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  • Heroman's utter, total defeat of Dr. Minami. And the fact that he saves him makes it all the more win.
  • Joey's arrival to the Washington D.C. battlefield, which involves jumping out of a damaged transport plane over the war-torn city into a wall of anti-aircraft plasma blasts, before surfing on the back of his Humongous Mecha partner into the Horde of Alien Locusts below. Kid knows how to make an entrance.
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  • Kogorr in episode 25. You don't normally expect someone who's gone One-Winged Angel to fight smart at all, let alone fake a weak point just to draw the hero into impalement range. Better yet, the ruse works.
  • Episode 26 maybe counts as a Tearjerker,but the rest of it pretty much escalates to the ultimate final battle against Kogorr for the fate of the planet.
    • Remember the one time in which Heroman went berserk on Kogorr for knocking Joey out? It happens again, only this that Joey intents to make a Heroic Sacrifice destroy the alien's core at the cost of his own life.
    • Seeing Joey went into "Berserk Mode", while doing The Slow Walk, is pretty badass. He goes One-Man Army as he runs toward the core, while Kogorr's Combat Tentacles attack him from every direction.
    • With literally the entire gang (including Holly,who proceeds in giving Joey his father's hard hat) in one place, the conclusion of the final battle against Kogorr is simply one moment of awesome after another.
      • Heroman, now fully charged thanks to Denton's borrowed MR-1, cuts off the alien's drill before doing a badass pose together with Joey.
      • When the Big Bad resorts to Beam Spam the heroes,Joey creates a giant-sized shield to counter it.
      • O Spark. The blast is so powerful, it rockets the remains of Kogorr's ship up to the atmosphere, resulting in its shockwave to form the title of the show.


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