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"It's okay if I'm a devil... it just means I'll have to use my hellish tools to get you to listen!"
  • Vita's first appearance. All the giant hammers that followed can't really compare to the sheer badassery of busting through Nanoha's shields, staff, AND armour, and then knocking her through a wall. Not to mention this is the first time we get to witness the Cartridge System at work.
    • Vita also made Nanoha, who tends to induce Oh, Crap! reactions out of her opponents, get one herself when she bust out Raketenhammer after Nanoha blew off her Nice Hat. When you shock the White Devil, you know you're dangerous.
  • The Big Damn Heroes in the first episode done by Fate and Yuuno. Nanoha about to face death by hammer when suddenly a green magic circle appears, Fate's cape fluttering as she blocks Vita's attack all with her theme playing.
  • So Fate and Arf had immobilized Vita and is about to interrogate her when suddenly, a pink haired woman shows up, knocks Fate back, sets her sword on fire, slices Bardiche like it was made of glass and sends Fate several floors through a building. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Signum.
  • Yuuno Scrya managed to hold off Vita while simultaneously trying to prep a transference spell to get everyone out of the barrier, without a device. After casting a combined Barrier Field/Healing Field spell. Bear in mind that spells in this universe are based on complex mathematics, which devices normally help with. Yuuno does it all in his head.
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  • In the second episode after getting her ass served on a platter by Vita, and only saved through Yuuno's intervention, she realizes that they won't make it if there's no reinforcement. That means she has to destroy the barrier deployed by the Wolkenritter. With Starlight Breaker. With a damaged Raising Heart. Who was the one who suggested using said move in the first place. After Raising Heart overcomes a momentary bout of Heroic RRoD interrupting the firing sequence, Nanoha, backed by her usual Theme Music Power-Up, is ready to shoot Starlight Breaker... Then the music abruptly stops, and Nanoha's face distorts when she realizes what Shamal, out of nowhere, was trying to do to her. But Nanoha, being Nanoha, manages to shoot anyway. And shoot she did. Like Shadow Crystal Mage said, Dragon Slave, eat your heart out.
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  • Raising Heart and Bardiche. Error code 203: CVK-792 required.
    P L E A S E .
  • Divine Buster Extension.
  • Nanoha taking an attack from Vita while in civilian form... then calmly walking Out of the Inferno that it created, before uttering the line that gave birth to her Fan Nickname.
    Vita: "You devil..."
    Nanoha: "It's okay if I'm a devil... it just means I'll have to use my hellish tools to get you to listen!"
  • Chrono finding out the The Plan perpetrated by Admiral Graham, then curbstomping his two teachers of close combat and magical combat, Aria and Lotte. He does it with Struggle Bind, a less-used spell that not only binds the target, but also dispels enchantments like transformation spells. "You're the one that told me to keep practicing", indeed.
  • There's also the Kirk Summation he gives to Admiral Graham and the Lieze Twins, saying that their plan to sacrifice the Book's Master to freeze it away forever is wrong because 1.) It involves an innocent girl rather than a criminal and 2.) It's possible for people to retrieve the book from where they're planning on hiding it. Lotte seems to be the only one willing to try to argue with his points, and Graham quickly shuts her down, most likely realizing that they can't convince him to see things their way any longer.
  • The entire battle with the Book of Darkness, in particular:
    • Reinforce casting Starlight Breaker. Everyone present has a Mass "Oh, Crap!" reaction.
    • The Book of Darkness completing and launching a particularly powerful Annihilation Lightning impact, which made Nanoha, Fate, Chrono, and the Wolkenritter flee as far as they can. Yuuno's answer? "STEEL DEFENSE!"
    • Reinforce taking on all four main characters at once, with them on the defensive? Badass. The attitude she pulled it with? Awesome. Nanoha pierces her barrier to deliver a point-blank Exelion Buster. Doesn't. Do. Shit. Captain.
    • Nanoha's response? "I'll just have to try even harder". A.C.S. Standby. The entire scene was so full of Nanoha-style GAR.
  • Episode 11, "A Gift For Christmas", culminates in a simultaneous triple CMOA for all three girls, but most of all for Hayate (which extends into the beginning of the following episode): in the span of a bare few moments she (a) realizes that she has administrative powers over the Book of Darkness, meaning she can take control of its functions; (b) figures out what's necessary to suspend the defense program so she can use those powers; (c) manages to contact Nanoha and tell her what to do; (d) once she has administrator access, she detaches the defense program from the Book entirely, restores the base system to its proper functions... and gives the Book's consciousness a new name, "Reinforce", to signify her freedom and rebirth. A gift for Christmas, indeed.
    • Snow Rain playing in the background as Hayate takes control of Reinforce and lowers the defense just enough so Nanoha can blast her with full power while Fate busts her way out of the Dream World at the same time. Everything about this scene is just perfect.
  • Episode 12 continues the awesome right where it left off:
    • Hayate and the Wolkenritter together after Hayate is recognized as Mistress of the Night Sky and she resummons the 4 knights. They then all say awesomely epic lines and Hayate transforms.
      Signum: "We are the the guardian knights who gather before our mistress, she of the night sky."
      Shamal: "As long as our mistress exists, our souls will never extinguish."
      Zafira: "As long as we have life in our bodies, we will stand by each other."
      Vita: "We will always exist before our mistress, Queen of the Night Sky, Yagami Hayate."
    • "Reinforce, bestow upon me my staff and armor." The realization that after having resurrected four characters, Hayate the ill girl will fight alongside the heroes was awesome. Followed by the just as cool line, "Light of the Night Sky, come to my hand! Blessed Wind, Reinforce, SET UP!" Really all of Hayate's overly-long incantations sound cool.
    • The final battle against the corrupted defense program, in which each one of the heroes fires their most powerful attack with the monstrosity barely having time to regenerate itself, let alone fight back, before being hit again. Culminating with:
      Nanoha: "Full power! Starlight..."
      Fate: "Lightning flash! Plasma Zanber..."
      Hayate: "Resound, horn of judgement! Ragnarök..."
      All: "BREAKER!"
    • Shamal locates the core and she, Yuuno and Arf transport it into outer space so the Arc-en-Ciel can be fired at it. Cue massive fireworks.
  • The A's manga has a game of dodgeball in one chapter with Nanoha and Fate playing against Alisa and Suzuka. Nanoha sucks at sports, but with Fate around there should be no contest, right? When Nanoha gets hit she leaps about fifty feet into the air to catch the airborne dodgeball, stunning every muggle in the immediate vicinity. While still in the air, she chucks the ball down with blinding speed at Suzuka... who catches it with one hand, chucks it back at Fate and hits her hard enough to knock her out of the sky and unconscious. With a dodgeball.

The MOVIE 2nd A's

  • After Nanoha and Fate get their Linker Cores drained, they still want to train, but can't use any magic for a while and don't have their Devices, so they have a practice fight with staffs. What makes this better is how completely out of nowhere it comes, since Nanoha has never cared much for Full-Contact Magic. And yet she is somehow able to match Fate, which suggests she may not be entirely dismissive of her ninja princess status in this continuity.
  • The fight with the Book of Darkness revamped:
    • Although they cut out the scene with the B.o.D casting Starlight Breaker, they replaced it with Reinforce being more active in the fight. This is how the fight happened:
      • First, she separates Nanoha and Fate by summoning a pillar of flames, then targeting Nanoha first and punching her out of the sky.
      • Fate throws Crescent Saber at Reinforce, who catches it using Nachtwal. Reinforce them throws the attack back at Fate, who she expected to attack her from behind. Fate blocks the attack, but gets hit by another blast from Reinforce
      • Nanoha and Fate manage to bind Reinforce's arms and perform a Combination Attack. Reinforce just takes half a second to break out of the bind and protect herself with barriers. While Nanoha and Fate are showing considerable effort in trying to break through, Reinforce effortlessly fires Bloody Dagger at them and hits, while being unable to see due to the pair's attacks.
      • Reinforce then goes for the kill by using Arf's Chain Bind on Nanoha and Fate. Then, she throws them on the ground and uses their own binding spells against them.
    • Activating Exelion Mode is so awesome, that not only does it transforms Raising Heart, but also restores Nanoha's Barrier Jacket, turns the vest part black, and makes her hair ribbons bigger. And A.C.S. now has eight wings and the Strike Flame is as long as Nanoha is tall, making it one mean looking lance.
    • Remember that scene where Nanoha uses Raising Heart's Exelion Mode to get through the Book of Darkness' defense for a point-blank Exelion Buster? Here she uses the same trick, but pushes the Book of Darkness, who was showing a bit of effort trying to stop the attack, THROUGH SEVERAL ROCK PILLARS. Nanoha finally pins her on a large rock pillar, then manages to get through and shoot point blank, DESTROYING THE ROCK PILLAR SHE PINNED THE BOOK OF DARKNESS ON. What happens next? The Book of Darkness rises from the ruins without so much as a scratch. GOOD LORD!!!
    • And then Reinforce proceeds to wipe the floor with Nanoha. Not with magic or anything, she just smacks her around with her bare hands. At one point she grabs her by the foot as she's trying to fly away and pounds her into the rock pillar behind her. You don't often see that in aerial combat. And when Nanoha still refuses to stay down, she binds her and summons a giant friggin stone drill above her, just to show how pissed off she is.
      • Fate's Big Damn Heroes moment when Reinforce summons that drill is even more awesome. Reinforce throws the drill downwards on top of a arc of rock, and Nanoha looks confused, wondering what's going on. Then the drill breaks through and comes straight for her, and Nanoha stares in horror. But right when you think she's going to be skewered into pieces, a yellow magic circle appears, and Fate, with Bardiche in Zanber Mode, cuts the drill cleanly in half. Definitely the coolest part of the movie, as it ties in with Fate's promise to Nanoha in the first movie that she would save her if she was in trouble.
  • The final battle of course. With much better animation.
    • Sturmfalken looks much more epic. Well, all attacks look more epic.
    • Yuuno starts everything by casting Caging Circle, a giant binding spell that keeps the rampaging defense program on the ground. Yes, you read that right. Yuuno has a spell that can keep a being that can destroy worlds on the ground preventing it by escaping through flight.
      • Even better, it lasts all the way until Nanoha, Fate, Vita and Signum have all finished dealing their damage. Talk about persistent programming.
    • Nachtwal tries to take flight and sets up three Beehive Barriers. Zafira flies up to it screaming at the top of his lungs and punches the thing, shattering all three barriers.
  • The commentary of the movie has some moments, too.


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