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Heartwarming / World Conquest Zvezda Plot

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  • Asuta RUNNING IN FRONT OF SEVERAL TANKS to save a little girl's stuffed toy. He didn't just run in and snatch the toy up either, he tried to convince a fleeing criminal to help him, and then he tried to talk the tanks out of running him over. Then Kate reveals that she's actually a legitimate supervillain, and the stuffed toy is her superweapon. But when she realizes what he did, she declares that she'd rather her superweapon be run over than Asuta.
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  • Kate's first meeting with Asuta. She chides him for his compassion, but then she compliments him for his honor. And then she offers to share the world with him, as well as her snacks.
  • Renge making sure Asuta was okay after having to leave him alone to deal with Zvezda the previous night.
  • Yasu's flashbacks with chief Goro. It's an odd mix of parenting and macho posturing.
  • Jimon deciding to go back and help Zvezda at the end of episode 11, despite how he himself notes its likely less trouble for him and Renge to leave its remaining members to their fates — because they're like a second family to him now.
  • Itsuki first met Kate at her own mother's funeral, where the little would be conqueror offered her comfort and inspiration to be strong. It's obvious that Itsuki idolizes Kate then and there, and even years later when she has grown tall and strong while Kate remains childlike she still doesn't see Venera as anything less than her indomitable "Big Sister".

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