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  • Episode 6. Gao's FTK (First Turn Kill) on Rouga. Despite being not too hard to pull off, it's still downright awesome. What's more, during the start of the fight, Gao was even paying close attention to his current hand as well just to see what he could do...and that was it.
  • El Quixote's reveal in episode 7; transforming from an elderly tourist to a senior dragon knight.
  • Episode 35 marks the first appearance in a Buddyfight of the long-awaited Hero World and it didn't disappoint. Special mention goes to the combination sequence preceding the appearance of Strongest King, Ultimate Cardburn.
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  • Tasuku gets a villainous one in Episode 53, using Counter Final to counter Noboru's Impact with Distortion Punisher. Complete with a Chaos Control-esque Time Stands Still.
  • Episode 57 has Genma Buddyfighting Smug Snake Magoroku Shido as Captain Answer. He combines Captain Answer's voice and outfit with his own truly epic levels of ham. He would have curb-stomped Shido if Sofia hadn't stopped the battle with her Disaster force. The cherry on top of the satisfaction cake? Captain Answer attacking during the battle by giving Shido a much-deserved bitch slap. And then doing it again. It's too awesome for Shido though, as he vanishes after this episode, most likely due to shame.
  • Tasuku gets another one in episode 61. Throughout his fight with Gao, his emotional state slowly deteriorates to the point where he makes a misplay that pretty much would cost him the entire fight. Kyoya orders Sofia to interfere so that Tasuku can win...but that involves Sofia destroying Jack with the Disaster Force. Despite how Tasuku had been treating Jack up to that point, he intercepts the spell Sofia casts, actually breaking the Dark Core that Kyoya gave him and activating the Future Force (as opposed to the Disaster Force he had been using), overcoming the spell Sofia uses. All to protect Jack.
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  • In episode 63, Kyoya finally plays Azi Dahaka, and it's one hell of an entrance. Kyoya gives an impressive In the Name of the Moon Speech, but it's Azi Dahaka who really steals the show, wiping the entire board with a single attack.
    Azi Dahaka: My name is Azi Dahaka. Long have I waited for this moment! Those who know the truth have summoned me here! None can stand before me... and none can come after me! Fear me! Dread me! There's no escape! ERASURE OF HISTORY! *cue Beam Spam*
  • Ikazuchi gets a villainous one in episode 14 of Buddyfight Hundred by defeating Gao. Granted, Tenbu is killed because of it, but Ikazuchi still defeated a hero who up to that point had been invincible.
  • Episode 38 of Hundred is a series of these. It starts off with the heroes and the Omni Lords fighting Shido, Sofia, Davide and the brainwashed returning characters in a legitimate battle inside Yamigedo. No card games. Just an epic smackdown using monsters, spells and items brought into the real world with power supplied to both sides by Yamigedo. Then Asmodai teleports them back to Earth where Future Force-empowered Tasuku and Gao use two of Gao's impact card and the Omni Lords use their seal to stop a powered-up Yamigedo from crashing into the city. Ikazuchi then steals Yamigedo's card from Gratos due to Yamigedo being his Buddy and not Gratos's and beats the demonic knight in a close Buddyfight. Ikazuchi gets revenge for Gratos's manipulations by ordering Yamigedo to devour Gratos. The downside to it is that Yamigedo is now on Earth and too powerful to be re-sealed.
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  • So when you think Gao's final battle as a protagonist is winning the GGG Cup finals against Tasuku (again), think again! Turns out, his son and Ace's protagonist, Yuga Mikado shows up in Gao's dream to Buddyfight him and won with his new Impact, Deity Gargantua Punisher!! Talk about a great way to finally passing the protagonist role to his son!


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