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  • In the second episode, despite tumbling his way through the terrorist situation, if you think his granting Yuriko permission to smack him (with a briefcase) was part of the plan, he manages to use that to remove an armed bomb from the room by knocking it out of the terrorist's hand.
    • And despite saying he'll allow her to smack him, notice that he actively ducked rather than brace himself. Perhaps this was a hint to Tylor's hidden genius.
  • Before the beauty contest, a homemade stage is rigged to collapse with Tylor under it, he's saved when Kojiro blasts him out of the way using nails from a nail gun. As if this wasn't awesome enough, the one nail that was actually headed straight towards Tylor's head does him no harm because Tylor catches it with his teeth.
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  • Episode 23's entire space battle. Complete with William Tells Overture: Finale and one of the best played games of chicken, period. If nothing else, this proves that Tylor has balls of frickin' titanium.
  • In Episode 25, Yuriko manages to save Dom's ship from being spotted by security cruisers. How? After finding an old Gemini-60 satellite in the sector, She notified Harumi (who still has the spy compact from before), who in turn notified him. Then at exactly 2100 hours, the Rallgon vessel warp-jumped out of radar, then Yuriko activated the satellite for radar to pick up, thus also preventing security from investigating further.
  • The ending of the series. Explaining it could not ever do it justice; it is possibly the most effective Bait-and-Switch ever pulled, and the entire thing is a CMOA for both the cast and the writers.
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  • Fleet Commander Yamamoto's final order at the end of the series. It has to be seen to be believed.
    Yamamoto: (throws his cap aside, dons Tylor's shades, plants his feet in the command console)
    Message to all ships! Form up with the Raalgon Imperial cruiser Doroume! We're going to liberate the flagship Melva!
    (points finger ahead)
    All vessels, FULL SPEED AHEAD!

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