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Tear Jerker / Witch Hat Atelier

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  • Chapter 1: Coco's happiness at being able to do magic is instantly turned into horror as it runs out of control, turning her mother into stone. Had Qifrey not intervened and then decided to take her on as an apprentice, she would have been left with no one else.
  • Chapter 23: Euini helping Agott get away from the Brimhat resulted in the Brimhat turning his attention to Euini, using forbidden magic to turn him into a monster. Richeh wants to help save Euini, but can't since she doesn't have the necessary skills because she refused to learn other magic and is forced to leave it to Agott.
  • Chapter 24:
    • Coco gives the people of Romonneau who were turned to gold a warmth stone Orugio designed to help people stay warm, because their predicament reminded her of her mother. They place it in a magic mirror designed to amplify the effect because its too little, and the amplified heat ends up melting them. Coco is unable to stop them in time, leaving her and Tetia crying as the gilded citizens of Romonneau thank them for what amounts to a Mercy Kill.
    • Learning that Euini's transformation may be impossible to undo because the magic was branded onto his skin... then learning that even as an unwilling victim of forbidden magic, he would still be considered a criminal by the Magic Security Council

Alternative Title(s): Tongari Booshi No Atorie


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