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Awesome / Romeo X Juliet

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  • "I am Juliet Fiamatta Ars Di Capulet!"
  • Juliet has a tendency to deliver very passionate speeches at the drop of a hat, usually in either her guise as the Red Whirlwind, or her later role as leader of the populist rebellion
  • An emotionally broken Hermione tries to stab Juliet after she rescues her, and Juliet stops her, by grabbing sharp end of the blade with one hand! And then she snaps Hermione out of her Yandere trance, transitioning this into a Heartwarming Moment.
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  • Romeo rescuing Juliet from Escalus near the end.
  • An exiled Romeo coming back to the castle, confronting his father, who's very openly wielding a blood-stained sword, and after being told that he's been replaced as the heir to the throne, (and thus Lord Montague probably has no reason not to kill him if he pisses him off anymore,) an unarmed Romeo still has the balls to give him a Reason You Suck Speech.
  • Hermione has hers when she stands between Romeo and a pissed off Laertes and manages to stop Montague from taking Cielo away. Sixteen year old noble girl who clearly knows how risky is to piss her fiancé's dad vs. said fiancé's dad who's quite upset... Noble girl wins.

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