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Heroman is an AU of Ben 10
Just the main 3 characters are divided into 5.
  • Joey is Gwen's kindness and barrier powers, plus XLR 8, and the Omnitrix.
  • Heroman is a collection of Ben's bigger aliens, Way Big, Humungasaur, ect.
  • Denton is Kevin's smart guy-ness with Ben's nerdiness,
  • Psy is what's left of Kevin. Minus the Evil parts.
  • Will is the Evil Parts. he gets better.
    • Actually, I'd say that Nick is the evil parts, Will's only the part that makes Kevin an asshole, albeit, much, much more sympathetic.
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  • Lina is Gwen after you remove everything that makes her the Action Girl.
  • Kogorr, naturally, is Vilgax.

Reign: The Conqueror Happened on the Skrugg's Homeworld
Seriously, whoever did the designs for the Skrugg is in love with Peter Chung.

Heroman is a Stand.
Getting struck by lightning awoke the power within JOey JOnes. The reason it's visible to others is because it's possessing a physical object. He's a bit in denial about himself, though, so it inhabited his idealized "heroic self", the robot he had just repaired. The Big Glowing "Do Anything" Buttons are his distancing himself from his inward self; as opposed to directly controlling his own will. This will change with time.
  • He's also been shown able to, at least partially, control it by thought alone when he manages to halt the transformation sequence after realizing it will destroy his room again.
  • Also, it has a sound effect-RNGH-that it uses in place of talking, similar to Ora.

Heroman is a Persona
He is Joey's ideal masculine state. Notice that he has the same proportions as Joey's father. However, just Masculinity is not enough; Joey himself balances out the equation by standing in as Joey's Mother. And by his Father aspect (Animus) and Mother aspect (Anima) working in synchronicity, t(he)y become Ideal.
  • The series will end with Joey absorbing Heroman, having accepting both the qualities of his mother and feminine self; and father and masculine self.

Heroman is Joey's father or his remnant
So the Skrugg's enslaved a race of Energy Beings. One escaped and made it's way to Earth. It took some doing, but managed to assume human form; blended in with humanity, and fell in love. They had a child, who was mostly an Opposite-Sex Clone of his mother; the "stuff" Mr. Jones provided was the ability to harness his race's power. To prevent the Skrugg from finding Earth, Joey's father and mother left Earth to fight them; but they lost. Joey's mother was killed, and the Skrugg threw Joey's father into their warp engine as punishment, and to serve as fuel. The human form was lost. Then, years later, the ship is back on Earth. The tortured Energy Being remembers his son; and with the last of his strength, sends his power to him in form of the alien lightning. It gets absorbed by Heroman.

Will bullies Joey because he's sexually attracted to the other boy.
Like many teenaged boys, Will is insecure in his masculinity and sexuality. Joey's unusually feminine appearance and personality keep pinging Will's "I am attracted to this" instincts, causing Stupid Sexy Joey moments. Rather than deal with his feelings, Will chooses to get angry at the person who makes him confused.
  • At some point, Joey will wear a dress, and Will will hit on him.
    • Partly confirmed, Joey crossdressed in episode 20. I don't think Will has a human sex drive anymore, though.

Screw All There in the Manual and Word of God, Joey's a girl.
Seriously, it's gone to the point that even if they give Joey a Shirtless Scene, I'll be going "Wow, Japanese children's TV is getting pretty broad-minded again."
  • This would also explain why Joey doesn't want the hot cheerleader with a crush on him to pursue a relationship.
    • Then why are they both blushing at each other in the ending credits?
    • Joey ran into the Boys Bathroom.
      • Just a cover. Using the boys room doesn't necessarily mean using the urinals. Joey knew Lina was following her, and made use of her androgynous appearance to get in without getting in trouble and shake Lina off.
  • Jossed in episode 12 in the Beach scene.

Heroman will grow to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann proportions at some point.
As of episode 4, Heroman has displayed the ability to grow phenomenally bigger to Humongous Mecha sizes. Its only gonna go up from here people.
  • So the Alien Lightning was Spiral Energy? Makes sense to me!

Skruggs are Skrulls.

Joey used his mana to power Denton's lights and three computers.
The whole "Bicycle Generator" thing was an experiment of Denton's to see how Joey was powering Heroman. Joey directed his will to make the power work; and it did. Denton isn't telling Joey yet because he doesn't want him to burn out and he wants to find an effective way of fighting the Skrugg first before letting them see Joey's full capacity.

Center City is a significant name, it is the "center" of the Ley Line network in this version of Earth.
It's on the edge of the continent, near the bottom of California, it's not the "center" of anything we can see. However, the name was derived from Native Americans who observed that it was the center of a Ley Line network that connected every populated continent on Earth.
  • It's this network that the Spheres are following.

Nick is still alive.
They only found the helmet, they Never Found the Body, and given how this series is very much like a comic book...
  • And given the guy in the new opening after the spiked ball drops...and the apparent new Skrugg...

Kogorr wasn't at his full potential.
In the intro, look at him, he's fucking huge, bigger than Heroman!

Psy will develop telepathy and/or telekinesis at some point.
Cause with a nickname like that, he's just begging for some Psychic Powers.
  • Little situation with that-other subs translate it as Sai. So...
    • The show's site places "Psy" as the official romanization. My theory stands!

Agent Hughes will join the heroes' side during a possible second Skrugg invasion

Look at the ending, and then look at the opening's group shot. Would anyone NOT a good guy be there?

  • He's also expressly stated that he doesn't see "Ghost" as a threat to the country. His interest is in finding out his origins and motives. If Joey had just stepped forward during the "burning building" incident, this all would have been much simpler.

Stan is Heroman's creator— In-Universe.
He makes three cameos in the new opening. Which would be normal, except in one he lunges straight at the camera, right before Hughes does his dramatic point. There's no way they'd give Stan the same amount of time as Hughes without reason. My theory: he's the mad scientist/alien who was behind the magic lightning that created Heroman. It would be a nice meta touch, and it would explain why he's always there whenever Joey goes to work. He chose Joey to control Heroman because of his virtue, and is watching out for the two now.
  • Or, alternately, he's the creator of the Heybo toyline. He, at some point, saw Heroman in action, and recognized it as being a form of his original design, and is keeping an eye on Joey to see what's going on, and will eventually help, becoming the tech guy, similar to Denton.

Psy and Denton won't pull a traditional Heroic Sacrifice, but turn themselves in, and gain Hughes' trust.

This would explain why we see Psy fighting Minami in opening two, and both of them in each of the good guy group scenes. This would also explain why Hughes and his team members are in the ending shot of the opening with the good guys.

Veronica will be The Starscream and/or a Dragon Ascendant.
She is the most calm, mysterious and competent member of Minami's team, so in situation of Minami's fall, she is a natural leader. And in episode 12 she went somewhere just after battle ended, so she could be up to something.
  • And in episode 16, guess what? She's still out there, she was reading a newspaper detailing the capture of Minami and Those Two Guys.

The Villains (and Hughes) are all Tropers.
It would explain how incredibly savvy they are.

The man in the coat is Will.
Utterly, completely obvious, it's too tall to be Nick.
  • Or it could be Nick standing on Will's shoulders.
  • How's he hiding his hair, then?
    • Hair gel.
    • Don't forget the hat.
      • And the glowing red eyes?
      • Kogorr's eye from the end of the first arc spread to both eyes when he implanted it in himself. Obviously.
  • Confirmed in episode 17; it is indeed Will.

Minami will try to point out him and Joey are Not So Different.
...But fail at it, as the only things they have in common are that they control robots.
  • That's not true-they're also characters of a moderately popular anime series created by Stan Lee.
  • Or the fact that, they both demonstrate cunning ways around their opponents, are particularly smart, and they do control robots.

The series will end with a Villain Team-Up.

Think about it; Kogorr is heavily implied to still be alive in some way, Minami's in jail but alive (or, as the above troper pointed out, Veronica is still on the loose), and ten episodes is enough time to introduce one or two more villains. What better way to send off an Expy of Spider-Man then to have him fight his own Sinister Six?

  • If the second opening shows anything, it's that both Minami and the Skrugg will return, for a big battle in New York City, so this is possible.

The Skruggman in the opening is NOT Will.

Now, think about it-the ambiguity of Nick's death, the way the guy looks in the could be possible.

  • Confirmed as of Episode 17.

The Man-Eating Plant shown in Episode 18's preview is phase three of the Skrugg's plan.

While the Spheres were rolling around, they expelled seeds into the ground behind them, no-one noticing because of the destruction they caused. The plants must also be how they planned to suck up Earth's resources - straight out of the ground, and possibly from humans themselves as well. Since this arc is apparently about the Skrugg's 'Legacy' it would certainly fit.

Heroman is an AU of Spider-Man.
Joey Jones is clearly Peter Parker, just, instead of getting Spider Powers, he got a giant robot. In this universe, though, Flash Thompson (Will) is the one who ends up becoming the "Venom" to Joey's Spider Man. Oh, and the Heybo Toyline is made by Stark Industries.

There was some kind of Civil War prior to the series that resulted in the borders of several States changing dramatically.
Well, it'd explain why the map looks like this.

Stan Lee is a psychic.
He says not to underestimate psychic powers, so how else would he know?
  • Either that, or he's foreshadowing Psy's Psychic powers!
    • Which he may give to him.

The new Skruggman is...
Nick. Look at the coloring. And, related..

Nick is making new allies using Skrugg technology...forcibly.
Holly was taken to both make Joey go to him, for the sake of his own revenge, and so Nick can get a new Skrugg soldier.
  • Or, just so he can make Holly fight Joey, or he's doing it to damage Joey, it's been shown that Skruggification may very well be permanent.

Nick's wearing the longcoat because he's got Kogorr's eye...
And when he shows it, it will give people nightmares.
  • Jossed

Heroman takes place in the same universe as the MOTHER series, 20 years after Earthbound.
Earthbound took place in "199X", but society and popular culture seemed to be on the same level as our universe in the 1950s with added Schizo Tech like video games. Heroman takes place in the same universe, in 201X - popular culture-wise, they're in the 1970s (see: Joey and Si's hair, Miss Collins's ridiculous skintight bellbottom jumpsuit), with all the technological advances of the 2010s and then some. Both series also have similar portrayals of America.
  • ...holy crap. That would make perfect sense if surrounding cities were named Rightson, Leftburg, Upville and Down Town. Also, that would mean two other things. 1. The Skrugg are the same race as Giygas, and Joey has some form of psychic powers.

The whole series is a convoluted plan by Lina's father to keep her away from Joey.
Both him and Will tell her to stay stay away from him, so...

Joey is a mutant.
He was actually born with the ability to run at super speeds, create force fields and teleport, but instead of activating on its own, Heroman brought out those powers when the original Heybo toy was struck by the alien lightning. Further, he needs Heroman to manifest those powers, especially his force field ability as well has his little used teleportation power.

There will be a second season-or second series-of Heroman.
Given Stan's comments in the post-episode 26 video, and the post-credits scene with Minami, it isn't a far off guess to think there'd be another season, or another series under a Name: Subtitle format.

Minami will use robotic armor to fight Heroman in season two.
Look at this drawing he made in his prison cell.

Heroman is about the power of coffee
Coffee is the true indicator of goodness in the Heroman world.
  • Joey, the hero, spreads coffee to the people.
  • Stan is the god of the world, and he spends all his time drinking coffee.
  • Hilly's is a symbol of how Central City is doing and it serves coffee.
  • When Lina is sad Denton gives her coffee. Her appreciation of that coffee is when you know she's going to tough it out.
  • Holly is invited with coffee by her grandma, so she is good at hearth and her Jerkass nature comes only from overuse of sugar.
  • Hughes likes coffee, so you know he's ok. He shares coffee with Joey to make peace.
  • On the other hand Minami drinks juice boxes which he then complains about. An evil man cannot enjoy his beverage.
  • And Kogorr hates humanity, the earth and-thus-coffee, so he is defeated by its power.

Heroman was created by aliens
Just think about it. it's show that Kogorr has eaten a lot of planets. There is the possibility that some previous race make to escape and develop the technology to defeat Kogorr once and for all. When they discovered the Skrugg's next target, they sent the technology to the Earth in the form of lightening. When it comes to the earth , it provoked the storm and fell on Joey's house; getting absorbed into Heroman and joey. Obviously, Joey is now half-machine/alien.

Minami will free some prisoners
He can't make his plan in two days, he needs time to prepare everything to defeat Heroman. So, in order to obtain some time, he will free some of the most evil criminal in the prison and convince them to help him to defeat Heroman. So, the second season will start as something like a Villain of the Week to, later, get into the main plot with Minami.

Kogorr is an alternate Galactus.

Video games don't exist in the Heroman universe
Why else would Joey be interested in action figures/toy robots despite being old enough for a part time job? Simple, the Wii, PS3 and 360 do not exist to play videogames (PC gaming never caught on either), so action figures/toy robots stayed popular in the teenage male demographic. If this is the case, heybo's are probably made by the equivalent of Microsoft, seeing as the PS3 and Wii aren't nearly American enough to make someone with the colour scheme of Heroman, and they both have white as a main colour. Heybos are the equivalent of Xbox 360s, Heroman always makes that pose with the glowing red ring, now you know why.

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