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Nightmare Fuel / Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

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  • Episode 7, Precia's Cold-Blooded Torture against Fate. She has her chained up, and she's whipping her for not working hard enough. Note that it takes place almost entirely off screen. What we see instead is Arf in the next room over, desperately trying to block out the sounds of Preica's whip interspersed with Fate's screams of pain. Afterwards, we get a glimpse of Fate's face, and the poor girl is completely broken.
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  • Episode 8, Commander Lindy and Chrono's explanation of the true nature of the Lost Logia's. Lost Logia like the Jewel Seeds are dangerous artifacts of incredible power. Created in the ancient past by a lost civilization that destroyed itself, causing a cross-dimensional accident that brought about much suffering to many other worlds as well.

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