-buster familiar Arf in her tracks, and then a short-distance teleport, all at the same time, in the space of about ten seconds, while depowered, deviceless and doing all of the highly advanced mathematics involved in the above with a brain the size of a walnut.
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  • While it also doubles as a bit of a Tear Jerker considering how desperate she seems at the time, and what her mother does to her afterwards, Fate managing to subdue an out of control Jewel Seed by herself, after Bardiche is damaged in her fight with Nanoha, at the start of episode 7 is pretty damn impressive.
  • Fate firing off a Macross Missile Massacre with Photon Lancer, Phalanx Shift. Only to see Nanoha is ready to Divine Buster her, which is then followed up with Starlight Breaker.
  • Chrono destroying Precia's welcoming committee.
    Chrono: "You don't need to waste your time on enemies of this level."
  • The moment when Fate does her Heel–Face Turn in the first season and joins Nanoha against her Evil Matriarch mother definitely qualifies. She summons her cape from thin air over her head, and it proceeds to drop perfectly into place on her shoulders in mid-transformation without her moving an inch. And all of it set to Take A Shot.
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  • Thunder Rage.
  • Chrono's speech upon making his entry to Precia's lair. Bleeding from the head, he nevertheless proceeds to tell her just exactly why she's a lunatic. This becomes much more of a Tear Jerker after you realize next season that Chrono speaks from the experience of losing his father.
    Chrono: "The world... is always filled with things that were never meant to be!"

The MOVIE 1st

  • Chrono's entrance, binding both Nanoha and Fate in an instant.
  • The upgraded version of the Starlight Breaker. It leveled an entire city in one shot (which would put her on par with Reinforce in the main series). Complete with an Oh, Crap! from Fate.
    • Nanoha only placed a bind on three of Fate's limbs, leaving one of her hands. The scale of the attack was so massive that if Fate didn't have the ability to cast a shield, it would have completely wrecked her.
      • Fate casts five shields to defend herself. They hold for a total of a few seconds before being smashed in rapid succession, knocking Fate out and sending her straight into the ocean.
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    • It's not just Fate's reaction. Chrono also looks on with awe at the sheer scale of it. Combined with the music, it feels more like an act of god (or a devil) than an attack.
  • No love for Arf? Even if she was beaten, her rampage against Precia to call on her for mistreating Fate is nothing short of awesome, the fury on her face, the Heartwarming and courageous speech she gives to Precia about Fate's feelings, all while breaking into her magical shields in a way that would make the EVA-01 proud. The original series version of this scene, on this troper's eyes, transformed Arf instantly from an arrogant beast who attempted to eat Nanoha into the most sympathetic antagonist of the season.
  • Precia Testarossa deserves mention here. Seeing that she was sitting calmly when an entire group of TSAB soldiers barged into her room to arrest her. When the others saw the capsule where Alicia's body was placed, out comes Precia from behind and throws the first guy she gets her hands on around before frying everyone present with a thunder spell, at that moment we are shown the room where Precia was sitting and the soldiers that were supposed to capture her were all unconscious.

The MOVIE 1st: The Comics

  • Strike Smasher: An open-handed beam attack at point-blank range that can't be dodged or blocked easily.


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