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  • The trumpet re-auditions. Both perform very well, but Reina's is clearly the most dynamic of the two, from the very first note, long and lingering, that makes everyone sit up and pay attention.
  • In episode 7 of season 2, Haruka finally steps up to the plate as club president and gives a Rousing Speech to the club in light of how Asuka, who everyone looks up to more than Haruka despite only being vice president, has been coming to practice less and less due to problems with her Education Mama. She also accepts the offer of playing the saxophone solo at the station concert, and she plays it like a champ.
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  • Season 2, episode 5 - the Kansai competition. The last eight minutes or so of the episode are devoted to a full performance of Crescent Moon Dance, the piece the band's been practicing since season one - and it is absolutely glorious.
  • Season 2 episode 10— Kumiko and Asuka's climatic confrontation. It had been said before that Reina wanted to take off the mask Asuka always wears, and although we never get to see her do it, Kumiko gets to expose her for what she is, and then Asuka wraps around and does the same. The raw emotional weight the scene carries made it one of the standout scenes of the whole second season.

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