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Awesome / Hetalia: Axis Powers

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Awesome pages. Proceed at your own risk.

  • Lithuania's Diving Save, mixed with Poland's remark on how he was 'totally late' (meaning, he knew Liet would come for him, so he lulled Prussia into a state of fake security to let Liet pull the aforementioned diving save).
    • Lithuania (Yes, THAT Lithuania) taking the time to lecture his opponent Prussia at swordpoint about how he's not fighting correctly.
  • Also, Spain's Papa Wolf moment where he rescues Romano from Turkey.
    • Even the Gag Dub makes this awesome, with Spain declaring that Turkey'll get Romano when he "pries him from [his] cold, dead hands."
  • And the Ninja Maid Hungary smashing through Blood Knight Prussia's wall.
    Prussia: Hungary! What are YOU doing here?!
    • What was said, by the way, involved Austria in a dress.
    • The animated rendition of her Curb-Stomp Battle against Prussia's army is even more awesome than in the original webcomic. The 'comic has her merely whacking them with her weapon, in the anime she punches and kicks the shit outta them.
  • Canada's three hours long "The Reason You Suck" Speech to America. Even with the hamburger remark in the end, Matthew still verbally bitchslapped Alfred back and forth.
    • What makes it more awesome was that he was still continuing his speech until England interrupted him, so it was going to be more than three hours long.
  • China taking out Germany (armed with a gun) and Japan (armed with a katana) with a wok and a ladle in the anime. His line in the manga? "Aiyaaa, I'm gonna kick your ass!" which he did.
    • He does this three times. At least.
  • France gets one through his Divide and Conquer manipulations against the Habsburgs. He didn't fully succeed, but it was nice to see another side of him aside of his Handsome Lech sorties.
  • Sealand gets one crossed with Funny Moment in the Bloodbath 2010. He faces one of the "mysterious figures" who's about to kidnap him... and beats the crap out of him.
  • In The Movie both the Axis (sans Italy of course) and the Allies get one in the fight scene, including Russia face-palming the enemies and America doing backflips. Also America and Germany punching the shit out of the bad guys.
    • The aliens are unable to invade Switzerland and Liechtenstein because of his neutrality, which manifests as a giant forcefield around the entire country.
    • The Hetalia movie is about as padded as a Japanese bra. However, another CMOA comes near the end when Rome ojii-chan performs a remix of his Awesome Music in Visual-Kei fashion.
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    • And Italy saves the day and stops an entire invasion that was on the brink of succeeding, that the most powerful countries in the world with all their military might could not stop, by smiling and doodling on everyone's faces.
    • Doubling as a Funny Moment, when the main eight infiltrate the Pictonian mothership, America, China and Russia nearly run into the aliens. China and America press themselves against the wall, trying to not be seen, while Russia says "Never show enemy the fear," and simply strides past the Pictonians like it's nothing. Better yet, it works.
    • 'There's always an escape!' Doubles as a Funny Moment as well.
  • In Real Life Prince Paul of Wy found out about his country's character and made a fanart of it!
  • England gets one that crosses into Funny Moment. After all the angst of his talk with America in America's B-day, he gives him his b-day gift. A boxing glove that hits America squarely and hilariously on the face.
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  • Even Chibitalia, who's roughly the size of a grocery bag, gets a few. Kicking the crap out of Ottoman Turkey is one shining example; another is him telling off an Italian millionaire whose overly ostentatious boat gets stuck in the canal. When he decides to ban large boats, the man tries to bribe him with a bag of sweets, which Italy gleefully devours...and then sticks to his guns, thus bringing in the gondolas we know today.
  • The moment from Hetalia Bloodbath 2010 in which Estonia hacked a computer earned him the nickname Epicstonia.
  • In the game France sexually harasses Seychelles who responds by punching him and telling him "Just dissolve, you bastard!"
  • In Magic Words for Denmark, it is a day so cold, it freezes the sea. We see Sweden WALKING OVER ICE.
  • In Hetaween, Ukraine manages to easily do something that even Lithuania has difficulty with: handle Poland when he's at his most childish.
  • Lowkey compared to the rest but the series of strips about the Great Depression, America shows backbone and maturity by calling a meeting and basically saying to the others "Yes, I messed up big time. Yes I know it was my fault. I know you're mad at me so whatever you wanna say, say it right now."
  • In one strip, when the Western Allies disrespect him one time too many, China snaps and starts to use his superstrength and martial arts knowhow to beat through a wall and is only stopped by America grabbing him, and even America, yes, I'm dragging a full on car behind me with the handbreak on for hours without breaking a sweat just to ask if I can borrow it and the owner of the car has the key America, is struggling to hold him back.