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Note: As a Moments page, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!
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    Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 1 

  • Episode 2: Dia learns that Chika wants to start an school idol group like μ's (which Chika mispronounces as "yooz"). She angrily confronts Chika over the fact that she mispronounced µ's ("muse"), then goes into a speech about µ's being the school Idol group among school idol groups. Mispronouncing µ's name was only the first thing that sets Dia off because she learns that Chika is a fan of µ's and wants to have a school idol group like them because she had heard them once. To show that Chika is really unworthy of calling herself a µ's fan, Dia goes into a tirade of pop quiz questions of µ's trivia. To Dia, µ's is Serious Business.
    Dia: So you stumbled upon them, and thought you'd imitate them with your scarce knowledge?
    Chika: That's not...
    Dia: Then can you tell me the first song µ's sang as a group of nine?
    Chika: U-um...
    Dia: Bzzzt! "Bokura no Live, Kimi to no Live," "Borarara" for short. Next, what venue did µ's and A-RISE chose during the second Love Live preliminaries?
    Chika: ...venue?
    Dia: Bzzzt! Bzzzt! The rooftop of Akihabara's UTX High. This was the preliminaries against the legendary A-RISE. Next. During the second Love Live finals, what did µ's sing for the encore...
    Chika: I know that! "Bokura wa Ima no Naka de!"
    Dia:...however, Who were the four who skipped the beginning of the song?
    Chika: Eh!?
    Dia: Bzzt, bzzt, bzzzt! Eli Ayase, Nozomi Toujou, Rin Hoshizora, and Maki Nishikino! This is all basic knowledge.
  • Episode 7: When Saint Snow meet Aqours for the first time, Leah literally does a gymnastics flip for no reason other than to show off.
  • Episode 9: As the third years argue, Chika loses her temper and yells at them that they will come to the club room. All three of them are too stunned to do anything but agree.
  • Episode 10: Kanan actually completing Umi's training plan.

    Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 
  • Episode 6: Chika successfully performing the tough choreography for MIRACLE WAVE.

    Anthology Manga 
While the Anthology mangas may not be canon, at least some moments in various chapters is able to make fans happy.
  • Gasshuku (Summer Training Camp) Chapter:
    • "Guilty Kiss", contributed by Harutsugu Nadaka aka 梅干 (Umeboshi or UmeboC): After all of the teases in the official Anime and Mangas, this chapter is known for one thing by the Yuri fanbase: A genuine kiss scene! (well, almost.)

  • In the second day of the Aqours' first Live, Aida Rikako (Riko Sakurauchi's seiyuu) was supposed to play her character's piano piece in "Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare", but she missed the first couple of notes and then had a panic attack, causing the performance to be briefly stopped. With the help of the rest of Aqours and the audience (changing their cyalumes to sakura pink — Riko's image color — and chanting RI-KA-KO) buoying her spirits, Rikako manages to recover. Then, when the performance is restarted, she absolutely nails the piano piece. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • In the fourth Live, the same song is played again with Rikako on the piano...only for her to leave the piano and join the rest of Aqours, making the performance a full nine member song with her as the center.
  • Seoul Love Live! Sunshine!! fans successfully coordinate and pull off the "Yousoroad" during the mini-live and fan meeting (raising their cyalumes in sync during You's solo in the song "Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM"'s bridge, particularly when the blue lights form a road, hence the name "Yousoroad").
  • Anju Inami being able to pull off the challenging backflip as part of MIRACLE WAVE's choreography on the first day of Aqours Third Love Live Tour was this for many fans, as there were concerns by much of the fanbase that attempting such a move could injure or strain her.
    • Inami did not manage to repeat this when the song was performed the next day, however, and fumbled the backflip, resulting in a messy and painful-looking landing.Note  Despite this hiccup, fans still regard her ability to continue performing as a CMOA in and of itself.
  • Love Live! Sunshine!! fans successfully pull off "The AqouRainbow" in Beyond the Pacific! concert (at Anime Expo 2018, Los Angeles) during Chika's solo in "Yuuki wa doko ni? Kimi no Mune ni!", despite only giving out flyers and having a short video on how to do it. The result is a heartwarming moment for everyone.
  • The period spanning June to early July 2018 is considered to be a CMOA for the group by fans, due to them being able to pull off their third Live and a Live at Anime Expo 2018 in that time frame, consisting of seven performing days with demanding choreographynote , along with the associated rehearsals and travel demands, plus any other events in the intervening days they had to participate in as well. The last two days of the third Live in Fukuoka garner particular commendation from fans, as they happened a mere three days after the Anime Expo Live, right after the group returned to Japan from Los Angeles. Before and during this period, and for some time afterwards, several fans were understandably upset with the group's management for subjecting them to such a packed and demanding schedule in the first place amid concerns about straining or burning out the girls.
  • Aqours being awarded 1st place for the Shibuya Note Awards 2018, beating out the K-pop band TWICE.
  • The Korean fandom has been elevated in everyone's eyes after they have successfully executed all of the fan-made projects, both old and new, during the Seoul leg of the Aqours Asia Tour. Aside from the Yousoroad and the Kananrail, they also chartered the Aqoursbus for transporting people to the venue, executed the "No.10" rainbow penlight project which was acknowledged by staff, a Chika-Riko split penlight project during the duet in "Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?", and finally, the crowd singing "Thank You, Friends" in its entirety after the encore.
  • The first successful penlight project in a dome capacity was achieved when fans made a rainbow appear on MetLife Dome before the encore started at Aqours Fifth Love Live on both days.
  • Props must be given to the group for continuing to sing and dance through the tremors of a 7.1 magnitude earthquake which struck southern California during their performance of "Brightest Melody" on the first day of their Live at Anime Expo 2019. Apart from a short break after the song to ascertain if it was safe to continue the concert, the event continued with no further incidents.

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