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Nightmare Fuel / World Conquest Zvezda Plot

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  • The whole of Episode 3 is pretty creepy when you think about it, since Zvezda basically lynched everyone who smoked. We even get scenes of a violent mob beating two smokers with steel pipes.
    • It turns out, they had good reason to do so, because as revealed in the final few episodes, Smokers in the world of Zvezda have literally lost their souls and the smoke they exhaling isn't normal smoke from burning tobacco, but some weird poisonous-corrosive gas.
  • The part where Natasha is kidnapped by the "fairies" is absolutely terrifying
    • The later scene when she tries to stop the darkness from reaching the UDO root, only for it to manifest her parents reaching out for her and moaning her name, is even worse.
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  • Kate's Giant form in episode 7 first she zeroes in on the Udo treasure with single-minded Laughing Mad obsession, then Asuta loses track of her then hears her arguing with someone, then pleading in pain. When he goes to investigate, Conquest Stamps start pounding themselves into the ground until the whole building is black and a huge shadowy thing rises out of the ground, berating him. When Um sees her like this, she just grins and says that this transformation is a sign that Kate will conquer the Earth, and soon.

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