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Ho Yay / Romeo X Juliet

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  • Francisco certainly loves teasing Curio. There's also a bit of it between Benvolio and Romeo, and arguably some more with Romeo and Petruccio. With the ladies, Emilia admits attraction to girl!"Odin".
  • Episode 18, saw Francisco and Curio sharing a candlelit dinner rife with homoerotic Sub Text. Also, who can forget this little gem, said someplace between episodes 7 and 9:
    Francisco: (to Curio) Unfortunately for you, I'm not interested in men.
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  • William also teasingly flirts with Curio at least once
  • Also worth noting the Les Yay of the, Squicky variety between Ophelia and Juliet in one of the last episodes. It's even lampshaded in the commentary track of the English dub:
    [Commentary Track] "Brina Palencia, [voice of Juliet] Just had a very special moment with Jamie Marchi [voice of Ophelia].
  • Juliet and Hermione get a solid moment of Les Yay, in a bedroom no less, in episode 16.

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