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  • From the very first episode, Iron Man decides to make a grand appearance for Akira and Hikaru. By flying alongside their plane in his Iron Man suit. Even taking a moment to show off the suit's awesome speed as he races ahead of them a moment later.
    Tony: This is what life's all about!
    • Spider-Man's entrance, protecting Dr. Akatsuki from Crimson Dynamo.
    Spider-Man: Am I late? I just can't say no to a party, even the one's I'm not invited too.
  • Episode 2, Spider-Man rather handedly dispatching Crimson Dynamo. This only moments after Dynamo had been bragging about how his armor was supposedly "impenetrable".
    • Loki forcing the heroes to surrender by holding Pepper Potts hostage. It was a genuinely clever (albeit vile) plan.
    • Captain America's defiance, even as Loki has him restrained and beats him.
    Loki: It must pain you to surrender to me.
    Captain America: Pain? Pain of the flesh maybe, that will pass. But your pain, will never go away. You try to crush in others, what your dark heart is incapable of feeling. Pride, love, Loki. Mark my words, you'll get the punishment you deserve!
    Loki: From whom, I wonder. Because as of today, you wont be around to punish anyone.
    Captain America: Those who are brave enough to do the right thing! No matter what the odds!
  • Episode 3, Akira's very first D-Smash.
    Iron Man: It's payback time.
    • Akira attacking Loki on his own, he even manages to catch the trickster god off guard for a moment.
    Loki: You little fool, you dare?
    Akira: Yeah, I dare!
    • Some credit to Spider-Man, who not only managed to avoid getting trapped and locked in a DISK, like virtually every other hero. He even manages to recover Tony's DISK.
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    • We find out later, he even managed to retrieve several of the other hero DISK's before they were all scattered.
  • Episode 4, some credit to the New York police officers. Who despite being normal humans, with weapons that were proving to be pretty useless against someone like the Lizard. They never backed down, doing everything they could to protect the civilians.
  • In episode 5, Thor effortlessly defeats King Cobra and forces Diamondback to surrender.
  • Episode 6, just when it looks like Joel and Abomination are going to kidnap Chris. Chris decides to jump out his apartment window, shocking them both. The villains receive another shock when Chris is revealed to be alive and well a moment later. Thanks to the timely arrival of Iron Man, who catches the boy just in the nick of time.
  • Episode 7, Captain America vs a rampaging Hulk.
    • When Tim threatens to put Spider-Man in a DISK. Jessica not only retrieving Wasp's DISK, thanks to Ed. She quickly summons Wasp to help them and Spider-Man.
  • We have Captain America yelling "Avengers Assemble!" for the first time in the eighth episode. Hearing this will send chills down the spines of longtime Avengers fans.
    • Happens again in episode 21.
  • Episode 9 opens with the core team of Avengers reunited, standing side by side.
    • When Rosetta notes that the Avengers can only stay outside their DISKs for five more minutes. Boasting that they're team of villains should be able stall them until their time runs out. Captain America counters her with a rather awesome Badass Boast speech.
    Captain America: Five in a half minutes is plenty. The course of history can be altered in far less time than that. You'll soon find out that it can take less time than the wink of an eye for justice to triumph over the forces of evil!
    • Iron Man's battle with King Cobra, with Captain America delivering the coup de gras.
    • Thor intimidating the entire Celebrity Five. Only Ōkuma had the guts to try and fight him. Though he was quickly proven to be completely out-classed against the Prince of Thunder.
  • Episode 10 has Akira pass Silver Samurai's test: D-Smash Iron Man faster than Silver Samurai can draw his katana and slice him in half. Afterwards, Akira himself actually calls this his crowning moment of awesome.
  • Episode 12 has Hulk defeating the Juggernaut by directly attacking his helmet (making a huge boom that reverberated throughout his helmet and his ears), knocking him out.
    • Captain America, Thor and Wasp's battle with Absorbing Man.
  • Episode 13 has Akira saving War Machine's DISK before it can make a multistory drop, saving it despite the risk to his own life.
    • Then there's Ed, who realizes the perfect way to use the Hulk's strength. Realizing the best way to use Graviton's power against him, when he finds it makes the Hulk heavier.
    Ed: All that artificial gravity did was make the Hulk, even heavier than usual.
    • On a more personal, but no less awesome note, we have Hawkeye pretending to be a Jerkass just to have the Hulk defend his partner. Inspiring and finally convincing Ed that he wasn't just a hindrance to the team.
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  • Episode 14 has Loki set a trap for Thor, knowing that Thor can't resist a direct challenge from him. However, Loki gets a shock when the kids, along with Captain America, Hulk, and Wasp arrive. Accepting the challenge in Thor's place.
    Thor: My dearest brother. The old me would surely have been taken in by your disrespectful words and provocation. But I am different now. Hikaru, my partner has given me new insight. Your tricks are useless, I shall remain focused on the task at hand.
  • Episode 16, even though this version is a complete psychopath. One has to give Sabretooth credit. Not only does he manage to nearly kill Iron Man during their fight. He then manages to avoid Cap's shield, though just barely. Even getting bashed into the ground by Hulk, then blasted by Wasp and Thor together isn't enough to phase him. The only thing that puts him on edge, is when Wolverine arrives to help the Avengers.
  • Episode 19, Ed calling out Chris on his childish and hypocritical attitude.
    Ed: Be honest, when did you try to work with Cap like a real partner? This is all about you feeling left out.
    • Sadly, Chris shut him down practically mid-speech rather harshly. But Ed did put in a good effort and managed to get in one last good What the Hell, Hero? line as Chris was leaving.
    Ed: Come back and talk about it with Cap, man-to-man! Isn't that what it means to be a partner?
  • Episode 20, when Noriko stands up to Ōkuma after he insults her one time too many. She draws in power from the city nearby, then unleashes it upon Ōkuma, Baron Zemo, and Predator X.
    • Before being taken out of the fight thanks the Hikaru's activity limit. Cyclops fought rather well against Baron Zemo
    Zemo: You're only making this harder.
    Cyclops: Harder for you maybe! (hits Zemo directly in the chest with an optic blast, knocking the Baron off his feet)
    • Ed sneakily returning Cap's DISK to Chris, without his knowledge. The clever kid having snuck the DISK into Chris' back pocket.
    • Chris himself, for not only helping Captain America regain focus. After Zemo had tried to distract him. He even manages to throw Cap's shield to him just when he needed it.
  • Episode 21 has Captain America throw his shield so hard it broke through the door on Loki's container and hit him straight on.
    Captain America: I warned you Loki. I told you that one day those who believe in justice would repay you for the evil you've done. This is from them, consider yourself paid!
    • Near the beginning of the episode, Loki failing miserably to intimidate Thor and the other captive Avengers.
    Thor: Even if you destroy us. You will not have destroyed the Avengers. The righteous spirit of justice will never die! As long as Captain America survives!
    • During the fight with the Sentinels. Magneto first makes his presence known by crushing one until it explodes from the stress.
  • Episode 22 shows a good example of Heroic Second Wind.
    • The Avengers all yelling out "Avengers Assemble!" in unison as they attack Loki.
    • When Ed is able to snap the Hulk out of from the influence of Loki's Mind Control. First thing he does, is punch the unsuspecting Asgardian in the face.
  • Episode 23 has a villainous example with the Red Skull. He has all the heroes on edge the whole time they talk.
  • Episode 24 has the Guardians of the Galaxy storming the Helicarrier. Star-Lord manages to hold his own against both Hawkeye and Cap.
    • Watching Hulk stop Rocket and Groot's spaceship from crashing into Techno Isle, with some help from Iron Man.
  • Episode 25, the Helicarrier managing to hold off Fin Fang Foom with it's cannons. Even as the airship falls from the sky.
    Fury: Beat it, fang face!
    • For the villain, Ronan easily fending off Hulk and Drax.
    • When Ronan personally fought both the Avengers and the Guardians. At first he completely overpowers them, but when both teams start to really work together. They're able to defeat the Accuser.
  • In episode 28 Falcon pulls a You Shall Not Pass! against Crimson Dynamo, Whiplash, and a squadron of Hydra Agents to buy Akira and Iron Man time, and actually defeats all villains.
    • The heroes first use of the Build-Up armor, with Iron Man easily defeating M.O.D.O.K. and destroying the Gaia Anchor.
  • Episode 29, points to the little boy who stood up to Tiger Shark. When the villain suddenly appeared in Wakanda and claimed the country for Red Skull. Stating Wakanda would never bow to someone like him. And to Black Panther, who arrived in time to save the child from Tiger Shark, and his attempt to make an example of the boy.
    Black Panther: If you've come to cause harm, stranger. To Wakanda, or it's people. Then you must first deal, with me.
    • Jessica and Wasp's plan to take down Tiger Shark. Which involves Jessica disguising herself as a local so she can be "captured" and placed with the other civilian hostages in the base. Later that night, Black Panther sneaks in to the base. While the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents blast the base doors open. In fact, the plan goes perfectly, until Jessica is caught by King Cobra before she can D-Smash Wasp.
    • Black Panther managing to save Jessica from King Cobra with a fake out. Pretending to miss firing his daggers at Tiger Shark, when he was actually aiming at King Cobra.
    • Jessica copying Akira, bravely leaping off a multistory tower. Just so she can D-Smash Wasp as she falls.
    • Wasp using the Build-Up Armor for the first time. Single handedly defeating Tiger Shark and the Serpent Society.
  • Episode 30 has a squad of S.H.I.E.L.D. troopers take on Green Goblin to give Chris and Cap time to get to Baron Zemo. They all actually manage to survive.
    • Deadpool's fight with Baron Zemo. Later, after he'd been injured and his mutant healing ability was disabled. He still managed to help Cap, by firing off a shot at Zemo. Distracting the villain at a crucial moment.
    Deadpool: (weakly) That'll teach yeh.
    • When Chris manages to D-smash Iron Fist to clear away some rubble, despite his biocode not being fully recharged after the fight with Baron Zemo.
  • Episode 31, Ed not only stands his ground against Abomination. He cleverly manages to lure the villainous brute into some power cables. Which gets Adombination electrocuted. Ed then D-smashes Hulk and immediately gives him the Build Up Armor. Which allows Hulk to not only defeat Abomination, but also destroy the Gaia Anchor.
  • Episode 32, early on in the battle against Graviton. Despite the villains' mastery over gravity, Thor is able to turn the tables on Graviton. By throwing his hammer, Graviton easily deflects it. Sending Mjölnir into several stalactite's, which all fall on Graviton and trap him.
    Graviton: Hahaha! That one wasn't even close!
    Thor: (smirks) Yet right on target.
  • Episode 33, when Red Skull orders Hikaru to finish the off Avengers. Only to suddenly be shot in the back, by Crossbones of all people. Turns out, Crossbones is actually none other than the presumed dead Hawkeye in disguise. Having won his previous fight with Crossbones earlier, even D-securing the villain. Then taking on his identity to get close to Red Skull.
    • When Red Skull actives his ultimate weapon; a giant H.Y.D.R.A. robot. Akira, Chris, Ed and Jessica all D-Smash their second heroes to help the Avengers fight him. We get some pretty awesome team-up's as a result. Like Falcon and Hawkeye, Captain America and Iron Fist, Wasp with Black Panther and Hulk with Power Man. Working together, all heroes are able to badly damage the robot.
    • Iron Man delivering the final blow, and finishing off the H.Y.D.R.A. bot.
    • Thor being the one to catch Red Skull, as payback for what he did to Hikaru.
  • Episode 34, as the Mandarin is about to finish off Nova. The Avengers and the kids arrive, just in time to help. Captain America then explains that they are going to demonstrate the "power of teamwork", before calling out: ​
    Captain America: Alright Avengers, Assemble!
    • When their usual moves just don't work against the Mandarin. The Avengers then pull out some, old combos. Including, Wasp shrinking to ride atop Mjolnir. Then Hulk throws Cap into the air towards Mandarin. While Iron Man finishes things up by firing off a repulsor blast, at Cap's shield, which is then deflected at Mandarin.
  • Episode 36, even after being weakened from the removal of the symbiote. Spider-Man still managing to help the Avengers against the Venom-possessed Hulk.
  • Episode 37, after Ultron reveals he's set a Stark Jet on a collision course with the Avengers Headquarters. Working together, Iron Man and Thor disable him with an awesome combo attack utilizing Thor's lightning.
  • Episode 38, when three copies of Ultron break into Stark Tower to attack Akira and Pepper. Akria D-smashes Falcon, who upon using his Redwing drone. Manages to handedly defeat all of them.
    Falcon: Iron Man, the situation here, is all good. Continue with your mission.
    • For his part, Iron Man managing to destroy most of the Ultron copies pursuing him. Simply by accelerating beyond the safety limits of his armor. One by one, the Ultron's fall apart trying to keep up with him.
    Iron Man: Don't worry about me. A challenge like this one is the kind of thing I crave. That's what makes me, Tony Stark!
    • Iron Man getting rid of the last remaining Ultron, which managed to grab ahold of him to slow him down by blasting it with the Ultimate Unibeam. Not only destroying the Ultron, but also catapulting him close enough to the Blue Javelin satellite to destroy it.
  • Episode 39, when Nick Fury finally puts the World Security Council members in their place with all the dirt he had Black Widow dig up on all of them.
    Fury: It's not S.H.I.E.L.D.'s job to protect you, your reputations, or your salaries! We are here to protect world peace and it's time for you worthless parasites to get out of the way and let us do that. Any questions, comments? Anyone?
    • Watching each Avenger step up to take a turn at distracting Omega Ultron. After Iron Man's time limit is up, Thor takes over, then Captain America and Hulk. After Dr. Pym has finally completed the virus needed to defeat Ultron permanently. Hulk manages to smash a hole in Omega Ultron's armor, allowing Wasp to reach Omega Ultron's CPU and download the virus. While Hank, as Giant Man restrains him, shutting him down for good.
    Giant Man: So long Ultron. Goodbye to the monster inside me.
  • Episode 41, for all of his over the top showboating Joel's guitar solo was actually pretty impressive.
  • Episode 42, when Blade first appears. He easily manages to take out every single vampire that had tried to ambush him.
    • Iron Man managing to fight off the vampires, thanks to a sword made of silver. It's so effect in fact, that he continues to use it even into the next episode.
  • Episode 43, when Blade uses a fight with the The Avengers. As a diversion, to tell them about Iron Man's plan.
    • Blade and Nova tag-team Baron Blood until Nova's time limit runs out. Then Blade is able to take down Blood and D-Secure him.
  • Episode 44 has Blizzard completely encase Hulk in ice. Blizzard starts bragging when he thinks Hulk is finished. Until Hulk smashes the ice apart seconds later.
    • Cap and Hulk pulling off their "Gama Catapult" attack against Crimson Dynamo.
    • Akira and Hikaru using their evolving bicodes on the ice Blizzard had used to try and disable their DISKs.
    • Hikaru and Thor using their Build-Up plate to defeat Blizzard. Then easily D-securing the villain.
    Blizzard: (just before passing out) Why'd you have to be so, cold!?
  • Episode 45, the moment when it looks like the Wrecking Crew have the Avengers beaten. When suddenly, Hulk and Ed arrive in the Stark Ind. Jet. Which is particularly awesome, since Ed had just recovered from a bad cold.
    Jessica: They're power is off the charts!
    Wrecker: You got that right. There's no one who can beat us!
    Ed: (seemingly out of nowhere) Your wrong about that!
    • Hulk then engages the villain's, managing to hold his own while fighting all of them at once. Ed then to D-Smashes Power Man. Who working alongside Hulk, manages to defeat the entire Wrecking Crew.
  • Episode 46, during the battle between the heroes and Manino. The moment when Diablo accidentally causes Manino to drop Dr. Strange's DISK, allowing Akira to grab it. Giving Hikaru the chance to D-Smash Dr. Strange for the first time. The Sorcerer Supreme then uses his magic to make quick work of the Destroyers helping Manino. Allowing the heroes to D-Secure all the villains.
    • Not long after, the good doctor then dispelling the dark energies infecting Tony. Making it look easy.
    Akira: Tell me Dr. Strange. Is this magic gonna save Tony?
    Dr. Strange: We shall see, his heart is imprisoned in a wicked place. However, I was not lying when I said was the Sorcerer Supreme! I shall summon him!
    • Minor, but according to Chris's positive reaction to tasting his food. Manino apparently is as good a chef as he boasts.
  • Episode 47, in Tony's flashback of his time in the Dark Dimension. Even without his armor and being held prisoner by Loki and Dormmamu. He still taunts Loki, being so bold as to inform Dormmamu that teaming up with the Asgardian is a bad idea. Once again, Tony successfully annoys Loki to no end.
    Tony: (to Dormmamu) Head's up flame head. Loki's got a track record of failed plans. Don't expect too much from him.
    • Hulk, Wasp and Captain America rather easily managing to fight off and distract Iron Monger and Bi-Beast.
  • Episode 49, this time it's Maria Hill who puts the World Security Council members in their place. Standing up to them when they order her to arrest Fury, because he doesn't approve of their Lethally Stupid plan to try and negotiate with Dormmamu.
  • Episode 50, the opening battle with the Mindless Ones. Which War Machine starts off with an opening salvo from his Gatling gun and missile launcher. This is quickly followed up by Falcon and Nova, teaming up for the first time to take out several Mindless ones as they're falling from the Dark Gate in the sky.
    Falcon: The great blue skies!
    Nova: Belong to us!
    • Power Man and Iron Fist, providing War Machine backup. Then stepping up to battle the Mindless Ones as awesome Back-to-Back Badasses.
    Power Man: Power Man and Iron Fist, a perfect combination of strength and fighting styles. Soon these guys are gonna be running home with their tail's between their legs.
    • Black Panther, fighting several Mindless ones on his own. Even managing to hold his one against them as they attempt to board the Helicarrier.
    • Dr. Strange finishing off the first wave of Mindless ones. By summoning a magic force field of light that surrounds the Helicarrier. While also disintegrating all the Mindless Ones within the ship.
    • The kids having figured out Loki's plan. Pretend to argue, in order to lure Loki out, even seeing though his Iron Man disguise. Not used to getting caught, Loki actually gets angry at getting caught in the act. The best part being, that Ed recorded the whole thing. Revealing the deception to everyone aboard the Helicarrer as well.
    Jessica: You really have a lot to learn. Your too easy to fool.
    • For the villains, the fact that Loki again managed to play everyone. Even succeeding in D-Securing a weakened Dormammu within a DISK. Thus stealing all the demon's powers for himself. Just like what he'd planned to do with all the hero and villain DISKs, only on a far grander scale.
  • The final battle with Loki in episode 51, just the fact that so many heroes show up to help. First, we've got Spider-Man back in the fight. Then Blade and the Guardians show up, plus Doctor Strange. Then the surprise assistance from Silver Samurai and the Mandarin.