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Day 1: The Night of the Murder

  • While it didn't save himself, his wife, or youngest son, Testa (Angelo's father) gets props for using a wine opener to stab and leave a scar on Vincent Vanetti.
  • A young Bruno aka Angelo gets props — despite witnessing the brutal murder of his family, he keeps his cool long enough to make it to the door and run as fast he can...and get away.
  • Avilio Bruno makes his return to his friend Corteo in a glorious fashion — he uses a wrench to knock out Cerotto's huge brother who was breaking up Corteo's still.
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  • Avilio's reaction when Fango comes in demanding for Nero to step forward. He pulls an I Am Spartacus to bluff Fango, waiting for the right moment, and the second that Fango uses the barrel of his tommy gun to lift up Avilio's cap he dodges, grabs the barrel, and sticks a knife against Fango's throat.
  • Corteo shows off his brewery skills in the climax by heating some of the alcohol, throwing it in the air, and having it shot. Causing a big explosion.

Day 2: Phantom of Falsehood

Day 3: Where the Footfalls Lead

  • When Fango and his bodyguard come to retrieve Serpente, Nero gets ahead of them first and attempt to trick Fango by using Avilio as a substitute. It doesn’t work but Avilio’s managed stun Fango long enough by kicking his gun out of shooting range so that Nero, Corteo, and Cerotto to escape.
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  • Nero manages to get a few shots at the henchman that was aiming for him, giving Avilio enough time to make it out without a scratch.

Day 4: Losing to Win, and What Comes After

Day 5: Blood Will have Blood

Day 6: To Slaughter a Pig

  • Basically go walk right into his restaurant, bribe him with the 'Lawless Angel' stash they have, trick him into following them into their brewery. Avilio convinces Orco that he's on his side by revealing his true name and "killing" Nero when they get ambushed, then get him knocked out with laced alcohol, and finally delivered him to Fango for his ultimate punishment.

Day 7: A Poor Player

  • Avilio managing to manipulate both sides of the Vanettis feud. First, by setting up a fake assassination attempt against Ronaldo, then killing the only witness, giving a secret message to Fio, leading her to kill Ronaldo so neither of her brothers would get killed. Then, when Nero and Frate were facing each other, he managed to skillfully take out the bullets from Frate's gun.

Day 8: Behind the Curtain

  • Corteo has only been the Non-Action Guy since episode 1. This episode? Corteo is brought to Fango's place late at night, and after a brief and very unfriendly chat with Fango, he is approached by the madman, who has just killed a man in that very room and is brandishing the murder weapon. After briefly menacing the young beer brewer, he opts to let him go, but adds that he might just let a certain revenge-obsessed protagonist know who almost screwed him out of one of his kills. Corteo's reaction? See this episode's Nightmare Fuel entry.

Day 11: All for Nothing

  • Del Toro proves himself an utter badass when he gets stabbed multiple times by treacherous guards, and fights back with knives sticking out of him while running on Made of Iron and Unstoppable Rage.
  • Avilio proves himself to be THE Magnificent Bastard. Throughout the episode, we are led to believe that Corteo's death has caused him to lose sight of his goal and become a willing pawn of Ganzo. There are numerous signs suggesting he's slipped in his chessmaster ways and that he'll die before his revenge is complete. Even the title suggests that. Nope. Avilio knew what he was doing even as he continued to grieve for Corteo. Once he finally has Vincento cornered, making his You Killed My Father statement, he points his gun at him. Vincento closes his eyes, awaiting his death — only for Avilio to shoot Don Galassia instead, right in full view of Strega (Galassia's nephew), Ganzo, and members of the Galassia family. This instigates a blood bath amongst the Galassias and the Vanettis, one that will almost assuredly end with the latter's demise. Just like that, Avilio forces Vincento and Nero to feel the same pain he suffered years ago at their hands. Vincento, succumbing to his disease thanks to the shock, dies in his son's arms, knowing that everything he's done and sacrificed, including killing his best friend, Avilio's father Testa Lagusa, to save the Vanettis, was all for nothing.

Day 12: Slipping Through the Dirty Sky

  • Nero finally comes for Avilio at the beginning of the episode, easily taking out the two men the Galassias stationed to guard his former right hand. When Nero finally reaches him, Death Glare clearly visible on his face, Avilio only has one reaction: to smirk.

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