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Nightmare Fuel / Witch Hat Atelier

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Spoilers below are unmarked: proceed with caution!

  • Chapter 22: Agott screaming in fear as the Brimhat witch carves into her arm. She remembers the words of the Magic Security Council members who checked Coco's hands after the sand river incident — that Brimhat witches will carve glyphs into their skin like tattoos — and realizes what the Brimhat is trying to do. Even if she's an unwilling victim, to have a magic glyph carved into her skin would be a terrible crime that could be punished by having her memory erased... or worse. Watching her struggle and scream while being unable to escape from the Brimhat's grip is terrifying, her fear even worse than the pain.
  • Chapter 23: Eunie being forcibly transformed into a wolf. Everything that Agott was afraid would happen to her if the Brimhat witch had held onto her for just a bit longer happens to poor Eunie, who was just starting to feel confident in his magic. The transformation looks physically painful, and readers later learn that it also meddled with Eunie's mind.
  • Chapter 36:
    • As an adolescent, Qifrey was kidnapped by Brimhat Witches, had his right eye plucked out, had his memories erased, and was Buried Alive in the Forest of Death and Shadows. The coffin he was stuffed into started to leak, and when it rained he nearly drowned before being rescued by the Magical Security Council and Sage Beldarut.
    • What's more, despite escaping the ordeal "without a hint of forbidden magic" on his body, the magical world was more than willing to wipe his memories again and leave the injured, amnesiac child to fend for himself. It's only thanks to Beldarut's intervention that Qifrey was saved from that fate. Recall that in Chapter 11, the Magical Security Council was also ready to wipe Coco's memories when they found her at a site where forbidden magic had been cast to turn a rushing river into a trail of sand, despite there being no way for Coco to create a spell that powerful or advanced. The lengths the council is willing to go to start to paint a grim picture.

Alternative Title(s): Tongari Booshi No Atorie


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