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  • In Kaname's first match of Darwin's Game, he outsmarts Banda-kun. Instead of hiding in the bathroom stall like his opponent thought he would, Kaname instead hides in the closet and was able to get a good surprise attack on him.
  • During their battle, Shuka had Kaname on the run almost the entire battle, and Kaname was not helped by the fact Shuka was skilled with her sigil while Kaname didn't even know what a sigil was, but in the end, Kaname lays a trap to lure Shuka into position which also had the dual purpose of cutting the power. With this, he attacks Shuka while she was off-guard and gets her to surrender.
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  • When fighting Inukai, Kaname was able to get his hands on Inukai's phone and threatens to destroy itnote  if Inukai doesn't end his hostilities.
  • During the Treasure Hunt event, even though she and Kaname were separated, Shuka does very well and was able to get six of the rings all participating players had to get on her own, when she really only needed three to survive the game. Everytime another player or group of players tried fighting her, they died in seconds.
  • Rein shows off her sigil, Laplace Function, and is able to dodge every bullet The Florist's mind controlled soldiers fire at her.
  • Kaname battles The Florist and finally learns his sigil's name, and uses his sigil to great effect by modifying his rifle on the spot to strengthen it enough to defeat The Florist.
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  • Once Rein managed to figure out the true purpose of the ring collecting event, Kaname goes over to One to try and prevent him from killing Ryuji. It takes massive balls to walk right into the grasp of the serial killer that they barely managed to escape from, but Kaname then proceeds to one up that by bluffing One into taking a key in exchange for Kaname's life, and then throws the key to quickly enter the code into the locker to end the game then and there.
  • When Kaname and co. spend time in the Danjou Boxing Club to recuperate after the ring collecting event, Danjou decides to test Kaname's mettle and their fight ultimately ends in a draw as Danjou stops fighting once Liu Xuelan appears to talk with Kaname.
  • In the Sunset Ravens' first clan battle, the team gets badass points for trying to take on THE #1 player of D-Game without their leader, Shuka being able to move without being hindered by Xuelan's ki, and the group effort that stopped Shiming's limo and allowed Kaname and Inukai to get leave the limo, ultimately coercing Xuelan to admit defeat.
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  • Kaname failed to save his friend Youta and mourned for him once he was faced with the truth. But that's not why this entry is here. It's because he immediately steels his resolve to take down the Eighth clan and turns what should have been an outnumbered fight into a Curb-Stomp Battle by calmly and swiftly wiping out the warehouse of Eighth mooks with Ryuji and letting Shuka deal with One before telling off One in the most badass way possible and sealing out their clan battle to a decisive win for the Sunset Ravens.
  • Kaname had trouble fighting the Doume that massacred his fellow players, and was about to die when Rick shows up. He explains why their projectile weapons don't work and with his newfound knowledge, Kaname and Rick together managed to defeat the Doume that until this point, seemed invincible. Nearly everyone back at the Trinity club was cheering after seeing Kaname pull it off with Themis being very worried that she'd lose her bet with Kaname's clan.
  • Towa runs between the dueling Kaname and Rick and interrupts them. She then proceeds to call out her own people for venting their anger at the deaths of some of their children on the outsiders trying to help them rather than the outsiders who actually killed their kin.
  • Once again, Rick comes to Kaname's aid and prevents Kanehira's clone from killing Kaname, giving Kaname free reign to fire a sniper shot that injures Kanehira's real body.
  • One of Kaneihara's men actually manages to catch Oboro by surprise with a high-power anti-materiel rifle, shooting Oboro in the head and knocking him down. Oboro gets back up, with the bullet barely piercing his skin. Oboro laughs at how close a call that was and then goes chasing after the shooter.
  • Though it's entirely off-screen, the Executioner takes down the island's boss, a Douma Kaiju that's the queen of the Doume. Then has the GM give the credit to Kaname! Just to keep the game interesting.

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