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YMMV / Witch Hat Atelier

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  • Adorkable: Coco herself is quite a dork for magic, with a child-like (even for her age) widen eyed look whenever she sees things that are common for every other witch. The very magic that inspired her was a simple magic made by Orugio that caused pavestones light up.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Following chapter 13, there are those who have started to see Qifrey as a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, while other see him as a Well-Intentioned Extremist Pragmatic Hero, due to whether he is keeping Coco around to help her or to use her as a lead to find the Brimhats.
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  • Awesome Art: The artstyle of the manga is breathtaking, being very well detailed and gives the story the vibe of a fairytale. You may not like the cutesy generic manga faces, but you'll love everything else.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Euini, the shy apprentice making the second test with Agott and Richeh. He's well liked for being an adorable woobie and an Implied Love Interest for Richeh.
  • Ho Yay: To some fans, Orugio and Qifrey, since their attitude towards their apprentices, as well as their own intimate, long-standing friendship, makes it seem like they're a couple raising 4 kids.
    • The Spinoff, Kitchen of Witch Hat, is basically a domestic slice of life showing the two cooking and spending time together once the kids are sleeping, like a couple that is having some time alone. One chapter even includes Quifrey making a tart shaped like a bouquet of flowers for Orugio.
  • Moe: Pretty much all of Qifrey's apprentices.

Alternative Title(s): Tongari Booshi No Atorie


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