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Kate: Lincoln had potential. His problem was, he couldn't handle bullets. (proceeds to "conquer" the tank shell, and the tank that fired it).
  • Kate doesn't just sit at the head of the table. Her throne is lowered from the ceiling like a BOSS!
    • Also, when she says her prayers before eating, she doesn't pray to any god; she prays to the conquerors who have come before her.
    • And then she eats Plasmya's cooking. Based on Asuta's reaction, this food is concentrated failure, and the weak fall into despair and explode. Kate conquers her food.
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  • Asuta, still recovering from eating some sort of chemical weapon, manages to crawl back to Zvezda headquarters and keep it from being discovered by White Robin, despite the fact that they almost killed him.
  • Kate giving an epic "Reason You Suck" Speech to the smoker in the restaurant. She says everything any non-smoker has ever wanted to say to a smoker, but was too busy or too nervous to say. And then some.
    • And then she riles up the non-smokers, eventually gathering an army of 85,000 strong.
    • And she spends the rest of the episode viciously deconstructing people's motivations for smoking.
  • Goro used to be a mob boss, and at one point in his career he was cornered by his enemies. Bleeding, he prepares to go out and face the opposition. His only friend declares that he shouldn't go out and try to turn death into something macho, and Goro agrees. He says he's not going to die; the only person who could possibly kill him is Kate. Then he walks out from behind the bullet-ridden wall he's hidden behind, and stares in shock; Kate is standing atop a mountain of his enemy's bodies.
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  • The final TV episode is full of it, especially once Zvezda regains the ability to fight back against Asuta's father, complete with dramatic kanji attached to mundane things like drinking milk, or doing a triple back flip while on a horizontal bar.

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