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Awesome / Shaman King: Flowers

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Hana & Amidamaru

  • Hana using Amidamaru to beat the crap out of Ryuji and his gang.
  • Hana in only Spirit Unity/Hyoi Gattai holding out against Yohane using an Oversoul/Spirit Control on par with his father's Spirit of Sword.
  • Hana nearly overpowering Luka, and calling her out on her family's actions.
  • When Yohane and Luka combined their efforts and Oversouls to kill him he got stabbed and still refused to die despite the fact he could have been killed.
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  • Amidamaru vs. Oboro.
  • Hana's Desperation Attack near death experience causing him to unleash the power of the Oni's and curb stomp Luka.
  • Hana's Demon Armor form and using Leaf Spirits against Ibuki.

Tamao Tamamura

  • She rushes off to Kyoyo with Ponchi and Conchi, finds the Asakura Branch Family's hideout just to smash it down with Yohken Asakura's second GUARDIAN GHOST DAI TENGU, then curbstomps Luka and Yohane's dad just to make a truce.
  • When she was younger, she alongside Ryu joined all the thugs in the city together in a whole gang with them as bosses. Also, she broke the law for wielding a real katana. Her delinquent name was "Metal-Sword Tamao".

Yohane Asakura and Oboro Daikyoh

  • Give the guy credit. He may look like a weakling, but his Oversoul is on par with his cousin's dad Spirit of Sword.
  • Combining his and his sister's Oversouls to nearly kill Hana in Chapter 4.
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  • Standing up to his possessed sister, even without his spirit partner.
  • In Chapter 6, the Asakura Main and Branch Families got into a truce. So he was enrolled in Hana's school and class. The first thing he does with he sees Hana?
    Yohane Asakura: "I'm here so I can kill you. At whatever time I please."
  • Yohane standing up to his possessed sister.

Ryuji Ichihara

Luka Asakura

  • Almost killing Hana after fatally injuring him.

Alumi Niumbirch a.k.a. Anna the III

  • Effortlessly curb stomping Luka and Yohane.
  • Stopping Hana's Oni's from rampaging with one shot. Twice.

Ibuki Gakko & Namaha

  • His 3-chapter introduction; challenging Hana to a fight, showing himself to be a Horohoro Expy, and actually slicing Hana's Demon Armor in half.

Tao Men & Bason and Shamash

  • Almost killing Team Niles descendants, Hana, Ibuki and Yohane within the course of two chapters.

Hao Asakura

  • The new and infamous Shaman King has returned promising to bring Hana back from the dead one more time before the fight. The catch? First Hana has to defeat an illusion-16 year old-Yoh. Yeah, Hao's giving Hana one hell of a test.

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