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What ending is the anime going for?
Hypothetically the anime is either going for the True ending or the good ending (sunny day). Looking at how both of the main female leads have cases of ship teasing with Shirou, it could be argued that the studio is going for the happier of all three endings. The new ending could also be symbolic of which ending they may have chosen to portray. This is subjective, though, and just a guess based off of circumstantial evidence based off of observations of the characters' interactions and the theme portrayed in the new ending of a sunny (day) field.
  • Looks we get to have our cake and eat it too: the show has the True Ending but the Good End will be released as an animated special on the Blu-Ray boxset of season 2.

Shirou and Rin will have a rematch.
As part of an Adaptation Expansion, Rin will make good on her promise in Episode 11 and pick a fight with Shirou, not out of malice or hostility, but to test his resolve on his ideals and strength as well, somewhat acknowledging that she could lose the fight.
  • Jossed

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