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Heartwarming / Witch Hat Atelier

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  • Chapter 1: Qifrey deciding to take Coco as an apprentice rather than erasing her memories.
  • Chapter 4: Qifrey's care for Coco is reinforced by the fact that he'd already chosen to get her a Witch's hat, which was proof of her place as his apprentice, without her even needing to take the test.
  • Chapter 17: Coco creates a magic that uses earth to rebuild solid materials just so that Tartar could find the medicine that would have a healing herb. Not only does this reinvigorate him to study magic despite his color-blindness, but it also gives her a clue how to save her mother.
  • Chapter 29:
    • When the Brimhat comes close to tempting Coco to using Forbidden magic to turn Euini back to normal, Euini himself stops her. While they couldn't save his body, they managed to restore his mind.
    • Rather than subject Euini to having his memories potentially erased due to being a victim of forbidden magic, the teacher decides to take him as her apprentice and keep him out of the eyes of the Assembly.

Alternative Title(s): Tongari Booshi No Atorie


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