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Never underestimate the power of a girl with an incredible heart.
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    Sailor Moon 
Jadeite Arc
  • Jadeite has one in the third episode, when Sailor Moon, after destroying his youma, attacks him with the Moon Tiara Boomerang, a sure kill attack so far... And he blocks it with his telekinesis.
  • In the episode where Jadeite runs a gym and a spa, he actually does manage to gather some energy for the Dark Kingdom. Later, he brainwashes three huge body builders to attack Sailor Moon. Moon kicks one in the face and punches another in the gut. Then she uses her Tiara to destroy the devices controlling them.
  • Sailor Moon and Luna foiling Jadeite and Kyurene's plot in the sixth episode, first with Luna destroying their energy sucking device during a hostage situation, and then Sailor Moon turning Kyurene's sound attack against it using a sound system, amplifying the attack back on it.
  • Ami's first transformation into Sailor Mercury becomes one when contrasted with Usagi's first transformation into Sailor Moon: she takes the pen, discards her fear of Garoben - who wants to cut out her brain - transforms, and unleashes her Shabon Spray all without questioning anything until after the fight is over.
  • In Sailor Mars' debut episode, she destroyed Kigaan just a few seconds after transforming for the first time. Even before that, however, she already knows something's up with Jadeite, even without proof, solely because she has a 'bad feeling' that turns out to be completely correct.
    • Usagi gets one just before the battle. She's spent most of the episode crying and whining that she doesn't want to fight, and when cornered by Kigaan with Luna ordering her to transform, declares "I don't wanna live like this anymore! But I'll do it!" In the dub, this is changed to "Just let me have one last good sob! Okay, I'm ready!"
  • From the Nightmare in Dreamland episode (the dubbed version), Rei gets a really good line that shows just how bad things have gotten.
    Rei: I think the party's over...
  • Rei slices one of Thetis' water constructs in half with a folding chair, before transforming in Episode 12.
  • Episode 13:
    • After the debacle from the previous episode, Jadeite received an ultimatum from Beryl: kill the Sailor Senshi or pay the consequences. What does he do? He appears to the whole city and challenges them to a Duel to the Death on pain of him destroying Tokyo if they don't show up at the airport. And when they come to the fight he has rigged the field by brainwashing all the cops into Mooks, preparing airplanes to run the Sailor Senshi over with, and, most devastatingly, lying in ambush to see them transform. He dominates most of the fight, and even in defeat he knew the Sailor Senshi's identities and would have had them dead to rights had Beryl not sealed him for retreating in the face of defeat before he could tell her. There's a reason Sailor Moon didn't truly fear another enemy until Galaxia...
    • How the Senshi turned the tables against him: Sailor Moon runs to get a plane to chase her, Sailor Mercury uses her Sabão Spray technique to cover the area in fog, Sailor Mars then sneaks up and places an ofuda scroll on Jadeite's back, and results in him being run over by the planes for making sexist comments about them (in the original English dub from DiC note , it was his gloating over how weak they are, without the references to being sexist).

Nephrite Arc
  • Sailor Moon tricking Cameran into shooting itself using a mirror and split-second timing. Bonus points that despite needing a hint from Luna, she manages to figure out Cameran's weakness by herself.
    • And right before that, she dodged Cameran's attacks, ran up to it, and gave it a flying kick to the face. It was one of those moments that made Usagi look just like the badass Action Heroine she was always meant to be.
  • The three active Senshi at the time combining their three main attacks into one to defeat Castor and Pollux. This also presents the first Awesome Music in the series: "Tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo"
  • One moment wasn't even for a Sailor Senshi: So a little girl named Sakiko has psychic powers and can take a form as a ghost. She does it and the ghost goes out of control and starts wreaking havoc. Her father and her are just waiting to be killed by it but by that minute you think, Tuxedo Mask should appear right? Wrong. Instead she gets out of her father's hold and releases a bunch of energy to beat the ghost-thing. Wow.
  • In episode 14, there is Naru going Plucky Girl and refusing to back down when she confronts her close friend Rui over how her sudden shift in behavior has caused her to act nasty and aggressive, even when Rui is threatening her.
  • There's an understated moment in episode 18 that doubles as a Heartwarming Moment. Two girls from Shingo's school go to Usagi and tell her that Shingo rudely rejected and broke a gift from one of his classmates, Mika, a dollmaker whose gift was a handcrafted porcelain doll that recently won a local competition, and Shingo didn't even apologize to her. The fact that he was being teased by some older boys about it as Mika was giving him the doll doesn't excuse what happened. We don't know if the girls are Mika's friends or classmates, but they both felt that Shingo's behavior was unacceptable and told an older girl, his sister, about it because they thought she was the person to go to. Usagi completely believes the girls and doesn't try to excuse Shingo's actions or ask if maybe Mika did something to tick him off, and tells the girls she will definitely do something about it. True to her word, Usagi absolutely made sure Shingo did what he could to make up for his behavior, regardless of why it happened: she confronts Shingo that night, swiftly threatens to tell the Tsukino parents what he did and she personally takes Shingo to Mika's latest doll exhibition so he will apologize to her.
    • Shingo (Sammy in the DiC dub) has to be credited for his Character Development in that episode. He's genuinely sorry about breaking Mika's doll, and his first attempt is to write an apology note. He immediately goes to apologize to her when Usagi confronts him. Then, when Mika won't listen to his in-person apology, thanks to a youma possessing her, he takes Usagi's suggestion to make a present for Mika, a clay Sailor Moon doll. When he sees a youma burst out of Mika's doll and drain her of energy, he immediately dives to her rescue despite not knowing the exact circumstances. While this does nothing, given the youma knocks him out, it was extremely brave of Shingo. Also, the present idea works in that when Mika awakens she sees it and forgives Shingo.
  • Episode 22:
    • For Usagi at least, getting herself and a Heroic BSoD Naru to school on time.
    • Usagi's Bavarian Fire Drill. When she realizes she has her Disguise Pen, she changes into a princess. She tells the guest attendant that she's a princess from a made-up country and stalks away haughtily before he can look her up in the guestbook. That is how you crash a princess's reception.
    • Usagi saving herself and Tuxedo Mamoru from falling, using her Parasol Parachute (which, sadly, got butchered in the DiC dub, possibly out of fear of copycat incidents. The Viz Media English dub and original Japanese version have it uncut).
  • Any time watching Nephrite fighting against a youma or three to protect Naru. He managed to fend off Yasha long enough for Sailor Moon to finish him off, but he was badly overwhelmed by the Plant Sisters.
    • And then of course we have Naru, despite being electrified by it and in a bad amount of pain herself, trying to remove the barbs that are killing Nephrite. The Plant Sisters are horrified when Naru actually manages to dislodge one of them, although she still can't save Nephrite.

Zoisite Arc
  • Sailor Jupiter/Kino Makoto has one in her first episode. She beat up three street punks who almost went after Usagi for bumping into them while running to school, she decked Zoisite in the face (but not before throwing her rose earring at him) while trying to save Crane Game Joe, and when Crane Game Joe turned into the video game-based Youma Gesen, Makoto picked the demon up and hurled him into the bushes. All of this before it was revealed that she's Sailor Jupiter.
    • The Jovian symbol appears on her forehead during that last part, which makes it even more awesome.
    • The DiC dub manages to maintain said awesomeness, mainly due to Susan Roman's voice acting. The first time Jupiter uses her attack, it sounds like this:
      Sailor Jupiter: On behalf of Jupiter I call upon the forces of thunder and lightning to vanquish this evil!
    • Earlier in the episode, Usagi shows how much she's grown as a heroine when she doesn't hesitate to follow after Makoto and Joe when Luna tells her they might be in danger. Even better, when Joe tries to pull a Screw This, I'm Outta Here and leaves Makoto to fend for herself against Zoisite, Usagi thoroughly chews him out on it.
  • In episode 26, when Naru recognizes that Zoisite has got the black crystal Nephrite created, Naru demands it back and tries to take it from Zoisite out of honor to Nephrite's memory. Despite knowing that she can die and that she's talking to Neph's killer.
    • In the dub, the exchange was shifted to Molly trying to take Zoycite's black crystal because she thinks it's what killed Neflite and wanted to destroy it herself.
  • Also, Umino dives in at the last minute to save Naru from the youma attack, getting injured in the process.
  • Yuuichirou gets one in the episode he first appears in, 30, where he jumps in the way of Jiji, saying "If it's to protect you, Rei, I wouldn't mind dying!"
  • When Rei's grandpa is targeted as the holder of the Indigo Crystal, it actually took two attempts to retrieve it. The first attempt occurred during the beginning of episode 30, with Grandpa Hino enjoying some casual moon gazing on the shrine's roof before Zoisite showed up. Zoisite tries to remove the crystal, but Grandpa Hino repels Zoisite through sheer force of will, and the force of Grandpa refusing to let Zoisite take the crystal destroyed part of the roof. Unfortunately, the attack has caused Grandpa to become rather emotionally unstable over the next few weeks, but this is another point to consider. It took Zoisite one day to remove the Red Crystal from Crane Machine Joe, but he didn't approach Grandpa Hino again for weeks afterwards.
  • Say what you will about Umino, but the guy has some serious balls to stand up to Zoisite and be willing to protect Naru. And he does so while dressed up as Tuxedo Mask.
  • Kunzite and Zoicite's final gambit in the arc. They have Zoicite dress as Sailor Moon and engaging in Engineered Heroics, which confuses everyone, so that the Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen attempt to rush to the doppelganger's rescue when it seems the Dark Kingdom has captured "her", thinking that she may be the Moon Princess in disguise (The only one who doesn't fall for it is Minako, because she overhears Usagi's frustrated sobs that someone else is doing her job.) The Senshi for their trouble get trapped and nearly killed, while Zoicite stabs Tuxedo Kamen with an icicle so that he can't fight. It's one case where in the dub, it made more sense with the gender-flipped Zoycite because "her" voice and Sailor Moon's are eerily similar.
  • Sailor Venus' debut in the anime. Kunzite and Zoisite had Moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter in a force field that was slowly killing them. Tuxedo Kamen was wounded and couldn't fight, so he was about to surrender the MacGuffin... Cue Venus interrupting Zoisite's "Break Them by Talking" lecture to Tuxedo Kamen with a beautiful Rousing Speech, appearing on a roof and crippling Kunzite with a single attack, all the time basking in awesomeness and the admiration the other Sailor Soldiers show her. And this is nothing when compared to what she did in her manga debut outside of Codename: Sailor V.
  • The subsequent Xanatos Speed Chess that Zoicite and Kunzite instigate, on seeing a new Senshi rescue the others. They trace Mamoru, who is still injured, to his apartment and ask for Let's Fight Like Gentlemen for the rainbow crystals. Normally Mamoru is a Combat Pragmatist who wouldn't risk a fight with a bleeding shoulder, but he can't resist the temptation of getting all the crystals and his memory back, and it's hinted that the Dark Kingdom may try to corner him anyway if he refuses. Then when Mamoru shows up, and puts the crystals down and prepares to fight, Kunzite takes them away "for safekeeping". Zoicite even remarks to Mamoru over how stupid he is for just handing them over.
  • Despite the fact that she doesn't like Mamoru, and he's always mocked her, Usagi insists on following him when she finds out he's bleeding. This ends up saving them because Zoicite nearly burns Mamoru alive in an elevator, and Usagi decides to transform.
  • After Zoicite almost murders Tuxedo Mask with an underhanded trick Sailor Moon's grief causes the Seven Rainbow Crystals to reform into the Legendary Silver Crystal and for Usagi to awaken as Princess Serenity. Zoicite is shaken but attempts to kill Serenity in order to gain the Legendary Silver Crystal. Serenity replies to Zoicite's attack by ignoring it and then smacking him into a pillar in two seconds flat.

Kunzite Arc
  • Before the brainwashed Tuxedo Kamen attacks, Usagi nearly incapacitates a youma posing as a hair stylist. She rescues a semiconscious Minako, who's been strangled and sedated.
  • Episode 37 has a smaller moment for Usagi, where she attends a princess seminar. Hilarity Ensues of course, because it's Usagi we're talking about, but it turns out that frisbee is a common recreational activity around these parts. After 37 episodes of practice with the Moon Tiara, it turns out she's an insanely good frisbee thrower.
    • Minako and Rei also admit that the youma's scheme was clever, in that it was designed to weed out Sailor Moon because she precisely wasn't a graceful lady. Usagi gets upset, but it technically worked and also happened to weed out Minako and Rei.
    • Also how Sailor Moon defeats the youma. Due to it getting conflicting orders from Endymion and Kunzite, it gets a headache. So Sailor Moon offers it coffee, messing up the etiquette, and this provides a distraction for her to heal the poor woman.
  • Yuuichirou follows up on his previous episode by throwing himself into danger to protect Rei not once, but twice! Also, he digs through an avalanche to save Rei and Usagi when they get separated from a skiing group.
  • Sailor Mercury vs. Prince Endymion: She wins simply by using her Shabon Spray to distract him and then steals the black crystal carrying the Nijizuishou holders, effectively saving the lives of her entire team!
    • Made more awesome by Endymion's own moment of awesome earlier in the episode, when Sailor Jupiter attacked him... And he defeated her with embarrassing ease, without even deigning himself to actually hit her.
  • One from the backstory as revealed in Episode 44: Queen Serenity from the Silver Millenium defeats the Dark Kingdom single-handedly. Made doubly awesome (and sad) by The Plan she also set: she's pretty much Dying Alone, but she arranges for Princess Serenity, Prince Endymion and all the Sailor Senshi to be reincarnated when it's time, sending Luna and Artemis into a Convenient Coma so they can be their guides. She was awesome, no doubt about it.
    • From that same episode, Sailor Moon directly kills Kunzite by easily using her Moon Wand to turn his own attack back against him.
  • Episode 45
    • Usagi anticipating that the journey to the Dark Kingdom base may be everyone's last adventure, and engaging in The Last Dance. Especially since Usagi, The Heart and a ray of sunshine, reveals she's fully aware of the stakes long before the Senshi become a Dwindling Party. She cooks for her family and tells Rei that she ought to kiss Yuurichou before they go. Mars later admits, while dying, that Usagi was right about the last part.
    • The quintessential one for fans is when a badly beaten and dying Sailor Mars seemingly lies lifeless after having taken down one of the DD Girls (from inside an ice mound, something in itself pretty awesome). The last remaining DD Girl threatens Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars grabs her enemy's vine-like arm, and shoots flame up it incinerating her. A good deal of awesome comes from the delivery:
    Sailor Mars: [softly] I'm not done yet.
    DD Girl: [look of horror] A-ah!
    Sailor Mars: [softly] Fire [rageful scream] SOOOOUUULLLL!
    • Also before this, knowing full well that she's going to die fighting the last two DD Girls, Mars cheerfully tells Sailor Moon It Has Been an Honor and promises with a laugh that she won't die. It's important because Sailor Moon has been suffering Heroic BSoD on seeing the other Senshi's death, and Mars's words are enough to get Usagi to stop clinging to her friend.
    • Same episode: Jupiter, while being attacked with electricity, smirks and says "You've got some nerve using electric shock against me!" before suicidally electrocuting her tormentors with her own giant bolt of lightning.
    • It's not just a giant bolt of lighting that she uses either. It's her incredibly epic looking Supreme Thunder Dragon where her lighting takes the form of a dragon made of electricity that hunts down and devours her foe in a gigantic electric explosion! Truly an awe inspiring move.
    • The Viz dub switches the line around a bit ("Let me show you what REAL thunder is like!"), but it's no less badass thanks to Amanda C. Miller's delivery.
    • After a DD Girl has Mercury within, for all intents and purposes, a giant ball of fire, virtually helpless:
    Sailor Mercury: [looking at her micro-miniature supercomputer] Maybe this will be the last time I use this.

    (She then proceeds to smirk, hit the illusion-creating DD Girl with it - destroying her ability to torment her friends via illusions - and die. Epically.)
    • Sailor Venus disintegrating one of the DD Girls with one shot of her Crescent Beam.
      • Plus the implication the Dark Kingdom was utterly terrified of her: when she died, the DD Girls thought they had won...
      • Also, the reason why she disintegrated only one: when they realized she was still alive, two of the DD Girls ran away in panic, and were barely out of the blast area when she fired her Crescent Beam. Had they hesitated just one second and Moon and Mars would only have to finish the other two, assuming they survived. That, and Sailor Venus' body was not disintegrated in spite of her being at point blank.
    • Generally, any time Sailor Senshi Shuuketsu (The Sailor Soldiers Gathering) plays, you can be sure the show is going to start taking itself seriously from then on, and it will be awesome.
    • Heck, just take the entire first season finale and call it one big Crowning Moment Of Awesome. There wasn't a single thing done wrong in those two episodes.
  • Episode 46 has the moment were Sailor Moon as Princess Serenity finally defeats Queen Beryl possessed by Metallia with the help of the senshi. The moment "Moonlight Densetsu" (or "Carry On" in the DiC dub, for that matter) kicks in the viewers sure to get goosebumps.
    • Before that, Beryl/Metallia sees Moon walking towards her and blasts her with dark energy. It looks for a second that she's won, as now there's a sort-of ice tower where Moon stood... but then the top of the ice formation splits open, revealing Moon/Serenity standing there and looking both beautiful and badass as she raises the Moon Stick and gets ready to fight.
    • Despite the fan backlash from the butchering done to episodes 45 and 46 by combining them into one, there is a moment that can send chills down your spine when Sailor Moon and Beryl/Metallia are about to start their fight. Luna, back at Serena's house, yells out to Sailor Moon that everyone is counting on her.
      Princess Serena (Completely calm): I hear you, Luna. I am not afraid anymore.
      Beryl (About to attack): YOU SHOULD BE!
    • Episode 46 has another stand out moment for Sailor Moon long before her final fight with Beryl. When she first enters Beryl's lair she finds Endymion who has had Metalia's energy siphoned into him making him stronger and more loyal to the Dark Kingdom then ever. Sailor Moon is forced to fight the man she loves and is almost killed by him. However Beryl decides to rub salt in her wounds by saying that her death will mean the Senshi's sacrifices were completely meaningless. An enraged Sailor Moon then does the one thing left to prevent Endymion from killing her, going back to basics with a Moon Tiara Action. Sailor Moon was perfectly willing to kill Endymion if it meant stopping Beryl and it's implied that, if he wasn't imbued with Metalia's energy, she would have done exactly that.
    • Mamoru himself gets an awesome one shortly after he has had his memories restored by Usagi. An enraged Beryl creates a stone spike in order to kill Sailor Moon but Mamoru throws a single rose that not only shatters the spike into pieces but then impales itself into Beryl's chest. To her shock Beryl realises that the rose is imbued with Endymion's love for Serenity and is so strong that it causes her body to crack into pieces and forces her to fuse with Metalia just to survive. Mamoru may never again get a moment as awesome as this in the anime but let it never be forgotten that he almost killed the Big Bad of the first season with nothing more then a rose imbued by The Power of Love.

    Sailor Moon R 
Makaiju Arc
  • Before she gets her memory back, Usagi tries to defend her friends against a Cardian. This is when Luna is convinced that she has to restore the former's memories.
  • The Inners are reunited at a movie audition when a Cardian attacks. Even though they don't have their memories back yet, they still fight it and protect Naru with everything they have at hand. And then they get their powers back.
  • Makoto/Jupiter saving her friend, Shinozaki, from a Cardian, donating blood to him after he's hospitalized with a head injury, and, despite being weak from donating blood, stays in and defeats the Cardian that tried to attack Shinozaki and has Usagi pinned to the ground.
  • Kenji-Papa (Usagi's father), of all people! When a Cardian is attacking the virtual reality theatre, and Shingo is threatened, Kenji-Papa turns Papa Wolf by blasting the Cardian with a fire extinguisher. His reasoning? "It's a parent's duty to protect their beloved child!" Way to go, Dad!
  • Venus and Mercury's reasons for unleashing their upgraded attacks: You do not hurt little kids around them!
  • Reci, a very particular Cardian that was the personification of Nightmare Fuel, had decimated the Senshi in episode 51. Usagi and Luna were sucked into a wormhole, the Inner Senshi were trapped inside a tree and had the life sucked out of them, and the only person left to stop the monster was Artemis. Despite being badly beaten and weary, Artemis was still standing and fighting by the time Sailor Moon and Luna had returned, which gave Moon time to get her Mid-Season Upgrade, return to the fight and finish Reci off.
  • Sailor Jupiter's new attack manages to outdo the rest of the Inner Senshi, mainly because she summons a giant dragon made out of lightning that was self aware enough to briefly stop in front of Cardian Utonberino and lord over her, appropriately terrifying her, before devouring her whole!
    Sailor Jupiter: In the name of Jupiter I call upon the power of love and nature to banish this Mophead! JUPITER! THUNDER! DRAGON!
    • In the original dub, Susan Roman's voice acting makes it clear Jupiter is beyond pissed.
      Sailor Jupiter: You've tied up my friends long enough! YOU'RE ANCIENT HISTORY!

Rubeus Arc
  • Usagi taking control once Chibiusa has gone too far. After harassing her, mess up her room, hypnotize her family, and drug her friends, Usagi gives Chibiusa a well-deserved spanking. Pretty much everyone goes easy on Chibiusa, so Usagi has to work alone to keep her in control. Usagi's strong mentality, decisiveness is exactly what a future-mother needs.
  • In Sailor Moon and Koan's first fight, Koan blocks her path with a wall of fire and then attempts to kill Chibi-Usa. Sailor Moon climbs a wall, runs along it, and hits Koan with a flying tackle.
  • Episode 66. Chibiusa being an Ungrateful Bitch as usual, she decides that nobody should go to the parent-child curry event if only Usagi can. Usagi is understandably miffed at first, but after seeing how upset Chibiusa is, Usagi comes up with solutions. First, to bring Mamoru along to make Chibiusa more comfortable. Second, a cram session on cooking curry so she doesn't mess up (too much).
  • Sailor Mars' second weapon upgrade comes when Koan injures her grandfather. As one can tell, Rei is pissed, and pushes Sailor Moon out of the way of Koan's Dark Fire, saying that it's her turn. But that's not the awesome moment. The awesome moment comes when both engage in a Beam-O-War, and Mars, focusing on her injured grandfather, uses Burning Mandala for the first time and utterly decimates Koan's attack. As a bonus, Koan's skirt is on fire when she teleports away!
    • Rei kneeling between Koan and her grandfather, tenderly declaring that he is the only grandfather she has while repeatedly getting kicked in the back hard to protect him.
    • Even the local Butt-Monkey Yuuichirou has his own CMOA in this same episode when he shields Rei from Koan's attacks and shuts her up when she mocks him by saying he's doing it because he wants to and not to get Rei to love him.
    • Sailor Moon gets a small one: when she sees Koan about to attack Rei and Grandpa (with "Dark Power Flip"), how does she stop her? By throwing the Cutie Moon Rod at her, of course!
  • The entire Sailor Mars vs Koan fight. Rei, enraged by Koan's claim that she doesn't care about Yuuichirou (who as said above, was burnt trying to protect Rei from Koan's Dark Fire) at all, transforms, and leaps out of the way of another attack carrying Yuuichirou, getting her leg burnt in the process. Mars questions whether Rubeus loves Koan or not, unnerving Koan. As Koan takes aim for Chibi-Usa, Mars hits her with a Burning Mandala. When the rest of the Senshi show up, Rubeus tells Koan to use a bomb to blow up herself and the rest of the Senshi... and when Koan is fully willing to use it, the Senshi destroy it and this causes poor Koan to have a horrible breakdown, violently attacking the Senshi in Berserker Tears while Mars cries out to her in pity. Sailor Jupiter runs to give Koan a hard kick in the back. Mars, who despite having been covered head to toe in injuries, leaps between Koan and Sailor Jupiter, taking the blow for her. She then tearfully assures Koan that she isn't alone and asks Sailor Moon to purify her, which Moon does gladly and allows Koan to start a new life.
    • On that note, Jupiter was about to give Koan the knee to incapacitate her, but Mars taking the blow. It goes both ways, either Jupiter knows just enough strength to subdue someone or that Mars is strong enough that she didn't get a broken rib.
  • Rei defending Usagi from Chibi-Usa's rude remark about her in episode 60. Another moment when Rei shows that she cares about Usagi.
  • Koan talking her sister Berthier out of killing herself by freezing everyone and herself. She's been cut by jagged pieces of ice note  and she's now noticeably weaker due to having been purified... but it doesn't deter her, and when a huge chunk of ice hits her in the face and knocks her down, the Senshi attempt to help her up. Koan calmly shrugs them off and stands back up on her own, and manages to convince Berthier that she is loved and then allowing her to be healed.
    • Mercury gets one prior to that: Even though the chess game she's playing against Berthier has been rigged and part of her gets frozen for every piece she loses, she refuses to forfeit.
  • Episode 68 Sailor Moon has taken quite a beating from Rubeus for shielding Chibi-Usa from him. Rubeus tells the injured Moon to just let him kill Chibi-Usa. And her reply?
    Moon (gets up, still weak but VERY determined): You... You really think I'm that weak? I will prove to you right now... THAT I CAN PROTECT THIS LITTLE GIRL!
    • Tuxedo Mask's reaction isn't any slouch either. Rubeus hurls a whole cluster of energy blasts at Sailor Moon and Chibi-Usa, he counters with effectively a bouquet's worth of roses thrown at once, detonating all the blasts before it can reach them.
    • The whole "Battle of the Ten Warriors" presents another Awesome Music: "Ai no Senshi". The original DiC dub is no slouch, either, with Stan Bush’s “She’s Got the Power”!
  • Episode 69: Tuxedo Mask transforming while in the middle of riding his motorcycle, also beat the pants of the actual transformation sequence he'd been given in the first series.
  • In Episode 74, when Rubeus multiplies the gravity around Moon, enough to make her sink into the ground, and she still gets up!
    • In fact, the whole damn episode is a major CMOA for Usagi. Just seconds after wishing she could be grown-up in rough times, she immediately transforms into Sailor Moon, storms into enemy territory, and single-handedly kicks Rubeus' ass! Usagi may not be as physically strong in the anime as she is in the manga, but she is still Sailor Moon. And she will become The Hero when she needs to; when friends or loved ones are in danger, she gets dangerous. There's a reason this anime is legendary for its Action Girl qualities.
    • A minor moment, but when Sailor Moon and Chibi-Usa are abducted onto Rubeus's castle-ship, Rubeus mocks how Sailor Moon has brought him the silver crystal and Chibi-Usa, or "the rabbit" as he knows her. So what does Sailor Moon do? She lies and claims that Chibi-Usa is her cousin and that she wouldn't be stupid enough to actually bring him "the rabbit". Though Rubeus soon discovers that Chibi-Usa is "the rabbit" and was going to test her later, he did fall for it and looked visibly shocked. Props to Usagi for coming up with a plausible lie in a situation where others would have panicked and sold it convincingly.
    Sailor Moon: Go ahead, laugh! The joke's on you. This child isn't your elusive "rabbit"! She's my very disobedient cousin!
    Rubeus: Huh?
    Sailor Moon: Come on, did you seriously think I'd seriously hand over the rabbit to you? Dummy. (starts laughing as she says...) You completely fell for it!
    • Another awesome moment: Chibi-Usa, in Rubeus's castle-ship with Sailor Moon, finds his power enhancement device and tries to yank it out of the ground...and succeeds note , despite all the damage she got as a result and uses this to atone for being the one who put everyone in such a predicament to start with, refusing to let go when she's told to do it. One has to admit, even though she's a Bratty Half-Pint in this version, she eventually learns when to stop being one when the going gets tough, and when she realizes that she did something wrong she at least attempts to rectify it even at risk to herself.
    Chibi-Usa: Everybody's here because of me, so it's my responsibility to find a way to stop this thing and save them all.
    • The speech Sailor Moon delivers to Rubeus as she stands in defiance of gravity awesomely ties both moments together:
    Sailor Moon: I'll never give up. I will save my friends. And I will... defeat you!
    Rubeus: That's impossible. You can't stand up in the super gravity field.
    Sailor Moon: If Chibi-Usa has the the courage to try to break through your high-voltage barrier, I, Sailor Moon, am determined to find the strength to do nothing less!
    • While this most likely not supposed to be considered a Moment of Awesome, it was hard not to cheer Esmeraude when she left Rubeus to die aboard his ship after he'd treated the Ayakashi Sisters like garbage. The original Japanese version and the Viz dub treat this like a sad moment with the violin background music, but not the DiC dub.
      Emerald: What a pity. You're a disgrace, Rubeus. Prince Diamond's got no use for incompetence. You messed up big time, with the Sailor Scouts, Rini, and the Silver Crystal. That means you're no longer up to bat, and you know what that means, three strikes and you're OUT! AHAHAHAHA!

Wiseman Arc
  • Minako has one in episode 78: It's easy to miss, with all the madness of said episode, but... Apparently, Minako can jump on the balcony of Usagi's home from still, and while standing on the wall outside their house. And Usagi and Chibi-Usa not being surprised in the slightest, makes us wonder: how often does she do that?note 
  • Because of Esmeraude's droid in episode 80, Umino and some other kids believe Ami has secretly been cheating on her exams. Not only do Usagi and Naru get pissed off at these accusations, but then Makoto shows up from out of nowhere to defend Ami. One of the boys (Yuji) makes the mistake of grabbing Mako's uniform. She effortlessly leaves him and two others in a pile on the floor. Even with all this, Ami is ungratful to her friend and pleads with Mako to stop the violence, even though Usagi and Mako both rightfully pointed out they started it and got brash.
    • Later, Giwaku tries to break Sailor Moon by projecting the other Senshi calling her a flat-chested, stupid crybaby. It looks like Sailor Moon's about to start bawling... and then she angrily screams in total defiance "SO WHAT?! I already knew all that stuff anyway!"
  • Points have to be given to Demande in the Bad Future. On seeing the Senshi from the past come to the future, and realizing that Sailor Moon is Neo-Queen Serenity's past self, he manages to incapacitate all of them and steal Sailor Moon before anyone can fight. When Sailor Moon awakens in Serenity's dress, she finds that she can't transform, making the crystal useless. Also, Demand makes it clear that he's Entitled to Have You. If King Endymion hadn't been able to tell Tuxedo Kamen where to go and rescue Usagi, the Black Moon would have won then and there.
  • Saphir has a simultaneous Dying Moment of Awesome and Redemption Equals Death. He could have easily stayed behind with the HFT-ed Ayakashi/Specter Sisters after having barely escaped from Wiseman with an important MacGuffin, but chose to try exposing the truth about Wiseman to his big brother since he was the reason he had always been suspicious of Wiseman; he cared about Demande that much. While this did finish with Saphir's death, it shows that he had Heroic Resolve as a bad guy. It was pretty much at this point that the Senshi realized the Black Moon Clan weren't the real enemy. His black moon crescent also disappears, showing that he purified himself out of love for his brother.
    • Before Saphir appeared, the Senshi were locked in a serious fight with Black Lady while trying to change her back. Then Wiseman kills Saphir, who is injured and defenseless, and the battle stops; that's how horrified everyone is that Wiseman killed a noncombatant who is begging Demande to listen to him. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen run to Saphir's side and hold him as he passes away, with a sobbing Sailor Moon begging him to hold on for Petz's sake. There's a brief truce as Demande retrieves his little brother's body. Demande mutters, "Wiseman" with angry resolve and leaves with no more fuss, the seeds of doubt planted in his mind. Now that is Even Evil Has Standards.
    • Petz realizes that Saphir has died when his jacket falls from her coat hanger. Does she weep? Curse the Black Moon or Saphir for his boneheaded love for Demande? No. She serenely promises that she'll never forget him.
  • In a Call-Back to when all the Senshi died the first time, Ami before they go to save Chibi-Usa and stop the Black Moon asks that after the fight they all go out for dessert. All the Senshi promise. Before, they went knowing fully well they might not come back, but this time, they know they have a future.
  • Naru, before Usagi goes to save Chibi-Usa, tells her that she has a feeling her best friend has something to do with the giant crystal growing in the middle of Tokyo. Usagi denies it, but Naru smiles and says that she knows Usagi can handle it and promises to see her at school tomorrow. While this never comes up again, it's implied that Naru figured out who Sailor Moon is and decided to give her a pep talk to win.
  • Usagi's Heroic Willpower when Demande attempts to hypnotize her into loving him. She manages to shake it off by summoning the memories of her friends calling for her, including Naru, and giving him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech that causes him to have a Heel Realization.
  • One could argue that Prince Demand's final act could be considered one. As Sailor Moon is trying to convince him Wiseman is evil, she reminds him of Saphir's death. Demande is stunned. Then Wiseman shows up and gives Demande a "You Have Outlived Your Usefulness" speech and attacks him. To which Demande replies:
    Demande: So you have shown your true colors. I am Prince Demande, leader of the Black Moon! Take me down if you can!
    • But wait, there's more! The two engage in a Beam-O-War. Wiseman turns to Sailor Moon and sends a HUGE blast at her, when Demande jumps in the way and continues his fight, saying "Do not underestimate me!" Wiseman disappears, supposedly dead. Demande collapses in Sailor Moon's arms, and delivers a Final Speech, possibly counting as both a Heartwarming Moment and a Tear Jerker ending with:
    Demande: I thank you... Sailor Moon... my love...
  • Considering a Usagi is an ordinary girl growing up in a modest middle-class household, terrible at studying, it's pretty awesome for her to rise up to royalty as Neo-Queen Serenity and usher a New Silver Millenium.

Sailor Moon R: The Movie

  • Rei unleashing a complete wave of purifying ofuda talismans to de-brainwash the mass of people possessed by the Kisenian blossom without transforming first!
  • Minako is grabbed by the ankle and flung into the air by a possessed civilian. She flips herself overs in the opposite direction while in mid-air and kicks him with her free leg, forcing him to let go, all while calling the guy a pervert.
  • Despite getting drained of energy for a few minutes, Rei and Ami recover and transform to fight the monster.
  • Sailor Moon versus the first Kisenian blossom. Usagi saves Chibi-Usa from the attack, then recovers after Chibi-Usa forcibly awakens her. She saves her friends with a well-placed tiara, delivers a Rousing Speech and a Princess Halation.
  • After that, Fiore versus the Senshi is a Curb-Stomp Battle, even against Jupiter, who comes the closest to landing a blow on him. For a good reason, Sailor Moon has an Oh, Crap! expression when Fiore confronts her.
  • Given Paper-Thin Disguise, it's awesome that Fiore immediately recognizes Mamoru on seeing the rose that Tuxedo tosses. And he would have backed down from the fight, if not for the Kisenian flower's influence.
  • The moments when the senshi first arrive at the meteor and the Inners each take out large portions of the Kisenian blossom army with each of their signature attacks at the time, showing the viewers that they've been holding back! when unleashing their powers on Earth.
  • Mamoru breaking out of the glass tank that's healing him to save Usagi. He does so by tossing a rose at Fiore. This makes Fiore back off long enough for Sailor Moon to get a Heroic Second Wind and use the Silver Crystal to redirect the asteroid.
  • For the last six minutes of the movie, which are also a Tear Jerker and a Heartwarming Moment — and contains Crowning Music of Awesome — only two words need be said: Moon Revenge.

    Sailor Moon S 
Kaolinite Arc
  • The first Daimon to appear, Mikuji, managed to incapacitate all five Sailor Senshi, not to mention both cats and Tuxedo Mask and deactivate Sailor Moon's transformation. Even though she was quickly destroyed by Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus afterwards, that's still an impressive feat.
    • Nekonneru, the next Daimon, topped that. During the encounter with Mikuji, the Inner Senshi weren't transformed. They were when they battled Nekonneru- and she still beat them! Heck, she even survived Neptune and Uranus trying to attack her and managed to give Tuxedo Mask quite the suprise!
  • Haruka and Michiru chasing after Daimon Steering in civilian form, on motorcycle, and then making her crash by jumping off and dropping the motorcycle on top of her. Bonus for Michiru riding sidesaddle the whole time.
  • Michiru bouncing a lemon on her violin while playing it at the same time and not missing a note.
  • Three words from Haruka: "Show is over." She and Michiru had been dominating at the local dating game contest but they step out after it stops being a game in order to allow the serious competitors a chance to win.
  • Naru trying to protect Umino from the Monster of the Week when it turns out he's the episode's target. Think of it: she's a totally defenseless 15-year-old schoolgirl who can barely do anything against a monster, and who has held the Doom Magnet, but she refuses to leave her boyfriend alone and at its mercy.
  • The entire battle against Dovlin in episode 97 for both Tuxedo Mask and the cats: Ami is incapacitated and Sailor Moon's arms are bound by an inner tube. Just as Kaolinite is about to smash Ami's heart crystal, Tux stops her with a well-aimed rose and knocks Dovlin (who can't swim) into the water with his cane, where Luna and Artemis destroy her other inner tube. As Dovlin swims back to the edge in a panic, Tux frees Sailor Moon and gives her the opening to finish the daimon. Uranus and Neptune were watching the whole thing with their postures indicating, "Well, we didn't even need to lend a hand this time."
  • At the end of episode 102 Kaolinite has captured Tuxedo Mask in glass and withstood a combined attack of 5 inner Senshi. She then declares it's over for them and just then Uranus (who was injured in the fight) decides to step in - and defeats Kaolinite with one blast by turning her glass attack around.
    • In the same two-parter, Usagi is willing to give up her heart, and by extension her life, to save Mamoru. This is after acting like a brat because he didn't know it was her birthday; she never bothered telling him.
  • Mamoru really picks up the slack in episodes 101 and 102. He rescues Usagi, who is the target of these two episodes, via incapacitating Cenicienta by trapping her in an energy field created from a circle of roses, and after spending most of his screen time as Kaolinite's hostage he engages in one-on-one combat with her to give the Senshi enough time to perform the Sailor Planet Attack.

Eudial Arc
  • Sailor Jupiter destroying Daruma on her own, something only Sailor Moon ever does, completely undermining the episode's Aesop about relying on others and not trying to do things on your own. If Aristotle was right, and anyone who works on their own "is either a beast or a god."
    • The Aesop isn't entirely undermined, as Sailor Moon's weapon had been knocked away — and the advice that Jupiter was following to be able to deliver the killing blow was basically to work hard, but taking the time to relax and settle down being just as important.
      • The monk that gave Makoto that same advice and who was targeted by Daruma is both awesome and hilarious, given how he can run 50 laps around the mountain temple but also falls asleep while meditating and just laughs it off. Not to mention he gave Makoto said advice, which would be crucial to finish off the monster.
      • He also pulls a Taking the Bullet for Makoto and remains on his feet after getting shot to tell her You Are Not Alone before finally collapsing, making him second only to Minako in staying upright after losing his heart crystal.
  • In episode 106 of the anime the Monster of the Week is Hurdler, a Daimon so fast and agile it can easily dodge the Venus Love Me Chain or outrun the Burning Mandala. It seems a terrifying opponent... And then, just as it brags about its speed, Uranus outruns it while delivering a very awesome Badass Boast and stops it to get a Deep Submerge in the face.
    Uranus: "You may think you've left everything on the ground behind but I am the wind!"
  • Minako when she is the target of the Death Busters. As a rule, people who get their Pure Heart Crystal extracted faint due to instant fatigue, pain and draining. When Eudial extracted Minako's, the poor girl, weakened by having donated blood a few minutes earlier... grabbed the Crystal, cried in happiness about having a proven pure heart, and ran away, outrunning Eudial's car. And Usagi being only mildly surprised, instead of being frozen in shock like Eudial, Haruka and Michiru, kinda implies she pulls stunts like this often enough to dull the surprise...
  • Let's not forget in the first part of the Marine Cathedral episode, where Michiru is first kidnapped, and upon waking to see Eudial threatening Haruka, proceeds to scream Uranus's name and wrench herself out of the vines and crap tying her to this plank thing, and then run forward as a shiteload of heavy machine gun rounds get launched at her several times, while screaming in this horribly painful voice, until Eudial runs out of rounds, just to try to save Haruka, who is typically considered the badass of the two anyway, while she looks on in complete horror. And then Michiru gets her heart crystal ripped out of her body anyway. Totally awesome scene. And then the Wham Shot hits; Michiru's heart crystal turns into the Submarine Mirror, one of the Talismans they'd been seeking all along.
    • Which becomes still more awesome (and simultaneously Tear Jerker) when Haruka calmly tells Sailor Moon that "well, it's up to you now", then takes Eudial's gun and shoots herself, ripping out her own heart crystal and proving her hunch (that both of them were Talisman holders); it becomes the Space Sword.
    • An offscreen one for Usagi shortly before: Uranus had ripped her transformation brooch off of her blouse and taken it along as she and Neptune flew to the cathedral in a helicopter, meaning Usagi somehow caught up with them on foot! And then, in artistic foreshadowing, Uranus hears a voice, looks down at the light coming down through the stained glass and, for a moment, sees the Messiah she'd been seeking. Just then, Usagi (as in an ordinary 15-year-old girl) immediately charges Eudial and catches her off guard, forcing her off the scene.
    • The Awesome of this scene comes from several Character Development moments spanning the course of this arc. First, there is the Chained Heat episode where Moon and Uranus were cuffed together. Uranus explained her and Neptune's philosophy behind their mission and dares Sailor Moon to question it. Then, in the birthday two-parter, Haruka happens to ask Usagi a similar question. This time, Usagi is able to give a significant answernote . The power of the scene is the revelation that two of the lives that must supposedly be sacrificed to awaken the Holy Grail and the Messiah are theirs. It's only the timely intervention of Sailor Pluto that prevents this from happening.
    • Sailor Moon has a moment of awesome herself in the second part, when she literally jumps through the fire to outrun Eudial and catch the Holy Grail just a tiny second before her.
    • Haruka and Michiru transforming on the back of a motorcycle. About two seconds of pure win.
    • Setsuna's arrival is totally awesome, too. She first tells Usagi (under her civilian identity, so she doesn't know she's talking to the same Pluto who helped her in R) that Haruka and Michiru will almost surely die, and agrees to take her to the Marine Cathedral. And later she returns right when she's needed the most, transforming into Pluto in front of everyone and showing that she has the Garnet Orb aka the third Talisman.
  • Eudial is a pretty awesome villain in retrospect, despite her Butt-Monkey traits, due to being a Combat Pragmatist. She goes out into the field and tries to capture the heart crystal of the episode's victim herself using machinery she has created and only relies on daimons as a last defense, created the Fire Buster weapons which were strong enough to deflect Sailor Moon's attack (before her upgrade), and managed to figure out who the owners of two of the talismans were and retrieved them through an elaborately staged trap. Eudial has probably come the closest to achieving the goals of her group than most of the other bad guys in the series ever did.

Mistress 9 Arc
  • The first time we get to see the Outers' full transformation sequences, accompanied by their equally awesome theme.
    • Followed by the first instance of Pluto's Dead Scream attack. Her voice will send chills down the viewer's spine.
  • In one episode a daimon shows a tinge of mercy (it was U-Tomodachi who can't help but be friendly—translate her name) when she stops to see if a fallen Hotaru was all right. Hotaru—-who up to this moment had been nothing more than a sickly little girl-—looks up and her eyes glint. Next thing we see is the Daimon crashing to the ground fifty feet away. The trench her feet dug was also a nice touch. The next two Daimons also get a taste of that hidden power, and each time it only gets creepier.
  • Episode 119:
    • Usagi diving in to save Chibi-Usa and Hotaru from the outer senshi's sudden attack. Everyone else in the room was too shocked to react, but the second Chibi-Usa was in danger, Usagi instantly leapt in. And for a idiot heroine, she also has the common sense to NOT go Taking the Bullet, but to tackle Hotaru and Chibi-Usa in a Diving Save.
  • Episode 120:
    • For those who hated Mimete for killing Eudial, Tellu trapping her inside the television display as payback for stealing her job is considered awesome. And the Cloverway dub actually made this moment better by adding Telulu's Ironic Echo as a Call-Back to how she figured Mimet stole her job.
      Telulu: Lovely Mimet, I can see every last line and wrinkle!
      Mimet: I know that voice! Telulu!
      Telulu: You know, you were supposed to be a Heart Snatcher not a Job Snatcher, Mimet.
      Mimet: Ha ha, you're one to talk!
      Telulu: I have a question. Do you know why Eugeal never used that enlarging machine, Mimet?
      (Tellu slowly reveals she's holding the power cable to the machine)
      Telulu: Well, if someone is inside the display unit when the power of the machine is shut off, they would be automatically sealed inside it forever!
      Telulu: Ta ta, Mimet.
      • Also counts as a posthumous awesome moment for Eudial, who invented the machine that ending up sealing the fate of the rival who'd killed her.
  • Episode 121:
    • When Tellu is about to escape with the Pure Crystals she has stolen, Tuxedo Mask throws a rose at her, with the consequence of Tellu's secret weapon plant attacking her and killing her. That's right, Tuxedo Mask is directly responsible for the death of a major villain for once since Beryl's defeat.
    • Gotta give credit where credit is due; for all her moments of incompetence or comic relief, Sailor Chibi Moon pulls out a genuine boost of power when, after what seems like yet another failure to use her Pink Sugar Heart Attack, Tellu moves in to strike with her Mandragora Buster, only for Chibi Moon to muster enough power to fully repel Tellu's attack. This is the same attack that was equivalent to just a slapping to ordinary Daimons, and here she is bringing a member of the Witches 5 to a stalemate.
  • Episode 124-125:
    • The Inners pool their energy togethernote  to create a barrier around the Infinity Academy and do not waver even as they begin being overrun by daimons. After Pharaoh 90 receives the power of the Holy Grail and the daimons become overpowered, the one who holds out the longest of the Inners is none other than Sailor Mars.
    • Mistress 9 tries to trick Usagi by pretending to be Hotaru and saying she needs the Holy Grail. And Usagi would've given it to her... except Mistress 9 referred to her by her real name, and Usagi called her on it.
    • Germatoid and his clones have Uranus and Neptune on the ropes, wherein Pluto's voice summons the Talismans from their bodies. The tide is turned when Neptune uses her Submarine Mirror to reveal the real Germatoid and Uranus defeats it with her Space Sword.
    • Speaking of the Outers, when the helicopter that they ride is attacked by the Daimons on the force field to the verge of exploding, Sailor Pluto sacrificed herself by stopping time to allow Uranus and Neptune escape just moments before the two gets obliterated by the explosion, fully knowing that she will be killed by it.
    • Mistress 9 finds herself getting backstabbed when Pharaoh 90 unleashes an indiscriminate blast of energy which blows her away. She's overcome by the beam as it fires through the lab, with Uranus and Neptune looking away. Once the energy dissipates, it reveals two things. That the newly freed Professor Tomoe tried to shield his daughter's body in his arms, and that Sailor Moon stood and shielded both of them from the brunt of the blast. She keeps standing until they're no longer in harm's way. We're even shown how the energy managed to carve through the stone floor, while Sailor Moon (who is burnt and worn out) is still completely intact.
    • At the conclusion of the "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight, Hotaru/Sailor Saturn appears by literally burning Mistress 9 away from the inside. The Saturn symbol breaking through the Death Busters' star was very effective.
    • When an exhausted, beaten and emotionally wrecked Sailor Moon who has lost access to the Holy Grail which usually powers her up to become Super Sailor Moon draws on the support of the other Sailor Senshi (including Uranus and Neptune) and then, fulfilling the Tempting Fate of Mistress 9note , calls on the strength of her own heart and transforms anyway, proving her heart to be purer than the Holy Grail! It just looks gorgeous for a start (the picture at top is from this scene) and then she forces her way inside the vortex where Sailor Saturn had leaped into earlier. It makes one really wish they'd actually animated the final battle. Damn it. And not only does she help Saturn finish the Big Bad, but manages to bring her baby self to the real world, in defiance of her destiny, ensuring her second chance at life.
  • And in 126, when Uranus and Neptune challenge Moon to a duel as a last test, when it looks like she's gonna lose to their combined efforts... she draws out all of her inner energy and power and breaks free from Neptune's grip, slipping away and leaving Neptune to take Uranus' attack. They concede defeat and actually kneel in front of her to show their respect.

Sailor Moon S: The Movie
  • Tuxedo Mask pulling off a Big Damn Heroes Moment when all of the senshi are overwhelmed by Princess Snow Kaguya's minions. He proceeds to hold them off single-handedly to give the senshi time to pool their powers together and defeat Kaguya.
    • A brief one for Jupiter right beforehand. The snow dancers were taking advantage of the time the guardians needed to start up their attacks to take them down. Jupiter rectifies this by starting to punch them and taking them out that way. She's only taken down because she's distracted by Mercury being in trouble.
  • When fighting against a Snow Dancer for the first time, Sailor Venus used her Crescent Beam attack to cut off its arms and knock it on its head. And when it kept coming at them, Mercury used her Shabon Spray attack to hold it off, and it should be stated that the regular Shabon Spray attack is usually just for creating a smokescreen. The Snow Dancer is then finished off by Mars.
  • For once, the Inner Senshi manage to be the ones to act as the Big Damn Heroes when the Outer Senshi find themselves outnumbered by the Snow Dancers.

    Sailor Moon SuperS 
Amazon Trio Arc
  • When Tiger's Eye targets Naru, he has to resort to guilting her into a relationship by saying he only has a few months to live. Naru, at first, reluctantly agrees to go out with him for the "time he has left" because she feels bad, but her feelings for Umino win out when she shoves the villain off her when he was clearly invading her personal space.
  • There's the moment when Usagi is literally smothered to almost death by the Lemures who attacked Mamoru as well as Mamoru's Hopeless Suitor Saori. She could have let go, but when told to she refused to do so even when she's asphixiating. It's so awesome that Saori, who had recovered from the Mind Rape she had been subjected to and until then looked down on Usagi since she was Just a Kid in her eyes, deduces Moon's identity on the spot, keeps it to herself, and gives up on pursuing Mamoru on the grounds that she can't compete with "the girl who saves the world."
  • Small one for Chibi-Usa in episode 138. Hawk's Eye targets a widow Natsumi whose dream is to repair a classic car, as it was the dream of her husband and herself before he passed away. When she is hospitalized from over-exhaustion, Hawk's Eye tries to seduce her away from her dream and is about to attack, only for Chibi-Usa to barge in after overhearing him and tell her not to give up. Then when he tries to get her to leave (and almost blows his cover), Chibi-Usa snaps at him to shut up...and he does...then informs Natusmi the other girls are back at the shop helping her continue the repairs. Hawk's Eye still manages to kidnap Natsumi, but only after he's convinced to take all three back to the repair shop; because of Chibi-Usa's intervention, all the Sailor Guardians are able to witness Natsumi being taken away as opposed to her getting attacked alone at the hospital with virtually no backup.
    Chibi-Usa [Cloverway dub]: Tell someone who cares!
    Chibi-Usa [Viz dub]: Back off ascot!
  • When someone looks into someone's Dream Mirror, the horrifying physical and mental toll makes said person collapse, and very understandably they are completely wasted afterwards, probably for hours. When Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye looked into Minako's, she not only got horny before fainting, but when Artemis woke her up she broke free from her metal restraints, transformed and opened a goddess-sized can of whoopass on Hawk's Eye, Tiger's Eye and their two Lemures. Artemis is able to sum this up with one word:
    Artemis: Scary!
  • And then there's how the Amazon Trio fights back against the Circus after learning that they're about to be discarded. Hawk perishes in an Heroic Sacrifice to save Fish, Fish and Tiger use the rest of their Life Energy to bring a locked away Chibi-Usa and an almost fatally injured Usagi back (rebuilding Usagi's shattered Dream Mirror in the process), and once they're done they die entrusting the future to them.

Supers Special
  • The Return of Haruka and Michiru has the two Outer Senshi go up against a Lemures Dummy in a seaside hotel, which results in a couple of spectacular moments from Michiru:
    • The Dummy brainwashes a hotel maid to go after Michiru. The maid tries to strangle Michiru while she's alone on a balcony and initially catches her unaware before Michiru brings her down with a swift knee to the gut.
    • After hearing a bedridden Haruka cry out in pain, Michiru immediately transforms into Sailor Neptune. The dummy and the ventriloquist it's controlling tell Neptune not to try again, claiming the dummy is holding a bottle which, if broken, will cause all the shadows in the world to turn against their owners. Neptune says they have no proof their claim is true; the ventriloquist counters she has no proof it's not true. After snidely advising them to just feed on Haruka's energy because of how fragile the bottle is, they're quickly dealt Deep Submerge. The dummy falls, the bottle shatters... and nothing happens.
      Sailor Neptune: Now then, have all the shadows started attacking their owners?
      Ventriloquist: Impossible! How could you tell that story wasn't true?!
      Sailor Neptune: Oh, it wasn't true?
      (Haruka's freed and collapses onto the bed)
      Ventriloquist: You bitch! You mean you risked the world just to save her?! What kind of hero are you?!
      Sailor Neptune: Oh, you seem to be confused. A world without Haruka is not a world worth saving.
      Ventriloquist: Y-you're insane!
      Haruka: You're always too much, Michiru...

Amazoness Quartet Arc
  • Chibi-Usa gets a major CMOA in Super S, when the Amazon Quartet's playing around with Pegasus results in him panicking and catching fire. Her response? To run through the flames, break his magic reins, and embrace him until the fire dies out.
  • Episode 164 gives a villainous example to Nehellenia when she finally breaks free with the Golden Crystal, destroying Zirconia for having been totally useless to her and cackling like a madwoman as the new moon fully eclipses the sun, summoning forth a full invasion of circus tents to take over the city.
    Nehellenia: The seal is broken! Hahahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!! Let darkness begin!
  • In the penultimate episode 165, Chibi-Usa is able to reach out to the people in the city to get their help to reawaken the Golden Crystal's power to stop Nehellenia. When Chibi-Usa shouts out "MOON CRISIS POWER!" it then cuts to Unazuki, the first victim of the season, staring up at the sky and saying "Moon Crisis Power," followed by all the other children and some of the other season's victims. As they chant "Moon Crisis Power," the darkness cast over the Earth fades away and the planet glows as Nehellenia recoils from the sunlight bursting through the tent. As the Golden Crystal overflows with blazing power, Usagi and Chibi-Usa aim its power directly at Nehellenia, who screams in agony as golden power bursts throughout the circus tent and annihilates it.
  • Episode 166 in season 4 gets a fun one from Usagi when she leaps off of Nehellenia's floating "island" as it rises back up into the new moon's seal, after Nehellenia throws an almost dead Chibi-Usa off of it about 30,000 feet or so up. Not only does she do that as Super Sailor Moon, she becomes Princess Serenity while she's falling and actually manages to catch Chibi-Usa in her arms and wake her up so she can summon Pegasus via the Golden Crystal and save them both. This almost gets subverted a few moments later, but, being the hero that she is, Usagi manages to save the day. Well, Chibi-Usa and Pegasus do, anyway.
    • The Cloverway Dub made the scene of Sailor Moon jumping off the platform much more poignant by what she says to Nehellenia before she does it.
      Queen Nehellenia: Yeah, now how do you feel Miss Sad Eyes? You've lost what you loved most, and you've lost your happy future. Now maybe you can understand how I feel. Huh?!
      (Sailor Moon is now standing at the edge of the platform, ready to jump)
      Sailor Moon: I still pity you.

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie
  • The first time the Senshi transform in the movie, with each of the Inners throwing out attacks to destroy the Bonbon Babies.
    • Sailor Moon uses a modified version of Moon Tiara Action, which initially misses the baddie until it circles around and guts it open. Followed by Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter slinging nameless attacks of pure freezing water, flames, and lightning.
  • The Outer Senshi (minus Saturn, sadly), making a dynamic entrance and defeating the three Fairies, with Uranus and Neptune getting to use the named attacks based on their Talismans for the first time (while they do fight with them at the end of S, the attacks weren't yet named).
  • Sailor Moon willingly letting herself be absorbed into the Black Dream Hole to get Chibi Moon back, leading to the following:
    • After getting put into a Lotus-Eater Machine where she's given a version of Mamoru who implicitly chooses her over Chibi Moon, Sailor Moon snaps out of it on her own by shattering the illusion.
      Sailor Moon: Mamo-chan. Even in my dreams, you're too good for me.
    • Sailor Moon briefly manages to power up with the Silver Crystal enough to dispel some of the dark energy and stop the other Senshi from reverting back to normal. It's enough that Badiane has to up the ante by merging with the Black Dream Hole's core just to stop her. However, the Inner and Outer Senshi pool their energy together to give Sailor Moon a boost, allowing her to awaken Chibi Moon so the two can destroy Badiane together. How do they do it? A double Moon Gorgeous Meditation that ends with them basically spiraling through Badiane/the core and out of the Black Dream Hole, which makes it and Badiane implode.

    Sailor Moon Sailor Stars 
Nehelenia Arc
  • Sailor Saturn vs. Queen Nehelenia (restored by Galaxia): Countless people — including most of the Sailor Senshi — are trapped in the spell of Nehellenia's mirror shards, a de-transformed and exhausted Usagi is struggling through thorns and vines to reach Nehellenia's lair after awakening from her own magical nightmare, and Chibi Moon is on the verge of ceasing to exist due to Mamoru's condition, yet Saturn does not hesitate to threaten her enemy with the devastating power of her nameless planet-annihilating ultimate attack, which would inevitably kill her in the process. When the shocked (perhaps even horrified) Nehellenia demands to know the reason she's willing to "pointlessly" throw away her own life, Saturn replies with "I believe in the Princess" (i.e. Usagi/Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity). Soon after, she makes good on her word, and directs a final prayer to her princess before dropping the Silence Glaive — and although Chibi Moon manages to prevent Saturn from completing her attack, the room is still left a total wreck from the resultant blast. Do not mess with Sailor Saturn or her True Companions! Period!
    • Chibi Moon preventing Saturn from completing said attack is also pretty awesome. Here is a little girl who is horribly weakened and about to be erased from existence, and yet she manages to go to Saturn, give her a Cooldown Hug and tell her to not kill herself by unleashing her Dangerous Forbidden Technique.
    • If there's any scene that shows how much Chibi Moon has grown, it's this one. She hangs on until the very end, and only stops fighting when she finally becomes too weak to continue. And when she finally does vanish, she goes out with a smile, telling Usagi she believes in her. Yep, she's Usagi's daughter, no question.
  • While talking about that episode, what about Jupiter's OUR PRINCESS'S LOVE WILL CONQUER EVERYTHING EVER speech that she yells whilst protecting Usagi and consequently being tortured to almost death by Nehellenia.
  • Actually, that mini-arc was a Moment of Awesome for all the Inner Senshi. Aside of Mako-chan, we have Rei/Mars refusing to abandon a captured Michiru/Neptune and killing the captor mook with one absolutely precise shot of her Flame Sniper, Minako/Venus plowing through many mooks to rescue Setsuna/Pluto from them, then using a Venus Love Me Chain to keep them from falling into an abyss, and especially Ami/Mercury taking a beating from the mook but refusing to cry or collapse as she searches for its weak point, leaving Haruka/Uranus speechless when she questions Ami and she replies "This... this is my fighting style!" Followed up with Uranus shielding Mercury with her body and calmly telling her, "Please hurry up, I can't stay here forever." Yeah, I know all of them get caught by Nehelenia and Usagi/Moon ultimately saves the day, but... WOW. Because Nehelenia didn't plan on them surviving her traps after all.
  • Usagi herself showcases the Plucky Girl around that time when she's forced to climb a stairway through a forest of thorns on the way to Nehellenia's castle. The thing was: she was not Sailor Moon at the time. She's weakened, exhausted, merely in her human form, and has lost her shoes, meaning she now has next to no protection when she needs to walk. She still does it.
    • And even more beautifully, after watching how Chibi-Usa is written out of existence, seeing Mamoru and the Senshi trapped in mirrors/coma, learning about Nehelenia's Dark and Troubled Past and being kept by Nehelenia in a Neck Lift... Usagi manages not to give into despair, tells Nehelenia that she doesn't hate her even when she (Nehelenia) badly wants her to, and then offers her own life in exchange for her friends and the world. It's so awesome that she manages to undo Nehelenia's Magic Mirror spell on her loved ones, and ultimately helps Nehelenia to give in and have a second chance at life.
    • When Nehelenia has her final Villainous Breakdown and starts wildly firing bolts of dark energy at the Senshi, all of them cry out in pain when they get hit. All except Usagi, who takes a full blast and simply grits her teeth, and Mamoru who immediately shields Chibi-Moon from being hit (transforming into Prince Endymion in the process).

Galaxia Arc
  • Sailor Galaxia is an awesome villain. In the manga, she kills almost everyone, resurrects their corpses, and turns them against Usagi. And in the anime, she basically kills everyone on Earth because she can, and laughs about it the whole time.
  • Michiru in concert together with the Three Lights. That is all.
  • Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Lead Crow have gotten the best of the Outer Senshi twice (minus Saturn).
    • In their formal debut (182), the two effortlessly dodge Sailor Pluto's Dead Scream by jumping out of the way, and then landing right on top of her Garnet Rod. Crow snarks "Just where are you aiming?"
    • In 184, the two meet Sailor Uranus and Neptune in Usagi's dining room (where their intended victim was at the moment). Siren gets the best of both of them simply by pointing out that, as they made their grand entrance standing atop the tallest thing in the room, they've put their shoes on the dining room table. She managed to fluster and embarrass Michiru "Queen of the Elegant Trolls" Kaioh in one simple sentence. That was never done before.
  • Although it reveals his identity as Sailor Star Fighter, Seiya breaking free from being strapped down to a chair inside of an airplane in midflight to transform and fight against Aluminum Siren and Lead Crow is one for him.
  • While this is treated as a sad moment which she immediately regrets, there's Usagi finally calling out Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna when the three of them exacerbate the issues with the Starlights. Though it is the Outers' responsibility to guard her from threats that have come from outside the solar system, this is the only time Usagi's ever shown getting angry at them for constantly being so confrontational and making things worse. And considering that attitude has caused more problems than it's solved, she's not wrong.
  • Episode 191, when Sailor Gamer had defeated Mars, Jupiter and Venus, and was about to kill Sailor Mercury. Mercury repeats to herself over and over that she won't be beaten, then shouts "...this is not a game!!" She then explodes into battle aura, something that in the manga, only Usagi can do. Just as she's about to die, Star Gentle Uterus comes from left field.
    • Seiya gets one right beforehand for giving Taiki a What the Hell, Hero? speech (and a good slam into the wall) after he initially left Mercury to fend for herself, effectively leaving her to die.
    • Earlier in that same episode, Ami singlehandedly wins a fighting game tournament just for a chance to speak with Taiki and clear up a misunderstanding after all of Minako, Rei, and Makoto were eliminated right away. Not only had she never played any fighting game before, but wins a perfect victory in the final match while cosplaying as her namesake Hermes/Mercury!
  • In the Stars anime, Minako gains one (that doubles as Heartwarming Moment) during her talk with Yaten in the backstage of the Idol Singer contest. Yaten tries to reprehend Minako for getting herself in when she should be only fighting for the universe, but Minako calmly turns the tables on him and says that not only she has Usagi's blessings, but that even when she wants to save the world, she doesn't want to forget her own dreams in the process. Way to go, Mina-P!
    • Even better: during the series there are scattered hints that Minako suffers from PTSD as in the manga and simply hides it better. This, however, is the moment she actually starts dealing with it-and of her own volition, as in the manga she didn't have much choice when her act fell through in the Dream Arc and in PGSM she had Rei continuously pushing her.
  • When it's shown that Galaxia's barrage attack has essentially murdered the Inners, it's revealed that Rei managed to outrun the others, getting in front of Usagi to prevent her Star Seed from being stolen despite being far in the back of the room.
  • Uranus and Neptune have signed on with Galaxia, slain Pluto and Saturn, spent the better part of an episode hunting Sailor Moon and the Starlights, and prepared to fire on them and take their Star Seeds... Only to abruptly turn on Galaxia, and fire on HER instead, their theme roaring to life in the background. Admittedly, their efforts are for naught as Galaxia's own Star Seed had already been removed, so the attack has no effect on her, and Galaxia takes back her bracelets, leading to their deaths, but that was still one hell of a Batman Gambit. Points for effort - even undermined, it was still pretty damn awesome that they pulled the wool over Galaxia's eyes like that.
  • The Sailor Starlights are the only ones along with Sailor Moon to survive the entire battle against Galaxia. In the penultimate episode, all three of them engage in direct battle against her that takes them all over the place and possibly into outer space. It's one of the most high-energy fight sequences in the series and, even though neither side wins, shows why they were able to survive the whole thing. By the time the Starlights get their second wind against her, the arrogant Galaxia is actually starting to get a bit worried by their determination.
  • By the last episode of the series, Usagi has witnessed every one of her friends and her lover die by the hand of Sailor Galaxia, who is possessed by Chaos, the source of all evil and of every previous season's Big Bad. However, refusing to fight Sailor Chaos because she refuses to hurt the innocent Galaxia, Usagi instead offers her hand in friendship to her enemy (who is the source of all evil), and essentially defeats the galaxy's most powerful being by believing in the good in her. Then she helps resurrect every Sailor senshi in the galaxy and return them to their planets. And she does this naked. It's made even more awesome with knowledge of nudity being a sign of purity in Japan.

    The Sailor Moon Manga 
  • Sailor Moon is still scared of fighting youma and understandably so; Morga nearly killed her when Usagi attempted to rescue Naru. Then, after befriending Ami, she and Luna find out that Ami's cram school CD has a brainwashing program that drains the user of their energy. They both realize it means that the new girl is walking into a trap. Usagi declares she has to save her new best friend, fear be damned!
  • As mentioned above, Sailor Venus's debut: First she scolded Usagi from the Sailor V Game for not noticing the Dark Kingdom's plan faster, then, when Zoisite had just kicked the collective asses of the Sailor Soldiers, blocked away Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Venus rescued Moon... By hacking Zoisite in many tiny pieces. With a boomerang. Then we see Sailor Venus, emerging from the shadows and walking like a top model.
  • In the manga version of the Dark Kingdom saga, a brainwashed Makoto try and steal the Silver Crystal. It's Usagi against the super-strong Makoto, she's doomed, right? Cue Minako knocking Makoto out with a single kick, after a Flash Step.
    • The Italian version of the manga manages to make it even more awesome with Fridge Logic by continuously calling Makoto as "Sailor Jupiter of the Herculean Strength", not allowing the reader to forget that Makoto has Super-Strength all the time. And yet, how did Minako defeat her?
  • From the manga, the two encounters between Sailor Venus and Beryl. One was during the fall of the Silver Millennium, the other was during the series proper. Both times, Venus skewered Beryl with the symbol of her authority as leader of the Four Guardian Soldiers, a sword almost as tall as her tougher than diamond and poisonous to boot.
    • Before Venus kills Beryl, Jupiter snatches the Holy Sword out of Venus's hands and cuts the hair Beryl was using to strangle Sailor Moon.
  • Ami gets one in the S manga when she infiltrates Mugen Academy, confirms that it is the Death Busters headquarters, destroys a security camera by flinging a regular pen into the lens, and escapes by jumping out a 13-story window. All this before transforming! She finally transforms during her escape and uses it to land safely in a swimming pool.
  • The S manga also includes the awakening of Sailor Saturn, who bursts out of the corpse of Mistress 9 and manages to do far more damage to Pharaoh 90 than the other Senshi could simply by slamming the bottom of her glaive onto the ground.
    Sailor Saturn: It seems it hasn't been long since the last time I was called. I am always an uninvited guest.
    • The above is what Saturn says after she awakens. Below is what she says while Pharaoh 90 is screaming in agony, begging to go back to the Tau System. It's a simple sentence that perfectly demonstrates why you don't fuck with the Soldier of Ruin.
      Sailor Saturn: How beautiful, this suffering at the moment of destruction.
    • Even before all that, despite being possessed by Mistress 9, Hotaru's soul fights as hard as she can to protect Chibi-Usa's Silver Crystal and the souls of the four Inners from being fully devoured by Mistress 9. She succeeds and solidifies herself as Badass Adorable.
  • In the SuperS manga, the scene where the Inner Senshi have been captured by the Amazoness Quartet and the Outers — who they haven't seen for quite a while — show up to save them. Complete with Sailor Saturn, who has stopped, well, being a baby.
  • Let's not forget how Ami, Rei and Makoto manage to undo their Brought Down to Normal phases and also fight back against the Amazon Trio when they try to lock each girl in a Lotus-Eater Machine via toying with their insecurities. And in the case of Minako, we have Artemis not only refusing to leave Minako when she's attacked while in such a state and begs him to leave her, but also unlocking his human form to save both of them from an attack coming from above.
  • Nehelenia's defeat in the Super S manga. She tried to steal the Silver Imperium Crystal from Super Sailor Moon, and, naturally, it didn't work. It leads to a moment where Usagi and Mamoru embrace, and in that embrace, the two are able to take back the crystal as they combine their love and their power. Naoko Takeuchi weaponized a romantic embrace. It gets even better as Sailor Moon delivers a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Nehelenia in her One-Winged Angel form.
    Queen Nehelenia: This can't be!!!
    Sailor Moon: You can't take power! Power is created. And it can't be created alone... nor can it be used alone! I'll show you what our power is made of!
  • Sailor Moon basically telling Sailor Chi to take a long walk off a short pier before blasting her in the manga was awesome. Oh, and tanking a Planet Attack from all the braceletted evil-Senshi and repairing her broken staff and blasting them all to dust with a single attack while still kneeling on the floor.
  • In the manga version of "Lover of Princess Kaguya", Luna needs to go at Cape Canaveral, but cannot teleport and doesn't want to ask the others for help. How does she do it? She goes there sitting on a plane's wing.
    • The same special gives one to human technology: they have a Space Plane capable of reaching the Moon, and would take off from Earth through a simple ramp while carrying five people, their mission tools, the supplies to get to the Moon, and a large nuke (through this one was expected to be used on the comet that was going to hit Earth and not be carried all the way to the Moon)-and the destination of said Space Plane is a Moon base.

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