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Felix the Cat Live was a short lived 1970's live action TV adaptation of the classic Felix the Cat series, although it's technically based on the Joe Oriolo incarnation of the character. The show was created by then-Felix owner Joe Oriolo in a short lived partnership Bert Hecht.

While it's one of the most obscure parts of the Felix franchise, the entire show has been released on DVD across nine volumes.

You can read more about the series here.



  • Adapted Out: Despite being mentioned in the theme song, the Magic Bag of Tricks does not appear in the show.
  • Alternate Continuity: Obviously, this show has little to no ties to any of the other Felix the Cat series and takes place in its own little world.
  • Hugging People: This is the first time where Felix and Wally hugged Jennifer, Sean and Steve.
  • Live-Action Adaptation: Sort of. The show is done with costumes and make-up in the style of shows like Barney.
  • Sliding Scale of Animal Cast: Falls into type six (Human Cast with Animal Protagonist). Felix and his pal Wally Koala (originally a backup character in Felix's 1950s Toby Press comic book series, where his name was Kokey Koala) are the only animal characters, and all of the other cast are human actors.