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Heartwarming / World Embryo

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  • Youhei sacrificing his core to save Riku. So sweet and yet so sad.
    • The fact that his teacher did the exact same thing to save him. is just as heartwarming as heartbreaking.
  • Rena's Take My Hand moment after Youhei's death.
    • Later when Riku does the same thing to save Rena from being dragged into the abyss by her own guilt.
  • Riku reminding Rena that they are accomplices and he won't tell anyone her memories returned after her Heroic BSoD.
  • When everyone gears up to find Rena after she runs off to become the next Coffin Princess.
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  • Ende being brought to tears when Riku showed her his memories, including that her old Master would always be watching over her. This solidifies her Heel–Face Turn.
  • Youhei's ghost showing up in the final battle to encourage Riku to keep going, while the memories of those who died came to protect the living.
  • Yui's ghost encouraging Takao to live and that she'd see him again after he grew old and lived a full life.

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