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Drinking Game / Hetalia: Axis Powers

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  • Drink whenever America says that he's the hero.
  • Drink whenever Prussia says that he is awesome.
  • Take a sip everytime China says "Aru".
  • Take a drink every time a blonde walks on the screen.
    • Have fun getting drunk off episode 1 alone.
  • Take a drink whenever Sweden scares somebody.
  • Drink whenever Russia says "Kolkolkol..."
  • Drink whenever England's fairies appear.
    • Or Flying Mint Bunny.
  • Drink whenever France is flirting with somebody.
    • Another if he "On hon hon hons"
    • And, then, chug down your drink and close your eyes if France is naked.
  • Drink whenever Belarus tries to get Russia to marry her.
  • Drink whenever Italy says "PASTA!!!" "Ve~" or "Germany!"
    • Him saying it in non-English counts too - meaning that this applies to both the sub and the Gag Dub.
  • Drink whenever someone mistakes Canada for America.
    • And two when Kumajiro forgets his owner's name.
  • Drink whenever there is a manly scream.
  • Drink when America(Japanese) or Japan(Dub) speaks Engrish.
  • Drink for "LATVIA!!!!!"
  • Drink everytime a sexy man shows up on screen.
  • Drink every time Poland says 'like.'
  • Drink every time Britain makes a grunting noise.
  • Drink every time something seems homosexual or anything just sexual.
  • Drink every time Grandpa Rome mentions hot girls.
  • Drink every time America (dub) calls someone "Dude" or says "Yo!"

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