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  • Suzuha showing up out of the blue in episode 13, knocking out five SERN assassins in a split second before getting into a Mexican Standoff with Moeka.
  • After Okabe asks everyone to gather near Suzuha's time machine in episode 16, they discuss who's Suzuha's father when Mayuri correctly deduces that Daru is indeed Suzuha's father via the photo of a badge Suzuha have, the time machine's model name and the fact that everyone doesn't have Suzuha's father personality traits with the exception of Daru who fits the criteria that she points out.
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  • When Okabe confronts Moeka at her apartment in episode 19, they immediately get into a physical fight over her phone which Okabe needs to undo the D-mail for Mayuri's life. Okabe didn't hesitate to give her a punch to her face to make her not only let go of her phone but in revenge for Mayuri's death at her own hands.
  • The entire ending of episode 23, beginning with future!Okabe's message about how it IS possible to Take a Third Option and give hope for one last chance to avert the Bad Future. On top of that, there's just something ridiculously cool about future!Okabe. Maybe it's the absolute confidence he has in being able to trick out time, maybe it's the Badass Back, or maybe it's the fact that this fellow simply radiates Magnificent Bastard vibes, to the point that even Mayuri seems a bit smitten by him. THEN the visual novel's original opening theme "Sky-Clad Observer" kicks in as the message concludes, and serves as an incredibly awesome Theme Song Power Up as the Hououin Kyouma persona returns, and makes a speech that manages to turn what was once Narm into a Badass Boast on a level that would put Lelouch vi Britannia to shame.
    • Also, the whole text of Sky-Clad Observer. Assuming that the titular Observer gaining awareness is none other than Hououin Kyouma returning from Okabe's subconscious, according to a literal translation of the lyrics he basically Took a Level in Badass becoming a blaspheme, being able to poke and prod at the Creation itself and abuse the Uncertainty principle to bend the whole space-time to his whims. Good thing that afterall he's limiting himself at bringing back Makise Kurisu and save the world from SERN and Nakabachi
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    • Bonus for Hououin Kyouma's return managing to shock even the Seen It All hardened Action Girl Suzuha, who is stunned silent.
    • Hell, a poster on the Beast's Lair Type-Moon fan forum put it best:
  • The scene with Okabe, Kurisu and Dr. Nakabachi in the final episode, particularly Okabe's emergency plan to recreate the episode 1 murder scene by getting himself stabbed.
    Okabe: Run? Not just yet. The man's pulled his knife for a reason. I'm curious to see what it is.
  • The ending of the OVA, also serving double-duty as a Heartwarming Moment. In a World... where far too many relationships between tsunderes Cannot Spit It Out, are afflicted with Poor Communication Kills syndrome, or are cursed to be forever stopped by Moment Killers, Okabe's ability to look Kurisu in the eye and clearly, seriously, and calmly tell her he loves her is at GAR levels of awesome.
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  • J. Michael Tatum's performance as Okabe in the dub - quite a few call it his greatest performance in his career. As well, he helped write the script.
  • Okabe gets one during the brief time he's female!Ruka's boyfriend. After a disastrous time courtesy of trying to follow a dating manual, he decides to re-do their final day and delivers the Badass Boast of, "This time, we're going to do it my way!" It doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.

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