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  • Chapter 4: Coco faces an obstacle that she's practically doomed to fail by Agott, sending her off to a testing location despite the fact that she had nothing more than a few days of understanding with magic. She takes what little magic she knows and combines it with the lifetime of experience working under her mother and handling cloth to make a hang glider with its own wind-power that carries her over to the top.
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  • Chapter 12: The sister-apprentices showing up to save Agott and Coco from having memories erased.
  • Chapter 17: Credit where it's due for Tartah. The moment Coco's fever spiked, he acted to cure her by working around his disability to identify medicines that, due to his colorblindness, he couldn't distinguish by color. First, he removed water from the liquid medicines, leaving behind the substances that were dissolved into them to narrow the medicine he needed down.
    • And when he hits a roadblock when the narrowed down medicines look identical, he and Coco come up with a magic that can reconstruct the powders into looking like their original form so he can use his memory to identify them.
  • Chapter 20: When the group runs across a puzzle that requires stepping on the proper tile in order to advance without failing their test, Agott uses water to check where the tiles are broken and they pool so that they know where to go.
  • Chapter 29: It turns out that while the girls' collective knowledge couldn't actually turn Euini back to normal, they did restore his mind. The Brimhat himself is actually impressed.
    • Richeh managed to create a Portal Door using the knowledge that gained from Euini and the others.
    • Coco managed to steal the Magical Accessory that can allow Euini to regain his human form.
  • Chapter 34: In order to pass their next test, all the girls work together to create an elaborate picturesque scene. An Parroting Pouch guides the sage and several children to a narrow entrance that expands and leads them down to a chamber, revealing a sight that none of the children who'd lived under the sea had seen before: rain and the sunlight from the skies above (via Gate Parasols) that form a rainbow. It works wonderfully.

Alternative Title(s): Tongari Booshi No Atorie


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