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While being a school idol can be awesome or sad... it can also be sweet!

WARNING: As a Moments page, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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    Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 1 
  • Episode 1 has one for µ's. Their performance inspires Chika to become a school idol, setting the whole of Sunshine!! in action.
  • Episode 9 is full of these:
    • Chika regains her spirit after the horrible failure in Tokyo.
    • The biggest moment is Kanan and Mari making up and finally hugging.
    • Having no intent to join, Dia entrusts Mari and Kanan to Chika. Chika offers Dia to join Aqours instead to keep them in line.
    • The reveal that Dia wrote the name "Aqours" on the beach that the second years found. Which means that Dia, from the start, has been watching them and on their side.
  • Episode 10 has the Kurosawa sisters do a "sisterly comedy act." When you take into account that this is probably what they were like prior to Dia's failure to become a school idol, it makes it all the more heartwarming, especially considering Dia and Ruby's relationship before that was a little tense and awkward.
  • In Episode 12, Chika catches a white feather with her right hand. Still holding the feather, she looks confused for a moment, then a face of realization and after that, she smiles. This is a reference to the Season 2 ending credits of the original series, which features one member of µ's holding a white feather on their right hand while smiling at the camera. In essence, µ's is Passing the Torch to Chika and her friends.

    Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 
  • Episode 3 has Ruby tearfully telling Dia that she looks really beautiful in her Love Live! qualifiers outfit. Dia's response to this was to hug her nervous younger sister, silently telling her that she's happy being told that.
    • When Riko tells Dia that she's lucky to have such a great younger sister, Dia proudly admits to everyone present that Ruby is her pride and joy.
  • The end of episode 5, where Riko is finally able to pet and befriend Shiitake.
  • In episode 6, when Kanan meets Chika to confirm her progress in training the new dance move, we can see that Kanan's face is slightly dirty. It looks like she'd been training herself in that move in case Chika failed, so she herself could be the one performing it.
  • After the devastating news in episode 7 that Uranohoshi High will be forced to shut down because there are not enough new applicants, Aqours wonder if they should still go to Love Live!. The rest of the school arrives and encourages Aqours to strive to win Love Live! so that the name of Uranohoshi High School and Aqours will be immortalised in Love Live! history. With this new plan in mind, the girls become more resolved than ever to win.
  • In episode 11, the ending song, "Yuuki wa doko ni? Kimi no Mune ni!", starts playing as Mari calls the crowd into one last song. Cue ending credits with all nine members singing and unlike previous episodes, the song continues to its bridge where every voice actress in the episode singing (even Shiitake's) and credited under Aqours!
    Mari: Well then, let's finish things by singing together! With all our cheer! With all our joy! Sing so loud it reaches the heavens!
  • In Episode 12, as a Call-Back to Season 1 Episode 1, Aqours inspires two girls who were watching their Love Live performance on screen. They definitely came a long way from being a new and inexperienced group from the countryside.

    Anthology Manga 
The non-canon stories for the Anthology Manga is not without heartwarming moments.
  • Comic Anthology 1:
    • "Special Training at the Maid Cafe" by Teioteiteio (ていお亭ていお): Dia is moved by Ruby's maturity during her training as a Maid Cafe waitress.
  • Training Camp Edition:
    • "Training Camp Break" by Mezashi: Hanamaru thanked Yoshiko for helping her for giving words of guidance during her blindfold in the Suikawari game, and called her a "Guardian Angel".

  • As seen in the Awesome page, the rest of Aqours, the audience in Yokohama Arena, and everyone watching in the live stream not hesitating for even a moment to encourage Rikako during her panic attack, her fellow idols giving support and the audience changing their cyalumes to sakura pink, her character's image color, and chanting RI-KA-KO in support. Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare (Our Feelings are One), indeed.
    • Special mention to the production crew. As this post suggests, the stage director made the painful decision to stop the show and have Anju check Rikako's condition.
  • The AqouRainbow, performed at the Beyond the Pacific! concert in Los Angeles. Made to mimic the rainbow painted by Aqours in the anime series finale, the performance was enough to move much of the cast to Tears of Joy.
  • As stated in the Trivia page, Arisa Komiya (Dia) came to know of the franchise through working with Emi Nitta (Honoka). The first thing she did when she got the role? She called Emi Nitta to tell her the news.
  • The people of Numazu made a video showing their support for Aqours' Kouhaku appearance.
  • The double encore at the end of Aqours' 4th Live at Tokyo Dome. Aqours came back on stage (some of them in tears) after the encore performance. With the entire Tokyo Dome silent, Aqours showed their utmost appreciation by removing their mics and shouting their thanks.
  • "Todokanai Hoshi da to Shitemo" is a song by Aqours dedicated to µ's. It's only fitting that during Love Live Fest where µ's performed for the 1st time since Final Live, Aqours started their set list with it.

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