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  • In Touya and his companions' early adventures, they fought a giant crystal creature that can regenerate itself by absorbing magic and they later defeated it. But Leen later revealed she also fought one with a platoon of soldiers but only somehow managed to defeat it.
    • Let's make it clear: Touya knows only a handful of magic at that point but he and his 3 companions defeated it with a simple answer. Meanwhile Leen, a 612 year-old fairy with lots of experiences, and a platoon of soldiers and magicians defeated it through sheer force. And that was before they defeated a dragon with Kohaku's help.
  • When Linze is about to go into Pervert Revenge Mode after learning about Touya and Francesca's sexually-charged meeting, Leen delivers a verbal Critical Hit that also manages to turn a floodlight on the conventions of the Harem Genre.
    Oh, just let him off the hook. If you want to accuse him further, you'll need to make it clear where you stand with him.
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  • Yumina, one of the youngest members of the cast, is the one who resolves the romantic tension in a way that's more mature than almost any other Harem Genre: by SITTING DOWN AND TALKING IT OUT LIKE ADULTS. Her proposed solution is also one of the most realistic depictions of polyamory seen in anime. And on top of all that, but she doesn't demand an immediate answer from the girls; she asks for them to come to term with their feelings before giving a final answer.
  • Anytime TOUYA. GETS. ANGRY:
    • When a group of knights mocked Elze, he cuts them off and beat them up until Lyon and Neil arrives.
    • When Zabun threatens everyone he loves, he quickly takes out Brunhild and shoots the prince in each limb, even though he knows (Zabun) doesn't have any power to do so.
    • The moment after he saves some adventurers from a group of men who pose as other adventurers to kidnap and sell them as slaves, they demand him to hand over Leen. He then places a conditional Curse on them (they must not hurt anyone physically or emotionally, even if it's rejecting a love confession) which means they must either become the greatest saints or hermits that ever lived, or else their bodies will be slowly paralyzed bit by bit until the heart stops.note 


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