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You thought that after Fate/Zero ufotable wouldn't be able to outdo themselves? You were wrong.

  • Episode 0: Archer's first battle with Lancer: full with fluent animation and impeccable pace, this battle successfully emphasizes how powerful Servants are, and how awe-inspiring their fights can appear. Archer shows why he's one of the most dangerous Servants of the war by being able to fight in a way he's not supposed to be capable of while Lancer shows his dexterity with the spear and manages to keep Archer on the defensive for almost the entirety of the fight. Much later in the show, we find out Lancer was seriously holding back, and that Archer would never stand a chance against Lancer at his full power.
  • Episode 1: The show keeps up the action with Saber and Lancer's battle, topping off with Saber doing what can only be described as a combat pirouette while her dress billows all around her. And then we see just how mindbendingly insane Lancer's Noble Phantasm is as it reverses causality.
  • Episode 3:
    • In sharp contrast with the first anime and the original visual novel, Saber's fight with Berserker is a full testament to the strength and skill they possess: even if she isn't fighting at her best, Saber is still able to, by sheer swordmanship, keep in match with Berserker; in turn, Berserker is no longer the mindless brute that he's always portrayed as, but instead keeps a good deal of finesse despite his insanity.
    • Berserker shows us why he's The Dreaded. From Archer's arrows to Saber's attacks, nothing fazes him. He just keeps coming back for more.
    • Saber's battle pragmatism in this episode, after realizing that Archer can't help. She leads Berserker to a cemetery, making it hard for him to move around. She is even able to kill him. Too bad he revived. In any case, it's pretty clear Saber learned how to fight the Berserker class effectively after her experience against the Berserker of the previous war.
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    • The Illya vs Rin fight. Illya using her mother's magic is incredible and Rin's fast thinking lets her destroy two of Illya's familiars.
  • The entirety of Episode 7 can be considered a 20-minute reel of awesome; from Saber's intense clash with Assassin, to Archer showing Caster exactly how he earned his class name, to a two-second snippet showing that Archer, too, can go toe-to-toe with a samurai Heroic Spirit.
  • Episode 8: Shirou, Rin and Saber fight against the golems summoned by Caster when Blood Fort Andromeda is activated at the school. The two Masters show off their teamwork against the familiars despite the disadvantage of numbers against them. Then, there's Saber's epic arrival from Shirou's summon via Command Seal.
  • Episode 10:
    • Rin reciting Archer's Unlimited Blade Works chant.
    • Kuzuki proceeds to prove himself as the exception amongst the Masters and takes on Saber, knocking her out temporarily, and proceeds to defeat without effort both Rin and Shirou by use of his experience as an assassin and reinforcing his body with Caster's spell; on the other side, Shirou shows his true magical skill and, by projecting Kanshou and Bakuya, is able to stand his ground against Kuzuki. It's significant enough that catches Rin and Caster by complete surprise.
  • Episode 12:
    • Archer breaks into Caster's Bounded Field, fends off the sorceress, utterly wrecks her water golems, and blows open an escape route.
    • The ending of the episode gives a huge Shout-Out to fans of the visual novel and 2006 anime when the ending theme turns out to be a remixed version of "This Illusion", the original opening theme for the VN and the Studio DEEN anime. Rin jumping off of the skyscraper is a frame-by-frame remake of the first scene in the VN's opening as well. The following shots of the Masters and Servants are an obvious homage to the opening of 2010's Fate/Stay Night Reproduction. It is very safe to say nobody saw that coming, especially because ufotable and the singer, LiSa (which, by the way, this is not the first time she's made a surprise performance like this) went to great lengths to make sure nobody knew about this.
  • Episode 13:
    • Despite the betrayal, Archer proves that he could have easily have overwhelmed someone as skilled as Kuzuki, when he seemingly "teleports" in front of the man and Rin; he was moving at lightning speed, but it seemed as though it happened in an instant.
    • Shirou coming to rescue Rin despite the overwhelming odds of facing Kuzuki, Caster and Archer.
  • Episode 14:
    • Caster destroying her first master's base, setting all the children free and killing the arrogant asshole for his crimes.
    • Lancer strolling out of the elevator of a collapsing burning building, with the most bored look on his face!
    • Illya messing with Rin using the "burglar" alarm.
    • Sella and Leysritt messing with Shinji.
    • Gilgamesh completely decimating Illya's maids. Ends up murdering them.
  • Episode 15:
    • Gilgamesh vs Berserker!!!
    • Gilgamesh's "regular" attacks doing nothing to Berserker due to his divine protection. What does he do? Pull out "better" weapons that actually pierce through his skin! He then restrains him using his chains that can bind even the very gods.
    • Berserker, despite being attacked relentlessly, keeps getting back up to punish the golden intruder for daring to attack Illya. Even the chains binding him in place weren't enough to slow him down! It should be noted that Berserker was literal finger-lengths from Gilgamesh's face when he got skewered for the final time. In the visual novel he takes the blows and stays in place long enough to let Ilya pass peacefully. In this, he shatters chains designed to hold gods better than mortals, scares the shit out of Gilgamesh, and nearly drags him to hell with him. Hell of a way to go, Heracles...
      • Another thing that makes this scene awesome/heartwarming is that this scene like the 'Saber resisting Caster's Absolute Command to kills Shirou' Scene isn't just about the Servant's power, it is about their nature and backstory. Saber cared about Shirou and was able to use her Magic Resist skill to resist the order to kill him, something she did only once before to resist the order to destroy the prize she was fighting for. This shows that at the end of the day Arturia wasn't the cold person her subjects thought she was. Similarly Berserker's bond with Illya wasn't just driven by Illya's desire for a father-figure. Heracles' legend involves the incident of him killing his children in a fit of induced madness. Illya was basically his chance to do right by a child that depended on him for once and not even the rules of Holy Grail War, Magic and the freaking Universe are gonna get in his way.
      • Also this series as a whole shows that unlike the previous war where most Servants were a terrible match for their Masters, but in this war, Servants either matched with the Masters that summoned them or those that they ended up with. i.e. Shirou/Arturia, Rin/EMIYA, Rin/Arturia, Sakura/Medusa, Illya/Heracles, Bazett/Cu, Bazett/Angra, Kazuki/Medea/Sasaki, Kirei/Gilgamesh. All the matches in the spoiler either shared common natures/backstories or were ideal to help each other heal/evolve/accept themselves.
  • Episode 17:
    • Lancer vs Archer part two, Gae Bolg vs Rho Aias - Spear of sure hit versus Shield of no loss.
      • Something that needs to be stated is what Archer says after his defeat: That the Gae Bolg surpasses Gungnir. Within the Nasuverse, Older Is Better and Gungnir is a weapon of a god. This means that Cu Chulainn essentially broke some of the fundamental laws of the universe in-story. It's also worth noting that even an incomplete Rho Aias helped Rider's Bellerophon over come Excalibur in the Heaven's Feel Route. And the Gae Bolg was able to defeat the completed version. Badass.
    • Rin vs Caster. Who knew Rin was also good with hand to hand combat, too. Against other mages, though.
    • Archer easily kills Kuzuki despite the latter's expertise in martial arts.
  • Episode 18:
    • Saber, who has been helpless ever since being taken by Caster, contracts with Rin, sending her power up to far greater levels than she had with Shirou as her Master, letting her effortlessly defeat Archer.
    • Archer's counterattack, where he finally uses Unlimited Blade Works.
  • Episode 19:
    • In the beginning of the episode, we see Archer accepting the offer to be a Counter Guardian, and though the consequences are horrifying, the visuals are impressive to a point that this moment shows Archer/Shirou at the height of his idealism.
      • Even better, in Fate/EXTRA, Archer reminisces that the last time he managed to "save everyone" involved stopping a nuclear meltdown. The location where Archer/Shirou accepted the offer to become a Counter Guardian looks very much like the inside of a nuclear power plant.
    • At the end of the episode, Shirou gives a brief speech to Archer after Archer has finished Deconstructing his own ideals, absolutely rejecting Archer and the future the latter has described to the sound of the opening chords of EMIYA. Discarding the sword Archer threw to him and the future it embodies, and reminding Saber that it is a battle he has to fight on his own, he faces Archer with a calm resolution that sends tingles down the back. The most badass song in the Fate series reaches its peak as they strike and the episode ends.
    • Meanwhile, Lancer locates Rin and backhands Shinji nonchalantly. He also used runes beforehand in the location, making this an averted case of Informed Ability—there's a reason Lancer could qualify for the Caster class!
  • Episode 20
    • We finally see the fight between Shirou and Archer. Shirou is holding up fairly well, but even if Archer is just about out of prana, he still keeps Shirou on the defensive and uses Unlimited Blade Works against him.
    • As flashless as it is, Lancer is able to save Rin from Kirei and Shinji, all while dying. He also uses his runes to make sure that Kirei dies for good.
    • Finally, after being deconstructed and defeated by Archer, Shirou reaches the answer he was searching for to fight on against Archer: the wish he had that kept him from dying in the hellfire was to find a way to extinguish the Hell he was in and to save others, even if he personally was powerless. He then manages to finally use Avalon to heal himself and catch up to Archer. All to the Awesome Music that is Aimer's Last Stardust.
  • Episode 21
    • The epic conclusion of the Shirou vs Archer battle. Despite the former's Heroic Second Wind, Archer still outclasses him in strength and skill, and yet Shirou keeps getting back up to the point that even his opponent starts to freak out over his boundless tenacity. Archer attempts to end the fight once and for all with a hail of swords while trying to once again break down Shirou's ideal, only for Shirou to stand up AGAIN and deliver his own "World of Cardboard" Speech, reaffirming his desire to become a hero with such purpose that it causes the once cloudy skies of Unlimited Blade Works to turn blue! And then EMIYA kicks in.
    • Running low on mana and blood at this point, Shirou puts everything he's got into one last desperate charge towards his future self, sending ripples through the ground with every step and deflecting swords the size of cars. Once he's close enough Archer raises his blade to finish him off, only to realize that he cannot bring it down; Shirou's sheer determination has reminded him of the beauty of the dream he once abandoned.
  • Episode 23:
    • Shirou succeeds in recreating Archer's ability to trace large numbers of swords at once, effectively projecting a pseudo-Gate of Babylon to counter the real deal. It works.
    • Then, when Rin removes Shinji from the Grail, it tries to grab Gilgamesh as a replacement. Gil promptly pulls out Ea. Unlike his use of it in the Studio DEEN adaptations, he goes through the same fanfare to retrieve it as he does in the Fate/Zero adaptation rather than just pulling it out of a random portal like it's any old weapon. Also unlike previous adaptations, we see that because Ea can only be wielded by one who is 'the supreme king', Shirou can't analyze it (and thus can't trace it), which is visually represented by his vision getting pixelated and static-filled when he looks at it. Gilgamesh then proceeds to destroy the Grail's attacking limb and damage most of the surrounding area with a casual pulse of its power, not even a charged Enuma Elish.
    • The conclusion of Saber vs. Assassin. Not only do we get an awesome Animation Bump as Assassin unleashes Tsubame Gaeshi, Saber identifies a tiny safe zone in the attack and manages to evade all three swords and deal a mortal blow to Assassin.
  • Episode 24. Damn. They sure went all out on this one!
    • These two words: "I refuse to listen to such pathetic whining." and "Do so if you must, but first step to the right."
    • The much-anticipated ending of the Shirou vs. Gilgamesh fight. Shirou activates his own Unlimited Blade Works, and quickly asserts his newfound advantage over Gilgamesh by casually levitating a sword and knocking the Gate of Babylon out of the air with it. He then proceeds to fight Gilgamesh on even ground, countering each and every one of his numerous swords with blades of his own, in an intense and fast-paced fight that is easily one of Ufotable's most beautifully animated fight scene to date (and one that definitely beats DEEN's version of the fight in sheer quantity of swords).
    • Gilgamesh gets one as he actually recognizes Shirou's strength just before Shirou cuts into him with Kanshou, goes as far as to express disappointment that the battle ended on something as anti-climactic as Shirou running out of mana, but also tells Shirou that it was still his win and that even if he was about to die that he should take solace in that fact, which is evident of just how AWESOME the whole fight was!
    • Right before that epic fight, we have Saber using Excalibur to destroy the everlasting crap out of the corrupted Holy Grail, complete with Sword of Promised Victory and one HELL of an aftershock that comes with it.
      • Remember that in Fate/Zero, she destroyed the cup itself, but not true source of the horrid muck, partly because she didn't want to destroy the Grail, nor did she understand what the Grail really was. This time, Saber does not make the same mistake. This time, rather than being some dumb energy blast, Excalibur's light becomes an anti-virus that seeks and destroys all traces of the tainted grail, even to the point of surging up the flow of muck into the sky like a fuse, and nuking the source to oblivion. There's a reason why Excalibur is called the greatest of holy swords.
      • Actually this scene has even more awesome implications for those who know enough Nasuverse lore to appreciate that this was effectively a clash between humanity's evils (The muck in the corrupted grail) and humanity's hopes and dreams (Good Arturia's Excaliblast is basically powered by the hopes and dreams of humanity though it usually stated as the dreams that drives the heroes who stand in the battlefield). This is yet another case in Nasuverse where despite the world being generally crappy and cynical our heroes show that there is still hope in it and there are good things worth fighting for.
    • The music is also worth mentioning. Up until this point, only a few episodes has great songs that sticks out, while the rest of the episodes uses the same battle theme over and over again. This episode though uses excellent remixes of the Visual Novel's soundtracks that's used in the final battle, such as This Illusion, Sword of Promised Victory, and of course, EMIYA, making every moment SOOO much more awesome than the previous episodes. And after the battle is over, the triumphant New Dawn kicks in to celebrate the victory that everyone deserves.
    • An understated thing is the fact that Shirou looks Gilgamesh in the eyes, and mocks him to his face. No one in Fate/Zero or Fate/stay night has done that.
      Shirou(to Gilgamesh): You're a one trick pony, just like me. (Or before that.)
      Shirou(to Gilgamesh): Let's do this. Do you have enough weapons in stock?
  • Episode 25: Look like ufotable had a bit left over in the budget to give the fans one more epic battle in Rin Tohsaka vs. Luviagelita Edelfelt.

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